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I play Black Ops II

September 14, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer is free-to-play for two days and I decided to give it a shot, considering I haven’t played it yet and it’s the most popular shooter out there. I can say I was pleasantly surprised.

My last Call of Duty experience was in Modern Warfare 2 and on the Xbox 360, and I loved it. But I did play the single player campaign of the other CoD games, though plus some online on the PC during “try it for free campaign”. But Battlefield 3 has been my main shooter the past two years, although I hardly touch it anymore so it’s not really a fair statement, more like  2011-2012 and then this entire year I haven’t gamed shooters.

I didn’t expect much from Black Ops II, but I was surprised. I remember Modern Warfare 2 being fast and fun, and this is exactly what I got from Black Ops II. It’s so incredible fast, easy, fun, intensive, and quick. Instant respawn, small maps for maximum intensity, no vehicles and fun customization. Now I remember why this franchise is so successful. Compared to Battlefield 3 this game is years more polished in terms of basic features such as joining as a party etc.

However, not everything is gold and roses. The graphics feel insanely outdated compared to Battlefield 3, this game looks like shit. It truly feels like Modern Warfare from 2007 and they need to fucking delete that engine and make a completely new one, not an enhanced one like they are doing for Call of Duty: Ghost.

With being so positively surprised by this, I might actually pick up Call of Duty: Ghost. But the graphics really bother me. Battlefield 4 will be so much more beautiful with stunning effects that I don’t know if I want to support a company that doesn’t innovate in graphics.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

September 28, 2012

Activision are having a free weekend of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and in all honesty, I have never tried MW3 so I thought I’d give it a shot after having played Battlefield 3 as my primary FPS for a long time.

My first reaction was a tiny bit of nausea already at the menus as I really hate that color scheme of grayish dark green. Well, I decided to find a match and it went live pretty quickly. Much better than Battlelog, that’s for certain. In-game I was struck by what I feared – graphics from 2007. I mean this game is just so ridiculously ugly and lack details everywhere. Compared to Battlefield 3 this game just doesn’t stand a chance.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, it felt very primitive. There was hardly any bullet recoil and no coriolis effect on the bullets depending on wind/distance etc which made me get kills very easily and despite being underleveled in terms of guns and perks, I managed to finish second and pull off very easy kills. But it didn’t feel epic. It felt very confined and small compared to the epicness that I experienced in BF3.

I definitely won’t pick-up Black Ops II as I am certain it will feel outdated and old just like MW3 did to me. BF3 and CS:GO are both significantly prettier games with more depth and deliver an overall more enjoyable experience.

Not an impressive game experience by any means in 2012.

Diablo III Stumbles

June 23, 2012

Yes, Diablo III is the fastest selling PC game of all times, but in all honesty, that doesn’t mean anything in terms of quality and depth. People bought it without doing any research and it has been proven that games can sell massive numbers based on their names and developers alone. And it looks like this was the case for Diablo III.

I spend a fare share amount of time reading gaming forums and talking with other gamers to stay up-to-date with current events all over the world. And one of the hottest topics right now is Diablo III’s failure in terms of delivering the sequel to one of the best games of all times. It has become known as “error 37 the game” and a “Korean grinding simulator” and a virtual “eBay grinding simulator” and it is riddled with connection problems and hatred towards the DRM requirements of constant internet connection and a massive patch that has broken the game even farther. The future certainly doesn’t look bright for Diablo.

What many people seem to forget is that Blizzard has lost a lot of its key employees. The guys that made Warcraft III, Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft are mostly gone. They have jumped the ship. Blizzard is no longer this behemoth with geniuses that make perfect games as the previously mentioned games. Those days are long gone and Blizzard can no longer ride on their reputation, at least not for me and hundreds of thousands of people as myself that predicted that Diablo III would suck.  At least not with the educated hardcore masses. Sure, the casuals will buy their games and even some hardcore gamers as well as they are fanatic zealots that will buy shit if Blizzard sold it to them, and call it the best shit ever. These are the people that pay €19.99 for mounts in World of Warcraft and whatnot. They are a massive number and that is why Diablo III initially became a massive success in terms of sales and why Blizzard will continue to be such a large company.

