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Google gaining on Apple in my world

January 3, 2013

Apple versus Google. That’s how it works in the smartphone business although it’s mostly referred to as Apple versus Samsung. But we cannot forget that it’s Google who own the Android OS system that all Android smartphones run. And they also own a lot of other things that Apple products used to come built-in with such as YouTube and Maps.

I noticed this while I checked my first screen on my iPhone today. There it was. Google Maps, and Apple Maps was hidden away on the very last screen in a folder I never ever use or see. Google Maps is vastly superior in every sense and I have absolute zero intentions of switching. Then YouTube was there, sure, Apple doesn’t have a counterpart but still, it’s a third-party App there in the very first screen and it’s by Google.

For my mail I still use Apple’s official mail application. Sure, it’s linked to my Gmail, but nevertheless, I really prefer the Apple app over the Gmail one currently.

What about Apple’s iCloud? Well, I don’t use it all. I use Google’s equivalent. Frequently. So once again Google starts to becoming more and more pressing in my life. Add to this that I also use Google’s Calender. OK, it’s synched with my iPhone calender, but still.

I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about how Samsung’s next S4 phone will be like – never before had I even considered caring about another smartphone. So It will be interesting to see how Apple keep improving with the iOS 7 and iPhone 6 to keep me as a customer.

Will Android OS 5.0 finally be interesting? Or will Apple continue to dominate in my life?

You know what really grinds my gears?

September 25, 2012

Android hipsters and overall Android users. They think that every iPhone user bought it blindly and would “buy anything Apple released even though it was crap” etc. That shit pisses me off beyond belief. They are sitting on a vastly inferior OS with vastly inferior hardware and act as if they are more consumer aware than everyone else. I have an iPhone simply because it’s the best smartphone out there. And those are facts. If we go to benchmark tests the iPhone 5 is the fastest smartphone available. If we go to screen quality tests – you guessed right: iPhone claims that prize again. And not only that – it has the broadest selection of quality apps such as games and utility apps.

So if you are one of those mongoloids from the deep mountains in Mongolia with your Android phone and love to bash Apple products because you can’t afford them or want to be a hipster, fuck you. That’s right.

Once again, the fastest and best smartphone on the market according to professional reviews.

iOS 6 impressions

September 20, 2012

I’ve now spent a day with Apple’s new iOS 6 and it feels really nice. I am always amazed at how the iPhone is getting better and better despite being the most superior phone on the market already.

My favorite features include the new maps with free turn-by-turn navigation. Previously that cost me over 50€ as apps and now it’s all free. Secondly it’s the new Siri updates, especially the sport knowledge. My favorite team AC Milan’s results and whatnot are now just a question away and so are the league standings. Pretty neat to have on the train or car when you don’t have a computer nearby.

Also the Facebook and Twitter integration from the notification center are genius additions. Now I can tweet insanely fast without opening the apps or even ask Siri to write and send the tweet/facebook post for me. Loves it.

The best smartphone OS just got a lot better.

3DS will not be as big as DS

May 9, 2011

All right, that headline might be confusing to non-gamers. Nintendo’s new handheld console is called 3DS and their previous one called DS. There. Now that we are all clear on that, let me continue with my bashing of 3DS. Yes, another one.

The Nintendo DS was a tremendous success. I am sure even you have seen many in your lifetime. It sold way over 100 million and beat its only and main competitor, the PSP, by a ridiculous amount of million units sold both in hardware and software. Impressive statistics indeed. But the 3DS will never achieve this success and will compared to the DS, will be a commercial failure.

So is it because the DS sold so well and did so incredibly well that the 3DS will fail? No. Not at all. This time there are other players in the field and a huge mistake by Nintendo was made. Here are some top reasons:

  • The name 3DS is too close to the DS. Add to that that the DS had remakes such as: DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL. With the 3DS name tag people may very well think the 3DS is just another DS with 3D effects. Why upgrade if you own a DSi or DSi XL?
  • Nintendo did not release any Nintendo games at launch, hence the slow sale start compared to DS and reason it’s being outsold by the PSP in Japan. Remarkable? I think so.
  • Insanely high price. At $249.99 the 3DS costs more than an Xbox 360 Slim and 250GB Playstation 3 Slim. Stupid? You bet.
  • High software price. At $34.99 per game it better look good and be fun. 3DS is weak and does not look good. Stupid? Yes.
  • Smartphones have entered the market with cheap fun games and insane hardware power. The Iphone is a killer here with cheap, fun, and great games starting at only $0.99. Nintendo can’t compete with that. Add to the fact that the Iphone 4 is significantly more powerful than the 3DS.
  • 3DS is big and ugly. No adult will be sitting with one outside. Smartphones like the Iphone are attractive and fancy. People also carry their phones with them at all times. Not many people carry their handheld gaming devices at all times, making it somewhat of an inconvenience.

There you have it folks. My thoughts on why the PSP is outselling the 3DS and why the 3DS will ultimately be considered a commercial disaster compared to the DS. Not only will smartphones improve but PSP2 is coming out to compete with Nintendo later this year, only making it tougher. I believe this may very well be the last handheld generation we see. After that, it’ll be smartphones all the way. Praise smartphones, more specifically the Iphone.

Mr. 3DS, I’m not impressed by your performance.