GTA V is… masterful

I’ve now spent several hours with Grand Theft Auto 5 at my friends house and I must say, I am in love.

The amount of details, jokes, dialogues, quality, polish, variety and well, about everything in this game is without competition. Rockstar are operating on a different level and I have never been as impressed by dialogue in games as much as this. They really feel authentic.

Also, the side things you can do such as watch cartoons is amazing. I spent like 20 minutes watching a cartoon hero called Impotent Rage and it was hilarious. The satire of the modern American lifestyle is perfected through and through.

GTA 5 is a special gem of a game. If you haven’t bought this game, do it. It looks to be the best console game I’ve ever played.

I spend way too much time and money at strip clubs.


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