The success of Diablo III’s sales is diminishing rapidly though. I see people quitting Diablo III daily with numerous complaints and more and more people joining them in bashing the game rather than praising it. I mean, it has gotten to the point where the most fanatic players cannot defend the crap anymore. The game has been out for over a month and only recently was the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) released which the entire game is balanced and structured around. And don’t even get me started on Player versus Player, there has been no word of that coming out any time soon. People who used to nag me on weekly basis saying “buy it!” and no longer bothering with it, and many of them also quit the game.

I only played the game on Normal difficult from act one to four and finished it. And you already know what I thought. I’d probably give the game a 6/10, something like that. Barely passable and a complete failure for being called a Diablo game. But what other players that have been playing it daily for numerous hours are saying is more fun to read for me. They are saying the game is becoming increasingly more deserted. They are saying that the RMAH ruins the game’s balance and purpose and it imposes such a strong factor that other aspects of the game suffers. It has become an unrewarding grind fest for few items that don’t sell well on the RMAH and with no PvP in sight, there is little reward for that monotonous grind. People are already tired of grinding like Koreans. And still over a month after release it is a single player game with DRM requirements.

So what did Blizzard do? Well, Inferno was too hard for a lot of players so they made it easier in order to “make the game last longer” as that has been a big complaint for many players. But that doesn’t really cut it, does it? It just gives you more grind. And trust me, in 2012 grinding is not cutting it. Especially not when consumers feel entitled and are coming from titles such as World of Warcraft and Star Wars and never played Diablo II before.

Reading hundreds of these threads daily on how Diablo III is progressively becoming a worst game than it was upon launch despite its massive error 37 problems and unstable servers, and reading how players are already bored and quitting the game faster than The Old Republic players did, makes me smile. I am happy that I am an educated consumer who could see this coming miles away based on interviews and playing the beta. It was obvious. Will Blizzard learn? I don’t know. But one thing is certain, Blizzard aren’t Blizzard no more. They are now developers that have to wow me and prove to me that their games are even worth considering. Will I pick up Heart of the Swarm? No chance. I’ll have little spare time because of Dota 2 and Guild Wars 2 as it is, and Blizzard are on my endangered developers list now, only Project Titan can save them now.

What are your thoughts on Diablo III? Do you still play it or do you think it has become too boring with the RMAH problems, errors, and countless hours of monotonous grinding? Comment below!

Based on how many players are quitting the game, I am sure this is how lonely Diablo is beginning to feel.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

May 4, 2012

The next Call of Duty game will be none other than the sequel to the highly popular and beloved Black Ops: Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that Black Ops was one of my absolute favorites of the Call of Duty series with superior story and narrative along with some of the best soundtracks along with some of the best action moments in the games history. So I for one, am happy with the direction.

Activision promises to “revolutionize” and expand the franchise like never before with Black Ops II and take it to new heights. Well, we’ve heard that one before, but it remains to be seen what the big news are for this year. I would love a spectator mode for one, and that the perk system is revamped completely and perhaps try to make it for esport? With an audience so big, it would be interesting.

What are your requests and wishes for Black Ops II? Are you happy with it or did you want Modern Warfare 4?

Is this the game that will save console gaming? Not a chance. I’d get it for the PC anyway.

Gamex Pictures

November 6, 2011

Gamex 2011

November 5, 2011

Gamex is now over (for me) and I had a great time there with my girl and my friend. We spent roughly five hours there and it was just about enough to get to do everything we wanted to do. Read below for me hands-on impressions for many unreleased titles such as Mass Effect 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 felt and looked just like Mass Effect 2 with minor differences in level design and features. Some things have changed and the major change is the addition is co-operative gameplay and online support. Since I played the previous two games, I might pick up Mass Effect 3 just to conclude Shepard’s adventure and save mankind, again. But I’m not 100 on that yet. Overall, this game didn’t impress me as it felt way too similar.

Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

I don’t know why they call it Goldeneye as it didn’t look anything like the classic. Not even as an HD remake, because they’ve added sprint, ironsight, and much more. It’s like a brand new game almost but I guess the multiplayer maps are somewhat taken from the classic or something, but I didn’t see the resemblance based on the gameplay I saw and experienced. Will Bond lovers like this? I have no clue. Bond is, as you know, dead to me because of Craig.

