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Samsung SmartWatch

September 5, 2013

I am not that impressed. The design feels cheap and the interface empty and dull. Let’s hope Apple bring their world class design team and beat Samsung.

Mac Pro 2013

August 4, 2013

It’d be hard for me to envision myself using a Mac as a desktop computer, it really would. However, the new Mac Pro is gorgeous and insanely powerful with some very nice innovations. However, as a gamer first and foremost, it’d be illogical to buy it just yet, even though Mac is gaining gaming support, it’s still decades away from the PC.

One of the most beautiful desktop computers out there. Will you buy one?


May 9, 2013

Without a doubt my most wanted thing right now are the highly promising Google Glass. I mean, have you seen the video for them? How wicked are they? I am willing to pay up to $999 for them once they are released if they deliver on all the awesomeness that they show in the video.

Technology sure is beautiful and I am eagerly awaiting the next big leap within it. Could it be Google Glass, or something even more legendary?

Microsofts Windows 8 Mouse

July 30, 2012

Instead of having me describe this… thing, let me simply show you.

Will you buy this mouse?