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iWatch this year?

March 4, 2013

It is heavily rumored that Apple will be launching a product called iWatch this year.

What’s iWatch? Well Timmy, I am glad you asked. It’s something called a smartwatch. Some of the features are said to be:

  • Running fully on iOS just like the iPhone and iPad.
  • Ability to make calls.
  • Connectivity with your iPhone/iPad.
  • Check map cordinates.
  • Heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc etc and likely a heavy focus on “health” such as jogging, powerwalking etc.

What are your thoughts on potentially having an iWatch? Will you buy it? I myself am not that convinced but it might be a cool thing to have if you jog. And since spring is coming up I usually tend to start jogging and it’d be nice to get a pedometer, heart rate monitor and whatnot all-in-one synched to my iOS life.

Mock-up of what a possible iWatch might look like. Not bad.

What Galaxy S4 Must Have

February 28, 2013

I’ve been a loyal iPhone user since I got my first one. Already with their first 2G model I considered them to be years ahead of competition and had the most epic phone. But times change, and I’m not blind.

It’s no secret that Apple’s main rivals Samsung are catching up. Some would say surpassing already in certain areas. And that saddens me. Why are Apple slacking off?

Either way this leaves an opening. I’m very interested in what Samsung’s next killer phone will have and I have an open mind regarding switching from my iPhone. But there are certain requirements for it to happen.

  • Indestructible screen like the rumors say. Waterproof like the Sony Xperia does would be sweet as well.
  • An equivalent iMessage app built in with free text messaging and MMS. An improved one would be even better.
  • Quality case, all android phones right now feel like plastic toys compared to the iPhone. I don’t like it.
  • Something that wow:s me.

And that’s pretty much it. I didn’t include the obvious things such as 4G, NFC, and forth on as the S3 already had that. Also faster, longer battery etc. but that’s given. So it won’t be be an easy task to lure me over from Apple as only iMessage by itself is an insanely strong seller. And add to that the quality feel of the phone and the beautiful app designs.

The blue Galaxy S3 was very beautiful. I hope they keep that color for the S4, but make it less plastic and more quality-like.

Galaxy S4 on March 14

February 25, 2013

Samsung has today confirmed that they indeed will be showing their next flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 on March 14.

Rumors also say the phone will be available only two weeks later for purchase.

I’m actually looking forward to this rent to see if all the awesome rumors are true. Amongst them is the promise of an unbreakable screen. How wicked is that? How will Apple counter?

I really hope that this is how the new Galaxy S4 will look like. And if all the rumors are true, I see myself possibly switching from Apple, to Samsung.

Playstation 4 announced on Feb. 20th

February 1, 2013

Just like I predicted, Sony will announce their new gaming console “Playstation 4” or whatever it’ll be called, late February. The 20th to be exact.

This means that Sony will beat Microsoft to the punch and score several hundreds of thousands of pre-orders free by using this strategy. Very clever. Will I buy the new Xbox or PS4? I don’t know. I need to know exact hardware specifications and launch titles as well.

Hopefully it will be awesome.

Tech rumors galore

January 22, 2013

I love rumors, as you probably noticed. Let’s start dissecting some juicy rumors all kinds of gadgets.

First up is the iPhone 5S rumors. Yes, Apple will go the lazy and easy route to make cash with a only slightly upgraded iPhone 5S that will have better camera and horsepowers and not much more. If this is the case, I will not buy it for another year. You might remember me skipping on the iPhone 5 due to reasons such as no NFC, wireless charging, 4G (in my country) and more essential features being absent. Well, considering what the Android phones are coming out with, Apple has to step up in my books to keep getting my money. They are no longer guaranteed it. The new Sony Xperia phone seems very promising and hot. And the rumors for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone are out of this world. Like I mentioned before, amongst them is 441ppi and unbreakable screen. Sup with that Apple?

Next up are the console rumors. More specifically, that PS4 will be more powerful than the new Xbox. Of course, these rumors lack credibility of any kind and the consoles won’t come out until late 2013 (December, probably) and it only takes a few days for the changes to happen. I am yet undecided on which console I will buy. To me the Xbox 360 was a clear winner in every sense and I will expect only awesomeness from my upcoming choice in a lot of areas. I don’t even know what the deciding factor will be for me when I make the ultimate and long-lasting choice between the “new Xbox” and “PS4”.

The new gorgeous Xperia Z. Built to compete with iPhone 5.


Credibility to new Xbox 2013

January 11, 2013

Microsoft has made an official countdown timer to E3 and promised that something big will happen. This further strengthens the theory that the next Xbox console will be announced this summer and released late Fall 2013.

