PlayStation 4 is coming on…

… November 29 in Europe and November 15 in the United States.

And by Europe, Sony has said pretty much all countries, including mine, which you might remember that Microsoft skipped until “early next year”.

This, of course, is major news. Because the PlayStation 4 will now be available and region optimized for my area roughly 3-4 months earlier than the Xbox One. Basically, all my friends will be Sony customers and the content will be available to explore from here much better than an imported Xbox One will be able to do.

Add to this that Sony has announced Twitch streaming for the PlayStation 4, something that only the Xbox One had, and was a huge reason I chose the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4, I know have some serious consideration to do. Do I support Microsoft despite them pissing on my region? Despite saying to me “you’re not as important as these other European regions”?

I’m afraid that I have to withdraw my previous confirmation of the Xbox One. With all their policy changes, insanely delayed release date in my region, losing their Twitch exclusivity, it’s just too much to consider.

Sony are really doing everything to please me and impress me, whilst Microsoft seem to be riding high and mighty on a horse they really don’t have.

Will you buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One now that you know the facts? And if you live in one of the countries Microsoft canceled the 2013 launch for, are you getting a PlayStation 4 now instead?



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