Soulcalibur V

Though my friend thought the game looked much better than the fourth installment, I felt it looked almost exactly the same. I always considered Soulcalibur IV to be ahead of its time, especially for a Japanese game, and this game though it was better than I thought, it looked a lot like the other one although I seem to be the only one feeling that way. It was fast, fun, and definitely the best 3D-fighter around. If I still had my Xbox 360 I’d pick this baby up when it releases early next year. It has a lot new additions to the universe and seems to be a proper game, just like the fourth one was.

Super Mario 3D Land

I don’t know what it is with me and Mario, but I find this fellas games to be difficult. Maybe I’m in a hurry or something? Either way, I expected Super Mario 3D Land to have poor 3D effects and shitty graphics like most Nintendo. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the 3D effects and how smooth the game felt and how much I actually enjoyed running around. This was of course, imagining me playing on a train, plane, or somewhere where there are no consoles or computers. I never thought I’d be saying this.

Mario Kart 7

Finally a Mario Kart game for the handheld consoles that doesn’t look and feel like shit. A deeper Mario Kart with passable graphics and improved online play along with 3D effects and new vehicles? Yup, this is the biggest update of Mario Kart in its history. I had surprisingly fun with it and I can only imagine how fun it must be to play with seven other friends and just flipping out on the lame ass player who keeps getting the blue shells. Nintendo surprised me again.

Kid Icarus 3Ds

The new Kid Icarus for the 3D was amazing on all levels. I mean, sure, the graphics weren’t pow-wow, but the design, feel, and gameplay felt really good and impressive. It was the most entertaining Nintendo game for the 3DS for sure at the moment and there’s no doubt that it will be a great end product for all Nintendo fans. Varied gameplay along with incredibly beautiful scenery. This is a game to lookout for.

Resident Evil 3D: Revelations

If you thought I liked the previous 3DS games, wait till you read this. Revelations is the most impressive, best-looking, and 3D-effective 3DS game that I have seen to date. This game felt like a real solid classic Resident Evil title with excellent graphics and excellent 3D effects. I was stunned. I really was. This game was just way beyond what I expected.  There’s no doubt that this game was the king of all the impressive 3Ds titles available at Gamex. If you own at 3DS, you need this game.


I’ve been longing for a new snowboard game for a long time. Ever since 1080 franchise for Gamecube and Nintendo 64 there has not been a game that has caught my eye. Although the build that we got to play at Gamex felt very early it was fun and even my girl enjoyed it a lot. And that’s when you know you have a good title. If EA keep all their promises for this game, I am certain it’ll be something worthy of your time.

Diablo III

We spent a little under an hour in line for this game. And the line just got bigger and bigger. It was the second biggest line, after Modern Warfare 3. Our 20 minutes with the game passed like 20 seconds and I managed to get time to try both the Wizard and Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter felt slow, boring, and dull and I felt the urge that I had to switch in order to go out sane. I picked Wizard since Sorceress was my main class in Diablo 2 and my choice was the right one. Wizard gameplay was completely different. It was fun, fast, and fluent. I loved it. This was Diablo again. Wizard or Barbarian will now be my mains while Demon Hunter most likely will be amongst the very last classes I pick. But yes, I’ve finally gotten to play Diablo 3 after waiting for over 10 years for it.

Ninja Gaiden III

I’ll be honest. Ninja Gaiden II didn’t impress me a lot. I’d give it a weak, real weak 7/10 and this game looked better. In every area. Graphically, pace, and depth. I think Itagaki leaving was a great thing and they can finally experiment more and make it more accessible and varied. I think that if I give Ninja Gaiden 3 a shot, I’ll end up liking it more than the second one.

Uncharted 3

I’ve tried to like PlayStation 3. I really have. But the controller (both physically and in-game) is just worthless for me. It aches to hold for longer period of times and it just feels off. We got to play some co-op and I wasn’t impressed at all by the “best looking console game of all times” at all even though I am fully aware that they nerf the graphics for co-op mode. Maybe Battlefield 3 on the PC on max setting is too gorgeous? Yeah, I’ma go with that.

Modern Warfare 3

What’s there to say? It’s Modern Warfare 2 with new weapons and levels. And modes, and perks. Simple as that. Over 25 million people will buy it either way.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Zelda stopped being fun for me after Majoras Mask. And this one is no exception. Poor graphics, gameplay, and the same shit we’ve seen over and over again with slightly new things. Nintendo’s big failure that is Wii (for hardcore gamers, not financially) continues to unimpress me and I really hope that Wii U will be significantly better so I can maybe experience some nice HD Nintendo titles in the future. Because I am open, as long as the quality is there, which for Wii, is physically impossible.


