No more FIFA

I bought FIFA 14 because I haven’t bought a FIFA game since FIFA 11.  That’s three years, figured I’d give it a shot because it was really cheap, only $30 at the time.

Boy,  am I disappointed. The balance is horrible. The defenders are insanely overpowered. The strikers are still way too defensive and the same problems that have been there forever are still present. 

The head game in FIFA 14 was a joke – so they patched it two weeks after launch. But that doesn’t solve all problems. It’s still a very, very poor product.

Therefore, there will be no more FIFA for me for a long time. At earliest I’ll pick up FIFA 16, but then I expect a dramatic improve in AI and gameplay and not a cheap shovel ware like FIFA 14 was. I’ll see you in two years EA, hopefully you’ve actually done something new by then.

No more FIFA for at least two years. I want dramatic improvement.


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