PlayStation 4 coming to Japan in 2014

Wow. Shocking news. Sony are prioritizing Europe and United States over Japan with the PS4. And that’s a lot of respect. Because those are their biggest markets and it makes sense, especially Europe. We deserve priority treatment and I am very happy Sony are giving it to us, unlike Microsoft who are pissing on us.

February 2014 is when the PS4 hits Japanese shelves, a total of three months later than EU and US. Good stuff, unless you are Japanese, of course.

This seals the deal for me. Microsoft have lost a customer. What else can I say? I will go to the company that treats me the best and caters to me, not the other way around. Plus the whole Xbox One ordeal has been nothing short of embarrassing. If Microsoft believes customers in Mexico, New Zealand and Spain, where the unemployment is through the roof are more important markets, then go ahead. But don’t expect my money any more.

Expect my “why I chose the PS4” post in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait to open up this box.


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