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How to get more cock

June 4, 2011

So, you’re a female and aren’t getting enough attention from the males huh? Well, don’t worry. Dr. Crazy Best will help you with a few small quick-tips that might improve your dating life.

  • Dye your hair platinum blonde. It might sound real simple and strange, but having platinum blonde (as blonde as it gets) will do wonders for you. You will stand out significantly more than others and guys eye will automatically draw to you because of the brightness. Plus, it’s a known fact that most males prefer blondes and that blondes do have more fun. Do no forget to straighten your hair if you have curly hair. And never have your hair up in a pony tail.
  • Buy sexy clothing, but not too slutty. This is a no-brainer. If you want guys attention, you need to show skin. Buying short tight skirts and u-ring tops will do wonders for you. Try to be trendy it’s real easy, just look at what the “gorgeous” women walk around with. Many of them have the same exact things. Can’t afford them? There are always cheaper brands that look almost identical around.
  • Push-up bras are your best friend. Men love tits. This is a fact. A push-up bra will do wonders for your size and combined with that u-ring top that shows it all, it will make guys stare. I guarantee it.
  • Get slimmer. Now this might be the hardest step. But on average, guys prefer slimmer rather than bigger girls. Even if this means losing a bit off your ass and tits, you will stay gain more by shedding some extra fat off your body. How can you get slimmer? For females it’s very simple: start running. Alternatively, you can start power-walking every day for about 45-60 minutes if you feel you lack cardio. And cutting all junk off your diet etc are obvious tips.
  • Glasses? No. If you are wearing glasses and you aren’t a hot big breasted secretary or teacher you should get contact lenses.  A very, very small % of women look better in glasses. VERY. Don’t challenge these odds.
  • Simple make-up does wonders. Simply using foundation and eye-liner will do great wonders for your “natural” beauty. This varies from guy to guy, but if you aren’t very good with applying make-up, these two will suffice and you will turn heads.
  • Go to a club/bar/event. Now that you have followed all these steps and revamped yourself, start going out every Friday + Saturday to clubs/bars/events and see what happens. Mr. Right might just be there now.
Well. There you have my tips on how to get more guys ladies. Real simple. Try them out and if you’re getting hit on less than before when you didn’t follow these steps, then you’re probably very ugly and/or fat, or you didn’t follow these steps at all and only few of them. The getting slim part can take up to months depending on your physique.
Estimated time: 6 weeks. (Depends on your physique and dedication).
Estimated cost: $500. (Depends on your wardrobe and where you get your hair done and what make-up you buy.)
These are just tips and do not guarantee anything. Although they certainly under no circumstances will hurt your dating life.
You should look something like this. If you do, you will 100% get laid every day if you try.