Microsoft changes their policies for Xbox One

Microsoft has removed their region lock. Removed their DRM requirement. Removed their check-in requirement. Removed their used-games policies and restriction. The Xbox One is now a console of liberty.

With these changes, I must say that I am once again buying Microsoft. My next console will be Xbox One!

Why I’m revoking my PlayStation 4 choice and going with Microsoft for another generation:

  • No region lock
  • Better controller
  • Better online features
  • Better exclusive games
  • I like Kinect 2
  • In all honesty, the region free announcement was what sealed the deal with me. It’s that trivial for me as I travel a lot. And everything else just speaks for itself.

    I loved my Xbox 360 and sticking with Microsoft feels right. They’ve always treated me good.

    Hello, sexy. This beauty will be mine.


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