Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

I thought that I’d write down what aspects that appeal to me the most of each console and demonstrate why I decided to ultimately go with the Xbox One. I know that I already briefly covered it, but putting it out in-comparison-form feels like a more fun choice.

  • Best exclusive games: Xbox One (Titanfall, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, etc)
  • Best online features: Xbox One (300,000 servers, Azure Cloud gaming enhancements, television shows, movies, perfected matchmaking and latency reduction like no one else)
  • Best controller: Xbox One (According to my hands, of course. The PS2 and PS3 controllers were not comfortable, and I predict the PS4 to be less comfy as well. Loved the 360-controller)
  • Best hardware: PlayStation 4 (Although debatable due to Microsofts impressive Azure Cloud)
  • Best accessory: Xbox One (Kinect 2 looks absolutely beyond real)
  • Best features: Xbox One (Twitch streaming, Skype 1080p video/voice calling, built-in DVR, seemlessly integrated with the cable box [USA, at least], amazing voice commands)
  • Best hardware durability/quality: PlayStation 4 (Obviously guessing here, but comparing PS3 to Xbox 360, there is no doubt that Sony had the more durable and better quality plastic)
  • Best smartglass functions: Both equally good

Needless to say, to me, the Xbox One is certainly the winner when you break it down. When it comes down to my friends picking a console the edge is slightly towards the PS4 as in Europe it’s the dominant console. But for my US friends the Xbox One is the winner. I kind of expect the PS4 to get a head start in sales due to the 100€ cheaper price tag but ultimately it’ll be a close race. Microsoft will lower the price quickly I think.

What are your thoughts on the next generation consoles? Which one will you be picking?


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