My take on the Nintendo situation

Wondering why I haven’t mentioned Nintendo even once during all this next generation console talk? It’s simple. Nintendo does not have a next generation console.

The Wii U is weaker than the now seven-year-old PlayStation 3. But less than a year old. How pathetic is that I ask you. A lot? I concur. It’s flat-out embarrassing.

I support companies that strive to take technology forward. Companies that deliver richer experiences to me, not only artistically but also technologically. And Nintendo doesn’t do that. I noticed that with the Wii, it was utter garbage. Low resolution crap that was out-dated immediately upon release. I tried several of the blockbuster hits for the console and I didn’t enjoy a single one of them the tiniest bit.

Therefore, not buying Wii U was as clear as drinking water to me. I knew it’d be trash. 3.5 hour battery life on the controller? That’s just sad. Lack of features, and previous generation hardware wasn’t my cup of tea. I knew to wait for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 reveals instead.

There are no Wii U games that I want. Mario? Zelda? Mario Kart? I grew out of them by age 12. I can’t stand that ridiculous color pattern and the poor and annoying sound effects that come out them. They give me a headache.

So I won’t support Nintendo for two generations in a row now. They need to step up their hardware game A LOT, and create new IPs. Because I’m a very demanding customer. And delivering old things and expecting new money isn’t my game. I honestly can’t understand how Wii U has even sold three million copies. Fanboy enthusiasts, probably.

It’s quite big. That’s what she said.


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