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29 million GTA V sold

October 30, 2013

GTA V has broken all records and shattered all expectations. It is the most financially successful entertainment product and it’ll be very, very interesting to see what kind of product it will take to dethrone these achievements.

I myself cannot believe these sale numbers. They are out of this world. Rockstar must be laughing all the way to the bank as they have the next five GTA productions costs covered already thanks to GTA V. Plus some nice bonuses to their personal wallets, of course. And Christmas isn’t even here yet. And the PC version isn’t out yet. Will they break 35 million? I think so.

Congratulations to Rockstar as this success is well deserved for not going with the safe and easy route and making another GTA in Liberty City. The amount of polish and detail in GTA V is unrivaled and they have earned all their records. Once again, congratulations.

Money’s raining all over GTA V.


Sleeping Dogs

September 24, 2012

I just got Sleeping Dogs, an exciting game set in Hong Kong in where you try to conquer the triads and dangerous gangs. Basically: GTA in Hong Kong.

The game feels great. The environment is extremely realistic and it does feel like Hong Kong. Unlike GTA IV, where I quite didn’t have that same feel of it being New York as Sleeping Dogs does with its Hong Kong. When I immediately went on the road with my bike and started driving on the right side of the road I was in for a quite a surprise.

Sleeping Dogs so far feels great for a single player game. I also tried Borderlands 2 but got bored with it immediately in less than 30 minutes. But Sleeping Dogs continues to impress, although it’s limited by technical set backs such as AI, and that the world does feel static to a point. I mean, the same old Chinese lady throwing out a bucket of water over and over again. Come on! I want to experience a next gen sandbox game that truly feels alive. But so far the game is decent despite being held back by technological limitations.

The combat is fun and bloody. If you get hit in the face, you get bruises and eventually bloody cheeks.