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True Blood

May 2, 2013

I just finished the first season of True Blood and I am liking it a lot lot. Vampire season is indeed in and I am getting my fixes now through both True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. Right now I feel that I prefer TVD slightly more due to the fact of the hotness of Damon. ūüėČ But True Blood is very hot with its kinky and bloody sex. So it’s a nice contrast between them.

Very much looking forward to beginning season 2, in fact, I will go with True Blood over TVD as it’s shorter and easier to finish up and catch up.

Blood, nudity and sex. Just my cup of joe.


Mixed Mortal Kombat

April 22, 2011

I am currently playing Mortal Kombat 9. Yes, I know, I am also in the middle of Shift 2, Portal 2, and still Dragon Age 2. However, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever finish Dragon Age 2. Shift 2 is also more of a fun social game that I just play to ease stress. Either way, let’s get back to Mortal Kombat.

Right now I am not impressed with Mortal Kombat. Compared to Street Fighter it feels a bit slow and stale. And also a bit awkward actually. The control scheme isn’t ideal in my opinion either. Example? Sure. You block with RT. You actually need to press a button to block in this 2D Mortal Kombat. Are you kidding me?

Well, I am getting into the game more and more as time passes by and I am estimating that I’ll need roughly 20 hours to truly get into it and feel it. I’ll keep playing and I’ll also invite friends over to see how well it plays in social situations. At least there’s shit loads of blood and gore in the game as expected, which is always pleasant. I’ll keep performing fatalities and a review will be up later.

Kratos is an exclusive character in Mortal Kombat only on PS3.

Silent Hill 3

November 23, 2010

The next natural step after completing Silent Hill 2 was of course, Silent Hill 3. It has been hyped by many as the “the best game in the series”, does it live up to the hype? The answer is yes.

In the third installment we get to play as Heather. Heather is a very tough girl with a lot of attitude. This is a good thing, because let’s face it, that is what you need in Silent Hill. What is there to say about a game this old? The obvious? The graphics are bad by technical standards yes – but artistically they excel in every area. The atmosphere likewise. My only complaint would be the lack of a truly engulfing story but other than that, this game is near perfection.

Silent Hill 3 delivers one of the most complete horror experiences that I have ever encountered. Sure, the story is poor compared to, let’s say, Silent Hill 2, but the atmosphere and mood is superior and on a completely different level. There is no game out there with the same setting as this game and I believe there won’t be one for a long time either. Or perhaps even ever? ¬†I can without a doubt say that Silent Hill 3 has become my favorite game in the series and one of the absolutely strongest contenders for my “Best Horror Game Award”.

If you want your horror fix look no further than here. This game delivers horror just as good as Resident Evil, if not better.

Rating: 10 out of 10


The best environments I have ever seen in a horror are in Silent Hill 3.

Kick-Ass sparkar rumpa

May 1, 2010

En n√•got f√∂rsenad recension av Kick-Ass, men b√§ttre sent √§n aldrig. Kick-Ass som sagt. Den nya “innefilmen” om man s√• vill, det √§r ju trots allt den filmen alla ton√•ringar pratar om och det √§r just denna film som √§r “you have to see this movie” filmen. Och jag har givetvis sett den, en stor film√§lskare som jag √§r.

Kick-Ass sparkar rumpa. Rakt igenom. En galet bra film, men inte tackvare de kända skådespelarana eller rolig humor och välskrivet manus. Visst, dessa sistnämna saker hjälper, absolut, men det är faktiskt en ung skådespelerska som skiner i filmen och lyfter den rejält. Något jag inte hade räknat med. Kvinnor börjar ta över inom underhållningsbranschen nu ser jag. Läskigt.

Varf√∂r finns det inga superhj√§ltar i verkliga livet? Det √§r en fr√•ga filmen Kick-Ass vill svara p√•. Och det g√∂r den. Faktum √§r, att filmen hade potential till att bli ett m√§sterverk rakt igenom, men, tyv√§rr och liksom tusentals andra filmer, s√• faller den kort precis vid m√•llinjen f√∂r att den vill g√∂ra det r√§tta och leverera ett “lyckligt slut” ist√§llet f√∂r ett realistiskt. Synd, men jag f√∂rst√•r varf√∂r, men om man g√∂r ett s√•dant val kan man inte r√§kna med toppbetyg fr√•n min sida.

Har du inte sett Kick-Ass rekommenderar jag starkt att du gör det. Dels för att det inte finns något annat att se på bio ändå, men också dels för att det faktiskt är en bra film som är sevärd. Om ni har hört att den är blodig så är det helt fel. Visst, det finns blod, men att kalla filmen för väldigt blodig som vissa kritiker har gjort är bara överdrift.

Betyg: 4 av 5