I buy this. I think that the new Xbox will be called just that, the new Xbox and it will be integrated to Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and come with tons of media features such as Netflix etc. It will be more of a media machine gaming console hybrid.

What I hope that the new Xbox will have:

  • AMD Radeon 6000 series GPU. (Preferably higher, but let’s be realistic)
  • Netflix, Hulu, and many more streaming services
  • 3D Blu-ray player
  • Integration with my television, I want to be able to record what I am watching to my Xbox harddrive
  • UFC PPV deals for my country
  • No gold membership
  • Strong launch titles with amazing graphics and online features

What are your thoughts on the new Xbox and the rumors about it being announced at E3?

Could this be the new Xbox?


January 11, 2013

I just wanted to take a moment and thank technology for making life so much better. I mean, I couldn’t imagine life without my iPhone and how much it has helped me in life. Whether or not it is to find locations I had never seen in Vegas, or just to check my e-mail for something important or even sending in assignments while in middle of nowhere for class. Technology is truly wonderful.

I can’t wait to see how my phone, TV and computer look like in ten years. Will we get flying hover boards any time soon?

Concept phone from Nokia. Solar powered, bendable, waterproof, wireless, simply put: godlike. I want it.

Google gaining on Apple in my world

January 3, 2013

Apple versus Google. That’s how it works in the smartphone business although it’s mostly referred to as Apple versus Samsung. But we cannot forget that it’s Google who own the Android OS system that all Android smartphones run. And they also own a lot of other things that Apple products used to come built-in with such as YouTube and Maps.

I noticed this while I checked my first screen on my iPhone today. There it was. Google Maps, and Apple Maps was hidden away on the very last screen in a folder I never ever use or see. Google Maps is vastly superior in every sense and I have absolute zero intentions of switching. Then YouTube was there, sure, Apple doesn’t have a counterpart but still, it’s a third-party App there in the very first screen and it’s by Google.

For my mail I still use Apple’s official mail application. Sure, it’s linked to my Gmail, but nevertheless, I really prefer the Apple app over the Gmail one currently.

What about Apple’s iCloud? Well, I don’t use it all. I use Google’s equivalent. Frequently. So once again Google starts to becoming more and more pressing in my life. Add to this that I also use Google’s Calender. OK, it’s synched with my iPhone calender, but still.

I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about how Samsung’s next S4 phone will be like – never before had I even considered caring about another smartphone. So It will be interesting to see how Apple keep improving with the iOS 7 and iPhone 6 to keep me as a customer.

Will Android OS 5.0 finally be interesting? Or will Apple continue to dominate in my life?

iPad Mini

October 24, 2012

Yesterday Apple announced the fourth generation of iPad and the all new iPad Mini along with new remakes of their Macbook Pro with Retina display and a new thinner, faster and better iMac.

Though I won’t pick up the new iPad Mini, I must admit it’s a great product that I have been wanting from Apple for a long time. With it being smaller now it is an ideal one-hand reading machine on the train, plane or bus. And I have felt that the regular iPad is slightly too big for that if you want to read just with one hand when in bed or so. Right now I am more than content with my iPad “3” and won’t upgrade for a long time. I don’t even know what amazing features the fifth and sixth generation iPads would have to have to make me buy it. But it’d have to be something real pow-wow-like.

Also Apple announced a better and improved regular iPad. Quite soon considering the 3rd generation one was released this year as well and this one is slightly faster with the new lightning docket connector and some minor adjustments making it a new generation rather than a mere update.

The new iMac is so thin and beautiful that I am actually considering buying it once I retire from gaming or just start gaming occassionally. It’s just so thin and beautiful I can’t believe it. But I’ll stick with my plan and continue using this current monster PC until at least 2015. The new 13″ Macbook Pro Retina display is something that I wanted as well and since I don’t have a laptop, I might get it. But not sure.

Thoughts on the new Apple products?



Windows 8 hate gets justified

October 11, 2012

Windows 8 keeps getting bashed. By everyone. It is undoubtedly following in the footsteps of Vista and looks to be the most hated Windows OS to date.

Now we’ve received official information from Microsoft, confirming just how shit it really is.

Windows Marketplace will not allow any M rated or PEGI 18 games to be sold from the store. Nor are any violent games, drug promoting games, or any things that are considered lewd. Wow. How shit is that?

Note that PEGI 18/M rated games can still be developed and sold as third-party software to Windows as Microsoft doesn’t require all software to go through Windows Marketplace, but this is still a major blow for developers are a majority of the W8 users will do their shopping through the official store.