Never did I expect Nintendo 3DS to be so impressive. If I had a 3DS, I’d buy all the games that I tried at Gamex. They were that good. Diablo 3 was also what I expected, but felt a tad slow. Gamex as a whole was very impressive to be a small Swedish event with around 40,000 people I hear. There were great games and great deals in the stores at the convention, I bought a new CPU cooler as the deal was too good to pass up. I also managed to see some Saint’s Row 3 gameplay but I didn’t feel like standing in line to get to play that as Diablo 3 took all my standing in line energy, at least a got a free key chain from it!

To me Gamex 2011 was a sucess and fun event. I will upload more pictures in a separate news post once I transfer all the pictures from my camera to my computer. But for this post, I’ll give you a few samples!

Wrap-up: Blizzcon 2011

October 21, 2011

Blizzcon 2011 is more or less over, at least in terms of content. Here’s what happened:

World of Warcraft:

  • World of Warcraft Panda Expansion Pack announced.
  • Level cap increased to 90
  • New race: Pandaren (Both Horde and Alliance)
  • New class: Monk
  • New continent: Pandaria
  • Pet battle system
  • New talent tree
  • New dungeons
  • World of Warcraft Annual Pass (12 months): Buy this pass and get Diablo 3 for free. Yes, for free. Plus 100% chance to join next beta.
  • Heavy PvP focus between Horde and Alliance
  • Villain is “war itself”.

Diablo 3

  • Collector’s Edition revealed:
  • 4GB Usb Drive
  • Diablo Skull
  • Behind the Scenes DVD/Blu-ray
  • In-game items for SC2, WoW, and D3 in forms of portraits, pets, etc.
  • Artbook
  • No release date, but it’s “very close” apparently. Considering the beta still goes on for 8 weeks don’t expect it until February.

Starcraft II

  • Starcraft II Dota shown.
  • Contains a lot of iconic figures such as: Thrall, Arthas, and Queen of Blades. A great mix-up of Starcraft and Warcraft universe.

And that’s all folks!

The new World of Warcraft Race and Class: Panda Monk!

Activision responds to EA

October 20, 2011

EA are behind Battlefield 3. Activision are behind Modern Warfare 3. You know, the two giant behemoths that will battle for your money and time this fall. In a Battlefield 3 trailer we could see that the game goes “above and beyond the call”, obviously delivering a blow to Activision and MW3.

Has Activision responded? You bet. In style, too. In the United Kingdom, the largest market in Europe, you can buy Modern Warfare 3 for only 99 pence (cents) which is roughly about $1.50 (~$58.50 cheaper than BF3) if you trade in your copy of Battlefield 3. Haha! Freakin’ nice move Activision, didn’t expect it to be this classy. Surely this will boost sales tremendously.

What do you think? How can EA counter this amazingly fun offer meant solely to piss EA off? Can they start selling Battlefield 3 for $0.99 or £0.99 for a few limited hours or so on launch? We’ll see. The ball’s in EA’s court.

More betas?

September 13, 2011

It seems that September will be a beta-friendly month for Europe. It looks like we are finally getting The Old Republic testing several months after the States, but better late than never, right? Also Dota 2 has been rumored to appear this month. Then we have the highly awaited Diablo III and Battlefield 3.

So what can we expect? Well, if it all pans out and rumors are proven true:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Diablo III
  • Dota 2
When I look at the list, really, only Dota 2 is the one without confirmation for September. But as you know, these developers are famous for keeping their release dates or promises, so take it with a big fat scoop of salt.
Battlefield 3 will be the game that kills the console era and begins the PC era. October 27. I’m ready.

Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition

September 2, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has special plans for their game for sure. And one of those is the Hardened Edition version of the game, which just has leaked out. What is inside?

  • Unique Disc art
  • 1 year of membership for Call of Duty Elite
  • “Founder Status” granting exclusive in-game emblems, camo, player-card, and clan XP boost
  • Steelbook casing
  • Exclusive PSN theme and XBL Avatar outfit
  • Field journal containing authentic documents and entries

Fairly impressive considering what kind of a cash cow this franchise is. I mean, look at Skyrim´s collector edition, probably the worst CE in the world. I am quite impressed that Activision actually did more than they had to.