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Apple stock drops on iPhone 5C announcement

September 12, 2013

Apple has announced their budget phone, iPhone 5C for $99 on a two-year contract. Also their new premium phone called iPhone 5S, for $199 on a two-year deal.

This means no iPhone 6 until next year. This means Apple are continuing to milk out their same phone for two years concept. And I am not happy at all, and apparently others aren’t as well.

The iPhone 5C is a flat-out disgrace for Apple, who up until now where premium phone makers. Now, they cater to the lower class levels with their plastic phones instead of aluminum. I can’t and won’t support that.

The iPhone 5S is what you expect: a faster iPhone 5 in new colors and one stand-out feature, the finger print reader. Other than that, don’t expect to be that impressed as that 64-bit processor won’t shine much with 1 GB of RAM.

Apple are indeed dropping in my books. And I will, once again, skip their product. I still use my iPhone 4S but unless the iPhone 6 innovates and impresses me severely, I will give my money to either Google, Samsung or LG. Or perhaps even Sony or HTC, depending on whichever phone impresses me the most.

What are your thoughts on the 5C and 5S?

The C is for Color, or Cheap, I forget.

Samsung SmartWatch

September 5, 2013

I am not that impressed. The design feels cheap and the interface empty and dull. Let’s hope Apple bring their world class design team and beat Samsung.

Mac Pro 2013

August 4, 2013

It’d be hard for me to envision myself using a Mac as a desktop computer, it really would. However, the new Mac Pro is gorgeous and insanely powerful with some very nice innovations. However, as a gamer first and foremost, it’d be illogical to buy it just yet, even though Mac is gaining gaming support, it’s still decades away from the PC.

One of the most beautiful desktop computers out there. Will you buy one?

Budget “iPhone 5C” case spotted

July 31, 2013

It appears as if the rumored cheaper version of iPhone will become a reality. I bet Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave and crying.

Apple guilty in price-fixing + iPhone 5S delayed

July 17, 2013

Things aren’t going too well after Steve Jobs died. The quality of their products is declining, their stock value has literally been cut in half, delays now they are found gulity in fixing prices with their iBooks store.

Oh my, Steve Jobs, why did you have to die? You made Apple what they were. Now, I am looking into their rivals more and more Samsung, Sony and HTC all are catching up and looking more promising as Apple keeps declining.

Oh yeah, also iPhone 5S production has been delayed by over a month and results in shipments won’t happen in Q3 this year but Q4 instead. Great job!

So many colors… I am not too fond of the upcoming design choices with iOS 7.

My thoughts on iOS 7

June 14, 2013

Apple revealed their new iOS with an all-new design for the first time in seven years and… I am not fond of it.

It’s much flatter than the previous ones and many of the icons look flat out ugly now. I’m looking at you Photos and Game Center. Disgusting.

I have an iPhone 4S, and the most appealing feature for iOS 7 won’t be available on my phone. The AirDrop. Nor will iRadio in my country. Sucks, right?

I’m sure that I will get used to the new design and eventually forget it even has changed. And I’m sure I will even like it. It does come with a lot of improvements that I will be using such as the new improved Safari, Quick Control, Email, Camera etc etc.

But it really grinds my gears about that AirDrop and iRadio. I hate restrictions and I see no reason to upgrade to an iPhone 5 to get AirDrop. I’m still waiting for the iPhone 6 before I consider upgrading my phone.


Apple’s iOS

June 6, 2013

Apple used to be the unrivaled kings of smartphones in my eyes. Especially their iOS. It’s stunning, stable, fast and loaded with great content. But things don’t stay like that forever.

Other developers are catching up. In fact, some have already surpassed iOS in some features. I just saw some nice features from HTC and Sony. iOS needs to be more live streamed. It needs to be more open. It needs a desperate change of design.

iOS 7 is confirmed to have an all-new look. A more simple one. Elegant. But what does that mean? Unfortunately we do not know. Apple are dead silent until the reveal this year.

I still use iOS due to iMessage. It’s a godlike feature. Plus there are many other reasons as well. But like I said, they’re slipping. They are no longer unrivaled. And if they don’t step it up, I will for the first time in my life have a different smartphone other than iPhone.

Microsoft working on smart watch

April 17, 2013

Not only Samung and Apple are working on a smart watch, but now Microsoft are too. It seems without a doubt that this very well could be the next big gadget category and it’s only natural that the three giants want to gather as a large market share as possible as quickly as possible.

Are you interested in a smart watch? With GPS, heart rate monitor, mp3, etc? Basically a “smartphone light” that syncs with your smartphone and whatnot. I think it has limited potential, but it’ll be interesting to see. I’d use it with fitness in mind.

Some interesting concepts for what Microsoft could do with their smart watch.

More S4 rumors

March 4, 2013

As the grand reveal of Samsung’s next flagship phone approaches, more rumors are leaking out.

The latest one is eye-scrolling technology. It means you will be able to scroll down the pages you’re browsing without touching your screen.

And just like that Samsung got their wow factor from me. I’m mighty impressed. Should this prove to be true of course.

iWatch this year?

March 4, 2013

It is heavily rumored that Apple will be launching a product called iWatch this year.

What’s iWatch? Well Timmy, I am glad you asked. It’s something called a smartwatch. Some of the features are said to be:

  • Running fully on iOS just like the iPhone and iPad.
  • Ability to make calls.
  • Connectivity with your iPhone/iPad.
  • Check map cordinates.
  • Heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc etc and likely a heavy focus on “health” such as jogging, powerwalking etc.

What are your thoughts on potentially having an iWatch? Will you buy it? I myself am not that convinced but it might be a cool thing to have if you jog. And since spring is coming up I usually tend to start jogging and it’d be nice to get a pedometer, heart rate monitor and whatnot all-in-one synched to my iOS life.

Mock-up of what a possible iWatch might look like. Not bad.