Apple stock drops on iPhone 5C announcement

Apple has announced their budget phone, iPhone 5C for $99 on a two-year contract. Also their new premium phone called iPhone 5S, for $199 on a two-year deal.

This means no iPhone 6 until next year. This means Apple are continuing to milk out their same phone for two years concept. And I am not happy at all, and apparently others aren’t as well.

The iPhone 5C is a flat-out disgrace for Apple, who up until now where premium phone makers. Now, they cater to the lower class levels with their plastic phones instead of aluminum. I can’t and won’t support that.

The iPhone 5S is what you expect: a faster iPhone 5 in new colors and one stand-out feature, the finger print reader. Other than that, don’t expect to be that impressed as that 64-bit processor won’t shine much with 1 GB of RAM.

Apple are indeed dropping in my books. And I will, once again, skip their product. I still use my iPhone 4S but unless the iPhone 6 innovates and impresses me severely, I will give my money to either Google, Samsung or LG. Or perhaps even Sony or HTC, depending on whichever phone impresses me the most.

What are your thoughts on the 5C and 5S?

The C is for Color, or Cheap, I forget.


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