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First results between PS4 vs. Xbox One are in

October 29, 2013

Digital Foundry has made a world class article where they compare the quality of Battlefield 4 between PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I strongly recommend you go and read this behemoth of an article as it’s the most qualitative I’ve seen. It gives you a very fair and objective analysis of each version and there’s no surprise which ones are the best ones.

PS4 takes the lead from X1 quite substantially.  Battlefield 4 runs at 900p on the PS4 and 720p on the X1. This was to be expected as X1 has weaker hardware and more complicated ESRAM to work with. Sad facts if you will be gaming primarily on an X1 next generation for sure.

Though the X1 version by no means looks horrible or bad, it falls short and is inferior to the PS4 one by quite some mileage. It is expected to be like this for at least the first two years of the console cycle, perhaps even always as the PS4 simply has more hardware to work with. And when Sony’s first-party exclusive start coming out, well then there will be no doubts as to where the most stunning games are.

Add on top of this the rumors that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be running at 720p on the Xbox One and Titanfall also, well, then it’s certainly not looking good for Microsoft.  There are also other rumors circulating that the Xbox One has strong issues with party drops and server allocations as they are separated now instead of unified as with Xbox 360. It is said to be “months away” before that will be resolved.

Judging by these comparisons, rumors, facts and pre-order numbers, the Xbox team at Microsoft must be in chaos and despair. I predict the PS4 out-selling the X1 by at least 20 million units this war because of this. And that’s me being generous I feel.

The PS4 has a bright future ahead with a superb start in both hardware, software and reputation. 



Battlefield 4 beta impressions

October 5, 2013

I have now spent several hours with the open beta of Battlefield 4 and after going through some horrible errors to play it thanks to DICE’s choice of ancient anti-cheat technology, I can finally deliver some impressions.

If you want to play Battlefield 4, expect DICE to enforce three things you might not necessarily want on your computer:

  1. Battlelog
  2. Punkbuster
  3. Origin

Without these three things you can’t play BF4. Whilst I like Origin, I hate the other two. Punkbuster is an ancient anti-cheat software from the 90:s that doesn’t do shit other than make your unable to join servers and give you no indication that it’s the problem. It complicates things and requires you to update it and it’s full of hassle. I thought they would get rid of it after Battlefield 3, but I was wrong. Insanely disappointed. Battlelog also sucks as you can’t change your settings outside the game and you have to do that in-game and the menus are slow, imperfect and the design isn’t as smooth as it should be to navigate. Just like Battlefield 3.

The graphics are gorgeous, they really are. Although I expected a bigger leap from Battlefield 3, but there’s no contest here. Call of Duty: Ghost can go hide itself back in 2007 where it belongs from a visual perspective. DICE are showing that they know graphics and sound effects, but unfortunately, that’s where my praise will end for Battlefield 4.

I understand the heart of Battlefield. It’s meant to be a war. It’s meant to be huge and immerse you. And it does that. It totally feels as if I am in a war and fighting for my life as a soldier. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. It takes a long time to find enemies sometimes. It’s insanely frustrating when two tanks roll up to you and you aren’t the Engineer class because you can’t do shit against that. It’s annoying that the respawn time is between 7-10 seconds after death. It’s annoying that you run for five minutes without action sometimes only to get shot from the other side of the world by a sniper or gunned down by a chopper. I guess Battlefield’s style of gameplay simply isn’t for me, simple as that.

Not everything is bad though. They finally improved the party joining system and squad system. It feels more polished, although it should’ve been like that in BF3 already, so this is more than two years delayed stuff. Nothing impressive, nothing worthy of praise as every other shooter did this years ago.  It just seems that DICE are not knowledgeable at several basic core things that I have come to expect from a shooter and that’s sad to see as I want to support the Swedish gaming industry but it’s simply not to my satisfaction.

The thing that impressed me the most with Battlefield 4 was without a doubt the jet-ski and water physics. They were incredible. It feel authentic just as if I was on a jet-ski. But should that really be the most impressive feature in a shooter? I don’t think so.

I am thankful for the open beta because it allowed me to save money and cancel my pre-order. I wouldn’t enjoy this game at all. The hours I played it weren’t that fun. I mean, it had its moments that were exciting with my friends and what not, but not nearly enough. I prefer a faster pace that’s more tight and intesive. and I think that Titanfall will simply crush BF4 and CoD: Ghost. So that’s where I am putting my money and time. Bottom line is that Battlefield 4 is looking to be what Battlefield 3 should have been, but it’s two years late and it’s still sub-par on many things even though it’s the industry leader in many other areas such as the graphics, physics, sound and unlimited sprinting. Such a shame. Maybe Battlefield 5 will be more to my liking. But until then, I am waiting for Titanfall.

Gorgeous graphics and great physics cannot save the game from cancer like Battlelog/Punkbuster.

Impressive Battlefield 4 smartscreen features

July 26, 2013

EBGames poster reveals Battlefield 4 info

April 25, 2013

A poster from EBGames has revealed some yet unannounced information regarding Battlefield 4, amongst them is the release date.

