Two games that make me forget the PS4

In case you missed it, I’m sticking with Microsoft again next generation now that they changed their policy regarding region lock. My primary reason I preliminarily chose the PlayStation 4 was, because at that time, it was region free and the Xbox One was not. But when that changed, PlayStation 4 lost all of it’s caché to me.

There are two Xbox One exclusive games that seem completely and utterly masterful. The first one is TitanFall which has won best game of E3 2013 according to every major gaming website and looks beyond amazing. From the studio that brought you Modern Warfare nonetheless. I’m sure it’ll be an absolute killer-app for the Xbox One and something PlayStation 4 owners will miss.

The second game is Quantum Break. An entirely new and unique franchise which combines a TV show and video game relationship that has never been done before. You control both. You decide what happens. Alan Wake was excellent and I see no reason to doubt Remedy on this title either, which also naturally is an Xbox One exclusive.

Of course, there are many more AAA-exclusives for the Xbox One that were shown such as Halo 5 but these two titles spoke to me the most.

Exclusive games make a console. And in that area, Xbox One destroys the PS4.


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2 Responses to “Two games that make me forget the PS4”

  1. Pete Lloyd (@The_Lloyd90) Says:

    Exclusive games don’t make a console. PS3 had better exclusives than the 360, yet the PS3 didn’t destroy the 360. Plus your talking about games yet to be released on consoles yet to be released.

    • CrazyBest Says:

      Exclusives do make a console. Console sales are, to a point, irrelevant to you and me. We do not profit from them personally. Therefore, exclusive titles and features decide. Such as Xbox 360 had the better exclusives in my eyes. Halo, Mass Efffect (several years exclusive, counts), Gears of War, Lost Odyssey, and countless more. Those titles spoke to me more than any PS3 exclusive, Also, Xbox Live is vastly superior.

      The fact whether or not Quantum Break and TitanFall are unreleased is not relevant. The gameplay shown has made me decide to pick Xbox One over PS4. So yeah, exclusive titles matter as fuck.

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