Buy next generation console immediately or wait?

With my time being heavily invested in Dota 2, there’s not much time for other games in all honesty. Battlefield 4 will make a compelling argument for that time, but that’s about it. There might be some surprise purchases along the coming years, but not that much.

So that makes me think: should I purchase a new gaming console with so little time left for it? I mean, there won’t be anything for it that can compete with Dota 2 anyway. Therefore, I think I might wait a few years until the “slim” version comes out and bundled with some AAA killer apps.

This seems like something that might be fun as I’m always first with buying new hardware. Perhaps this time around, I’ll wait until it has tons of content, games and a price cut.


Do I go with Sony and have more content with my European friends or do I go with Microsoft for my US friends? It’s tough to make decisions in war. Or do I wait a year or two to assess the situation better?


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