  • October 31, 2013 release.
  • Battlelog 2.0: every bullet and every action you, your friends and your enemies make will be logged with unprecented details.
  • Premium Membership: Exclusive weapons, content and even expansions for premium members. Guess it’s time to throw cash at EA if you want the complete experience.

All seems very reasonable and nice. Or does it? What are your thoughts on having to pay an additional $59.99 for the premium membership to be able to get all of the expansions? Plus the “normal” ones ahead of time? With Battlefield 4 it seems that premium membership will be a necessity if you want to have the best possible game experience, not a luxury. I knew this day would come. So be ready to put down $120 for BF4 to get the same experience you’d gotten for $59.99 just a few years ago.

It will be an expensive experience if you want access to the whole cake.

What I want from Battlefield 4

April 19, 2013

Battlefield 4 is the next major shooter that caught my interest. Running on the stunning Frostbite 3 engine it was given that I’d give it a peak. I mean, Battlefield 3 was beyond gorgeous and delivered some very fun gaming nights for me and my friends, albeit it was frustrating due to lack of basic features and poor balancing. But with Battlefield 4 I expect DICE to have matured and realized their mistakes. I expect it to be far more polished.

Needless to say, the expectations are high despite Battlefield 3 failed to live up to its potential. None of my friends are still playing it, although it’s been over two years since it was released so by today’s standards that’s quite common. But that could’ve changed if they balanced it and didn’t release an somewhat unfinished product.

Check out the 17-minute gameplay footage of the single player campaign of BF4.

Here are some of the things I’d like to see from day one in Battlefield 4:

  • Sea warfare: I want to be able to take fights to the water or perhaps under water. Something related to water either way. There’s too little water in shooters.
  • More freedom in the maps: There should be no “invisible walls” or “if you go here you die within 5 seconds unless you turn back” areas in BF4.
  • Dramatically improved group joining features and social features: Battlelog was shit. It needs to get better. And I should automatically join the same squad and team when I join as a group. This is ESSENTIAL.
  • Dramatically improved balance: Operation Métro Conquest Mode. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.
  • New weapons, vehicles, ranking systems, and classes.
  • Co-op campaign.
  • Better vehicle controls for keyboard users.
  • More gorgeous graphics than in the previous game.

Well, that’s all I could think of right now as basics. As always, I expect innovation and something that truly wows me in order for me to buy it. It needs to be better than what the competition offers, as in Call of Duty.

I foresee a great deal of fun with Battlefield 4, just as I had with Battlefield 3, but it was far, far from ideal.

17 minutes Battlefield 4 gameplay

March 27, 2013


Under water / sea battles in Battlefield 4?

March 23, 2013

DICE have released a few teaser trailers for Battlefield 4 and in one of them there’s an under water propeller spinning and it has lead to discussion whether or not there will be sea battles or even possibly under water fights in BF4. If that turns out to be the case, there’s my wow-requirement fulfilled.

Battlefield 4 announcement on March 26

March 18, 2013

EA and DICE have officially confirmed that their next blockbuster first-person shooter Battlefield 4 will be shown on March 26.

I’m very excited for this announcement as I love shooters. However, Battlefield 3 fell short in way too many aspects in order for me to still be playing it and to become a premium member. I hope DICE step up their game significantly with BF4 and shock and awe me. What I would like in BF4:

  • Even more stunning visuals. BF3 was gorgeous, but I want even better in the 4th game.
  • Significantly improved social functions. If I join a game with friends, we all should be in the same squad immediately. This is quite pathethic that DICE to this day haven’t incorporated into BF3.
  • Significantly better map design. The game is very imbalanced. Russians on Operation Metro have an unfair advantage by default in getting to the middle flag.
  • Bigger maps with more freedom.
  • Better overall tweaks in basic features such as ping, fps, etc that were lacking on launch.
  • New game mode
  • Something new that wows me

What would you like to see in Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 Leaked

July 17, 2012

EA aren’t the most flawless company in the world, we all know that. Just recently they managed to leak Battlefield 4 through a pre-order deal on their Origin service.

As it looks now, Battlefield 4 is slated for Q4 2013 and that news has gotten a lot of people saying “RIP DICE” and that EA has killed off yet another studio.

I disagree. Battlefield 3 was released in 2011, and will by 2013 be out for two whole years. Yes, Battlefield 3 is only recently becoming balanced and full with content and felt very rushed at launch. What’s my point? That several years of development doesn’t make a game perfect. This two-year cycle EA have for Battlefield now might very well work great and only time will tell.

Battlefield 3 has content promised to early 2013 and then they’re done with adding map packs and content for it, obviously to focus on BF4 coming out later that year. I think some Premium members might be upset, but looking at how Call of Duty is releasing their games annually and with happy customers, I don’t see why EA cannot do the same.

By alternating Medal of Honor and Battlefield series bi-annually, I think EA might have something good going. I mean, who the fuck plays Medal of Honor anyway, right? That means you’ll have two years of game value per Battlefield release and that’s a good deal in my books. So maybe I didn’t play BF3 as much as I thought, which makes the BF4 announcement a positive one for me.

I’m willing to give DICE another shot with BF4 before becoming really skeptical of EA forever. And what’s up with the $69.99 price? Are EA trying to increase the standard game pricing? Judging from fan reaction, it’s the wrong move.