My most anticipated game is…

The Evil Within!

Finally a new and original IP that seeks to bring survival horror games back on the radar. I’ve been craving a good horror game ever since Resident Evil 3 and those golden days. And now it looks as if I will be getting just that.

Check out this masterful trailer for the game, and tell me you don’t love the theme. I dare ya. Any horror fan will be very happy with that trailer.

But wait, there’s also gameplay showing how perfect it is. I’ve never seen a horror game that has managed to create that tense of a mood simply by using slow opening doors. I have a feeling I will be jumping out of my couch numerous times from this game and be frightened to a near heart attack state.

It is without a doubt my most anticipated game for the consoles. I can’t wait to get it for PlayStation 4. This game also takes my most impressive game of E3 award.

It looks so freaking terrifying. Can’t wait.


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