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October 30, 2013


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Song of the Month

September 11, 2013

Child of Light

September 10, 2013

Ubisoft’s upcoming Child of Light looks lovely. The first Arcade game that has caught my interest in many, many years. 

But don’t take my word for it, see it yourself.

PlayStation 4 will be my next generation choice

September 9, 2013

Microsoft have been changing their policies left and right on frequent basis for better and for worse, whilst Sony have been adding new promising features to the PlayStation 4, only making  it more appealing. I decided to get a console early on due to the benefits of having Netflix on the TV and also being able to watch Dota 2 matches through Twitch on the TV, so I benefit a lot from those functions and having a console for social split-screen multiplayer is amazing fun. Also, 46″ is better than 21″, it’s simple as that. Plus not to mention the console exclusive games I’d be missing out on if I only had a PC.

So here are the core reasons as to why I’m picking the PlayStation 4:

  1. Better and more powerful hardware
  2. Better exclusive DLC for important triple A titles such as Destiny
  3. Better looking interface
  4. Better quality on the hardware (based on Xbox 360 RROD and controller breakage)
  5. Built-in power brick
  6. It will be the best selling console,  hence making third-party titles superior
  7. A vast majority of my friends will be exclusive to PS4
  8. Microsoft pissed on my country and delayed the launch until Spring 2014
  9. Developers are praising the openness and power of PS4
  10. More features such as Netflix and Twitch that don’t require premium paid membership to use

So there you have it. Since I live in Europe, the PS4 will be the better choice for me. Like I said, 99% of my friends will be getting the PS4 exclusively, and I want to game with them. With all the improvements from Sony and all the changes from Microsoft, it just wasn’t meant to be. The social aspects of a console are essential and being able to game with all my friends takes a top priority.

The PS4 interface is vastly more impressive and better-looking than Xbox One’s. 

Also, being on the best-selling platform is important in terms of gaming quality as developers always focus on that platform with either DLC or performance. And right now PS4 is slaughtering the Xbox One in almost all the pre-order charts and the demos are shown on the PS4  units along with constant praise pouring over the PS4 and not much about the Xbox One. And taking the previous generation into account with the Red Ring of Death situation for the Xbox 360 and the fact that I had to buy four additional Xbox 360 controllers due to them breaking down over time, while my PS3 friends didn’t have to buy new ones a single time time for their PS3, it’s a nice bonus that saves a lot of money in the long run. Microsoft never did hardware that well.

I thought that the PlayStation 3 design was horrible. It was ugly. It’s still ugly. Disgusting. Even the Slim and Three model are ugly. But the PlayStation 4? Oh my, it’s a joy to watch. I want to touch it. It want to drag my hands all over that smooth surface. It’s a beauty. It’s small and has a futuristic design. I love it. It’s way better looking than the Xbox One and will look so much better in my living room than Microsoft’s console would. Also, it has the power brick built in so you won’t have to deal with that thick brick among your cords, as you will with the Xbox One, good luck fitting all that into your media center nicely. Sony are simply outclassing Microsoft when it comes to hardware as if it was Microsoft’s first console and that’s a huge deal.

Plus, I feel I cannot support Microsoft when they basically gave me the middle finger and told me I’m not as important to them as Mexico or New Zealand. Sony will launch their console in my country, why can’t Microsoft? Obviously I’m not on their VIP-list. Sony on the other hand, they prioritize my country and that’s a huge winner in my books. Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t seem to care as much, so I guess I will take my money elsewhere then, huh Microsoft? You just lost a customer of ten years who consistently purchased gold membership and downloadable content for games. Sony prioritizes Europe over Japan and that’s huge. Respect to them for that, and that’s what I like to see. They cater to me and show me they want me as a customer whilst Microsoft are doing the complete opposite.

I’m quite excited to purchase my first Sony product in over 15 years as I loved my first PlayStation more than any other console. I’m even getting a bit of nostalgia when I think about the controller. It just feels more right to choose Sony now that they are doing everything right with the PS4 and are prioritizing me whilst Microsoft are doing so much wrong with Xbox One and ignoring me.

