Kinect no longer required for Xbox One

Microsoft has now officially confirmed that the new Kinect will not be required to work with the Xbox One, like it was previously announced. This adds to a series of dramatic changes for the Xbox One, including its promising used-game policy. And I am not happy.

Sure, I was happy when they removed the region lock. That would be more than sufficient to change my pre-order from PS4 to Xbox One, but when they scrapped the always-online and digital media focus, I was a bit upset, but still onboard. Now with the Kinect 2 no longer being required I am quite upset.

I really like the new Kinect, I feel it’s fantastic and offers some insanely beneficial features. Therefore, the requirement was great because now every developer could use it and would develop more innovative content for it. But now, it’s optional again and I can’t help to feel that it will just become a gimmick that few developers utilize. And this pisses me off. Microsoft must be trailing like a motherfucker on the pre-orders and have received more hate than any other console pre-launch that I have ever seen. But does that justify the changes? I guess so, to most people, but not me. I am losing respect for Microsoft. They are not standing their ground. And that’s pathetic.

With this decision, it’s inevitable that there will be a Kinect free bundle for the Xbox One, which is likely to drop the price point to $399.99 like the PS4. Microsoft seem really, really scared and that’s just sad to see. Now, I am not so certain about my decision anymore. There has been too many changes.


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One Response to “Kinect no longer required for Xbox One”

  1. thedavidryan Says:

    Hey great article! Microsoft have dropped the ball in my opinion, I’ve written my thoughts on their U-turn here would love your thoughts.


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