Where are my game purchases?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding which games I have been buying. since I used to update about that here on the blog but don’t anymore, it’s a logical question. And there’s a simple reason for that: I haven’t bought a single game in a long time.

I’ve been consistently playing the Dota 2 beta and now the full game for two years. Since that game is free to play, it really doesn’t count as a purchase. My last purchase was actually made in August 2012, that’s almost exactly a year ago. The game that I purchased back then was Guild Wars 2, which I played for a few months and had a blast with, but it didn’t hold up in the long run due to many, many reasons. And I haven’t bought a single game since. Wow.

Console gaming? Not a chance. I’ve said numerous times that I grew tired of the current generation due to old and outdated graphics and AI, so I haven’t touched a console game since like 2010. But that will change this year with the launch of Xbox One.

However, my next game purchase won’t be on the Xbox One, it’ll be a PC title yet again, yes, I am a PC gamer at heart. Which title is my first game purchase in two years? Battlefield 4. I have high expectations for it and I know it will deliver 100, maybe even 200 hours of crazy action in the most gorgeous visuals that I have ever seen. I already have several friends who are picking it up so I know it’ll be some rare and hilarious memories formed. Plus that China expansion pack looks wicked. Very excited for that title, and I hope they fixed all the issues that BF3 had in the sequel.

BF3 was great and gorgeous, but severely flawed.


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