This gorgeous piece of hardware will be in my living for the coming six years, or more. Exclusively, of course.


August 31, 2013

Dear Santa….

Blizzard have a “special announcement” for GamesCom

July 31, 2013

GamesCom kicks off on August 21 in Germany and Blizzard have said that they have a special thing to show then. What can it be? I don’t know.

However, with Blizzard’s quality in games being near dead, I am not too excited. Diablo III was a 4/10 game at best, and the consistent rape of WoW and the MMORPG genre is nothing but sickening.

Although, I must admit that a Warcraft IV would get my attention. But I bet it’s just Blizzard All-stars revival or something with Hearthstone.

Nintendo’s dilemma

July 11, 2013

Nintendo have been bragging about how the Wii U’s second screen on the controller is “revolutionary” and will take gaming to other levels. How did the competition respond? They added Smart Glass support, as in allowing smartphones and tablets to connect to the console and work as a second screen – without boosting the cost dramatically like Nintendo did with the Wii U.

Iwata has said so himself – the screen is expensive. In fact, they even considered removing it due to the high cost. But now it’s there and Nintendo have once again proven that they are lagging behind in terms of modernization with technology from the western world. They still have pisspoor hardware performance and ancient online. They have a controller with 3.5 hours battery life due to the built-in screen. Simply put, they are poor at adapting.

Microsoft and Sony have done the right thing – let people use their smartphones and tablets to add to the gaming experience just like the Wii U tablet controller, but without a single cent extra. This is genius and I don’t see Nintendo being able to boost Wii U with “hardcore” titles such as Mario Kart and Zelda. I mean, what would you buy? $349 Wii U or $399 PS4 that is roughly 8 times more powerful and superior in every single way and gives you a true next-gen experience? The only thing Wii U has is Zelda and Mario. That’s all. You will be missing out on all third-party software like the Wii did.

It’s really astounding that a multi-billion dollar corporation like Nintendo still haven’t learned their lesson, but at least it’ll be a costly one this time as developers are seeing poor sales for their titles on Nintendo platforms (even more so than usual). I think within 2 years there won’t be many appealing AAA-titles on Wii U. Only cheap, fast and casual party games from 3rd parties as anything else doesn’t make money. Ubisofts big effort launch title, ZombiU, made a huge loss they said on the Wii U. No surprise. People only buy Nintendo products on Nintendo consoles.

Working on new design

July 2, 2013

Well, at least the header will be re-designed and the content will be expanded. Currently this is version 2.0 of the blog and it has held its class quite long now and I feel that with a new video game console generation coming up with a more connected world, it’s time to update my blog as well.

Expect more video content from me in forms of streams and videos from the streams afterwards. I will live stream from Twitch almost on daily basis once the Xbox One is out and also upload tons of new YouTube content.

Look forward to a broader and more video-like source of entertainment.


June 30, 2013

One day, this beauty will be mine.

EBGames poster reveals Battlefield 4 info

April 25, 2013

A poster from EBGames has revealed some yet unannounced information regarding Battlefield 4, amongst them is the release date.

  • October 31, 2013 release.
  • Battlelog 2.0: every bullet and every action you, your friends and your enemies make will be logged with unprecented details.
  • Premium Membership: Exclusive weapons, content and even expansions for premium members. Guess it’s time to throw cash at EA if you want the complete experience.

All seems very reasonable and nice. Or does it? What are your thoughts on having to pay an additional $59.99 for the premium membership to be able to get all of the expansions? Plus the “normal” ones ahead of time? With Battlefield 4 it seems that premium membership will be a necessity if you want to have the best possible game experience, not a luxury. I knew this day would come. So be ready to put down $120 for BF4 to get the same experience you’d gotten for $59.99 just a few years ago.

It will be an expensive experience if you want access to the whole cake.