PlayStation 4 titles topping pre-orders in the U.S

PlayStation 4 titles are dominating the pre-orders for next generation consoles in the United States. And that is a big deal as previously that has been the Xbox stronghold.

Sure, the consoles are not even out and pre-orders don’t say everything, but I think that if Microsoft are already losing on their home turf, and after giving the middle finger to several European countries, they are in for a tough time with Xbox One.

The Xbox has no power in Japan and is outsold in Europe as well. And now it seems it might even lose the U.S? Wow. I’d be scared if I were Microsoft. If these numbers will continue, expect to see a Kinect-free Xbox One for $399 or less for sure.

But Microsoft have only themselves to blame for that $499 price tag and the infamous policy reversal and spycam rumors. Their image is tarnished and it will be insanely difficult for them I believe.

Things look very grim for Microsoft. I have more or less made up my mind in regards as to which console I will support, you’ll get the final answer in December.


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