Xbox One delayed till 2014 in several EU countries

Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden will be without the Xbox One this year. Instead it’s “early 2014” for those nations as Microsoft focuses on their core nations in Europe that are Germany, Italy, France, Spain and United Kingdom.

This of course sucks for those affected nations who will now most likely have to wait over four months for the new Xbox One. Because no one will be launching products in January/February, so March/April is a likely time of release.

Since I live in one of the affected nations, I must admit disappointed although I highly likely to buy my xbox One in the United States so it won’t really affect me, but it’s hugely disappointing nevertheless.

All my friends in Europe have already spoken their disappointment and went with the PlayStation 4 instead. Now, it’s important to remember that these affected nations are around 2-5% of their EU market. Not really significant in terms of their overall sales, but in my circles, they are doomed and dead. Is the PS4 making a comeback in my world? Who knows? It’s possible now. Time will tell.


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