World of Warcraft subscribers at record low

There used to be a time when the world of Warcraft had a population over 12 million. Those days are long gone.

Even though World of Warcraft recently lost 600,000 subscribers, bringing them down to 7.7 million, which also happens to be the lowest it has been since the very first expansion, it’s more than the competition has several times over.

I quit WoW back in 2006 right before the first expansion pack and missed out on the “casualisation” of the game, but I’m fully aware of what the genre has become. I believe that MMORPG games as we used to know them is a dead genre. People no longer seem to be willing to work for items and wan them handed practically free. And look at what happened to The Old Republic, Conan, Warhammer and countless others. All dead within a year. Financial failures.

Warcraft made developers greedy. 12 million subscribers will never ever happen again, not even for Blizzard themselves. It’s about time they were happy with one million and focused on a quality and polished experience for that userbase.

What do you think? Do you think the MMORPG genre can make a comeback or is doomed?


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