My most anticipated games

As you might know, I’ll be getting the PlayStation 4 console exclusively for my living room entertainment. I have owned at least one console each generation since I was born and I don’t plan on leaving the console gaming scene any time soon. Although I am changing my policies around.

This generation I will only buy console exclusives for my PS4. Games that will be available for the PC as well will always be bought for the PC. Naturally I will pick up PS4 exclusives as well.

So what are some of my most anticipated games for the next generation?

Deep Down (PS4 exclusive)
This looks to be Capcom’s answer to the insanely successful Dark Souls/Demons Souls franchise and it is looking very, very impressive so far. I kind of get the vibe of Dark Souls / Assassin’s Creed touch with the story and that’s very interesting. Add to this that this is an exclusive title only found on the PS4, and well, I am hooked. I can’t wait to start exploring dungeons and adventures as a knight in glorious next generation graphics.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Console exclusive)
The fifth installment in the highly masterful Metal Gear Solid series can’t come soon enough. I remember picking up “the first one” for PlayStation One as a little kid and enjoying it more than anything I’ve enjoyed in life at that time. It was magical and the fifth installment will make it a bit more special now that I am back on the PlayStation team. The game itself looks better than all the previous installments with realistic graphics, an enormous open world to explore and Kiefer Sutherland voicing Solid Snake. Day one purchase and I’ll even pick up the Collector’s Edition should there be one.

The Order 1886 (PS4 exclusive)
I love the olden days. 1886 seems like a very appealing year for me but with a twist in The Order. Although we’ve only seen a vague trailer revealing the setting and story, I was hooked immediately. Set in London makes it even better as there are too few games that take place in that fascinating city.

Destiny (Console exclusive, PS4 exclusive content)
Destiny looks to be a game changer. It’s basically an MMO FPS with gorgeous visuals, deep gameplay and customization like never before. It’s an open living world that changes constantly and reacts to you. It will be an absolutely magical adventure with all my friends. Expect me to disappear from reality once this game comes out. I am sure it will forever change how we play games.

Final Fantasy XV (Console exclusive)
The upcoming Final Fantasy game looks fresh, fast and severely more adapted for the western gamer than any other in the series. I love this. With excellent animations, in fact, better than any other I have ever seen in my life, and superb voice acting and a deep story, Final Fatansy XV is a must have for me.

The Division
The first gameplay video we saw of The Division blew my mind away. The amount of detail and realism in portraying New York CIty was without a doubt the best one I’ve seen to date. Add to this that it’s a cooperatively focused shooter with online focus, and I am drooling. Expect me to take my crew out for adventures frequently.

EA Sports UFC (Console exclusive)
I love MMA. It’s my favorite sport. Although we’ve only seen alpha gameplay from this game, I can say I will love it. I loved their first MMA game without any of the UFC licenses and now with a new modern next generation engine and the UFC license, it can’t go wrong. This is my most anticipated fighting game.

Titanfall looks to be a fast-paced shooter unlike any other. With unique concepts and methods. Since it’s coming out for the PC, I’ll be getting it for that. Also, it has won basically every single award from every single convention it has showed up on. I mean, can every single journalist in the world be wrong? I doubt it.

Star Wars: Battlefront
A FPS Star Wars game created by DICE running on Frostbite Engine 3. I mean, do I even have to say another word to sell it? I didn’t think so.

The Evil Within
The Father of Horror returns with his new original IP and I am sold. Investigating mental institutions is something that sounds like an incredibly smart idea and I can’t foresee anything going wrong. Or scary happening. Or am I out on thin ice here? Either way, I am sure this will be the scariest game I have ever played in my life.

Runner-ups: Star Wars: Visceral Games Project, Mirrors Edge 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age 3, Dying Light

I’ve got a gut feeling that Destiny will change how I perceive games and that I will spend more time with it than any other console game ever.


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