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RoboCop 2014 trailer

September 6, 2013

Pain and Gain

August 31, 2013

If you like fitness and believe in the American dream, then look no further than to Pain and Gain. This movie has both of those aspects and tons of humor on top of it. Pain and Gain was excellent in my opinion.

Based on a true story and set in Florida we get to follow a bodybuilder and his crew as they follow the American dream on the wrong side of the law. Mark Wahlberg is masterful as always and really buffed up insanely nicely for this part and I can’t do anything but to bow down to him and salute. He’s one heck of a guy I’ll tell you that.

Humor. Realism. True story. Fitness. Strippers. Success, right? Indeed.

Their American dream is bigger than yours.

Matt Damon might return as Jason Bourne

August 27, 2013

Several rumors are floating around that negotiations are on-going with Matt Damon to return as Jason Bourne and that he has agreed to do so if the former producer returns as well.

This, of course, is happy news as he was excellent in that role and that the latest Bourne movie without him was a complete and utter disaster.

I support him through and through. One of my all-time faves.

Ben Affleck is the next Batman

August 23, 2013

Warner Bros. have confirmed that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the upcoming Batman-Superman movie. Good or bad? I personally don’t hate Affleck like a lot of people do, I for one thought he was brilliant in Argo and The Town. I’ll give the fella a chance. It will be nice to have a more mature and older Batman which can setup for a more mature and grim story similar to that of Dark Knight, and perhaps even darker.

Stop the hating. 

The Wolverine

August 2, 2013

I never was a huge fan of Wolverine. Until now. The Wolverine does the character more than justice. It’s an excellent superhero flick with emotions and tons of humor. And we all know you can’t go wrong with that.

We get to follow Wolverine on a exciting journey in Japan filled with action and humor. It was intriguing and delivered some of the funniest moments in any superhero flick.

However, the PG-13 rating really held the movie back. With samurai sword and wolverine claws I expected limbs and blood to fall, but neither did. And it hurt the immersion no doubt. If you are going to intentionally go that way to make more money like a Jew, better make sure it won’t hurt the movie like it did in this case. And that in return lowers the rating.

But all in all, it’s a fantastic motion picture. One that I will immediately see again once it comes out on Blu-ray.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

World War Z

July 21, 2013

Zombies are still very much in high fashion. And it’s obvious. So how does World War Z fare against the competition? Very, very well. In fact, it’s one of the more superior zombie flicks I’ve seen.

In World War Z the zombies are far more intelligent and faster than regular ones. It offers some nice jokes, some scary and exciting moments, and a great story which I found very plausible and realistic. Brad Pitt delivered in his role exceptionally well and it was a pleasure to watch him work.

Although the movie got “slightly” unrealistic at times and dragged out a tad and could’ve been cut a little better, it was very enjoyable and definitely one of the absolute better zombie flicks out there. Much better than what I expected to get. In fact, I’ll even read the books now. There also was one really epic scene that had my eyes truly shining with admiration.

If you like zombies, you’ll really like this movie.

Rating: 7.5 out 10

Man of Steel

June 27, 2013

It’s about time that Superman received his modern and more mature remake like almost all other heroes have.

It was good. But it didn’t live up to my expectations. It had amateur level cutting, especially in the beginning and it lacked story somewhat. And there was no Lex Luthor. Not even as fan service. Horrible. That was unacceptable to me.

But it’s not all bad. The special effects where amazing. There was some touches of greatness with the story, albeit very vague and poorly cut. Also there were some really nice action scenes.

All and all, it didn’t live up to the movie it should’ve been. But it was a good movie, no doubt. Just not the greatness I expected from the man of steel.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Fast & Furious 6

May 27, 2013

Can a series be good after six installments? The answer is yes. Fast & Furious 6 is one of the best films in the series, if not the best.

I had fairly high expectations with such an all-star cast and expected some nice scenes with a few good laughs. Boy, was I surprised. This movie had tons of memorable scenes and hilarious jokes that had me laughing long past the scene. Also, the ending offered candy like none other. My whole body was in shock and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil a thing.

Fast and Furious 6 continues right where number five left off. And it offers more of the same beloved formula: fast cars, hot women,  action, explosions, racing, jokes and pure excitement. I mean, what more could you ask? That’s what I thought. Not much.

Sure, it has its flaws like all other movies. Some scenes are ridiculously unrealistic and there are a few logical loop holes that could be filled, but other than that, it was fantastic. I am already excited for the sequel and I hope they hit Fast and Furious 10. I wouldn’t mind if each installment is this good. At all.

Go and see it. Now. Maybe even race there?

Rating: 4 out 5

Broken City

May 18, 2013

Marky Mark and Russel Crowe. Can’t go wrong, right? Wrong.

Marky Mark was great. And so was Crowe. But the movie itself, it just was this same old cop thing we’ve seen and it offered nothing new or exciting. It was easily predictable, a bit dragged out and not once entangled me throughout any time of the movie. There weren’t any really memorable scenes or moment either, and the ending was mostly unsatisfying. A true definition of “B-flick” as they say.

I saw it on Blu-ray, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone. Only if there’s absolutely nothing else to watch.

Rating: 2 out 5

Failed to live up to the hype by all means.

Star Trek: Into Darkness 3D

May 14, 2013

I have seen the first movie. I have read the entire prequel comic book series. I am officially ready to go into darkness. Did this insanely anticipated movie live up to all the hype after all these years?

I’m going to cut right to the chase. Star Trek: Into Darkness is a masterpiece through and through. Everything about this movie radiated excellence and it was artistically perfect. The special effects were world class, the story was entangling, engaging and interesting and it brought into itself one of the most interesting characters ever. It had hilarious jokes. Excellent battles. Epic space travel. It had sadness that brought tears to my eyes, yes this movie had indeed everything.

JJ Abrams did an amazing job with this motion picture. He really did. It delivered and exceeded my expectations greatly and I hope to see him doing several more Star Trek flicks. But perhaps not make me wait another five years please? I’d like to see it bi-annually. And I hope that if he doensn’t do it, the other person will follow suit in the same mature yet fun direction that I am sure has opened up Star Trek to non-Star Trekers. The 3D effects were quite subtle but they did add to the overall effect at certain parts and I even blinked with my eye in one scene as it felt the object was heading to pierce my left eye ball, which makes me more than satisfied with the 3D overall.

If you are looking for this years thus far best motion picture, look no further. This is it. This is an epic space adventure that I recommend highly. I will re-watch it countless times and I have a really difficult time seeing me praising any other movie coming out this year as much as this one. It looks like the strongest candidate to movie of the year for sure.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Hot chicks in Star Trek? You bet.