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DmC: Devil May Cry

February 2, 2013

It has been a really long time since I last reviewed a game. Especially a single player game. And it has been a while since I even completed a single player game, as you know, Dota 2 killed console gaming for me and made me lost 90% of my interest in offline gaming. But some of that passion resurrected after a long break and I managed to finish the fifth and latest installment of the Devil May Cry franchise.

I was very skeptical towards this game. The redesign of Dante was something that I originally hated. But then I grew used to it. After all, his personality and general awesomeness was still there. Also this is the first DmC game that Capcom didn’t develop but Ninja Theory did. Ninja Theory have honestly done a better job than Capcom at almost every thing. The story makes sense and is something I cared to follow. The world is dark and demonic, especially when you are in the demon alternate world called limbo. Yes, Japanese developers have lost their edge for sure.

With this game, Ninja Theory wanted to stress the demons versus angels story and also the relationship between life and death – limbo. This was done brilliantly and felt amazing. Never before have I been intrigued or interested in these types of games, but here I was. I really hope that they get to do another sequel and continue with this style and direction because this is exactly what Devil May Cry franchise needed. It was all split out before and made zero sense and had virtually no story, and that’s not good for any AAA franchise.

In typical Devil May Cry fashion, the soundtrack is an important part when fighting thousands of demons and in DmC things don’t disappoint. The hard rock soundtrack delivers and keeps my blood flowing throughout each fight. Just like it should be. Also, the voice acting is great and the lines are far less cheesier than in previous installments. So speaking from the sound department, this are pretty much outstanding.

But all know that the hack n slash genre isn’t about music or story, it’s about fighting and the combat system. DmC delivers on those parts too. They feel very much like a Devil May Cry game and they do so in a good way and add new weaponry and mechanics. Perhaps a tad too much of exploration/jumping around for my taste, but hey, it was still an enjoyable ride. The combos chained together were real fun to perform and the enemies were plenty and varied in terms of weapons, attacks and tactics which made for a very joyful experience. My biggest complaint here is that the game was a bit too easy perhaps, I played on the standard difficulty level and pretty much only died once in a boss fight because I was lazy.

Bottom line is that this game is awesome. Despite being a single player game I managed to finish it due to the amazing story of angels and demons and the badness that Dante possessed. My love for games is coming back – even offline/single players ones. A game like this is not to be missed by any fan of the franchise or genre. With its compelling story and limbo world, solid combos, enemies and satisfying visuals, Ninja Theory may very well have outdone Capcom themselves.

Rating: 8 out 10

The ladies love Dante, and I must admit, he’s a cool guy.



January 28, 2013

I lost my gaming lust when it comes to single player games. I have tried Sleeping Dogs, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Assassin’s Creed III, Metro 2033 and Hitman: Absolution during my Dota 2 era and I only managed to finish Modern Warfare 3 out of all those games. And that’s because I played all the other CoD games prior. And the fact that CoD is usually between 3-5 hours long only.

Sure, some of these games were not bad. Sleeping Dogs, for an instance, I like a lot. I just don’t have the energy or urge to finish it right now. Metro 2033 is very interesting too, but like I said, single player games have no hold over me anymore. I do hope to get around and finish them one day. Maybe even AC3, but I doubt Hitman though.

Now I have received some more games from the gaming gods, and first up is DmC the new Devil May Cry game. I very much enjoyed the previous games and I haven’t played a hack N slash action game in a long while. I hear this game runs at 60 FPS on the PC with gorgeous graphics. I look forward to being a judge of that.

Also in my gift basket was Far Cry 3, Black Ops II and Mass Effect 3. I feel like I might finish Mass Effect 3 to end the trilogy. Black Ops II, the same story as it’ll be short and I’ve played every single other CoD game.

I don’t like the new Dante design. May I cry along with the devil?

Diablo III Stumbles

June 23, 2012

Yes, Diablo III is the fastest selling PC game of all times, but in all honesty, that doesn’t mean anything in terms of quality and depth. People bought it without doing any research and it has been proven that games can sell massive numbers based on their names and developers alone. And it looks like this was the case for Diablo III.

I spend a fare share amount of time reading gaming forums and talking with other gamers to stay up-to-date with current events all over the world. And one of the hottest topics right now is Diablo III’s failure in terms of delivering the sequel to one of the best games of all times. It has become known as “error 37 the game” and a “Korean grinding simulator” and a virtual “eBay grinding simulator” and it is riddled with connection problems and hatred towards the DRM requirements of constant internet connection and a massive patch that has broken the game even farther. The future certainly doesn’t look bright for Diablo.

What many people seem to forget is that Blizzard has lost a lot of its key employees. The guys that made Warcraft III, Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft are mostly gone. They have jumped the ship. Blizzard is no longer this behemoth with geniuses that make perfect games as the previously mentioned games. Those days are long gone and Blizzard can no longer ride on their reputation, at least not for me and hundreds of thousands of people as myself that predicted that Diablo III would suck.  At least not with the educated hardcore masses. Sure, the casuals will buy their games and even some hardcore gamers as well as they are fanatic zealots that will buy shit if Blizzard sold it to them, and call it the best shit ever. These are the people that pay €19.99 for mounts in World of Warcraft and whatnot. They are a massive number and that is why Diablo III initially became a massive success in terms of sales and why Blizzard will continue to be such a large company.

The success of Diablo III’s sales is diminishing rapidly though. I see people quitting Diablo III daily with numerous complaints and more and more people joining them in bashing the game rather than praising it. I mean, it has gotten to the point where the most fanatic players cannot defend the crap anymore. The game has been out for over a month and only recently was the Real Money Auction House (RMAH) released which the entire game is balanced and structured around. And don’t even get me started on Player versus Player, there has been no word of that coming out any time soon. People who used to nag me on weekly basis saying “buy it!” and no longer bothering with it, and many of them also quit the game.

I only played the game on Normal difficult from act one to four and finished it. And you already know what I thought. I’d probably give the game a 6/10, something like that. Barely passable and a complete failure for being called a Diablo game. But what other players that have been playing it daily for numerous hours are saying is more fun to read for me. They are saying the game is becoming increasingly more deserted. They are saying that the RMAH ruins the game’s balance and purpose and it imposes such a strong factor that other aspects of the game suffers. It has become an unrewarding grind fest for few items that don’t sell well on the RMAH and with no PvP in sight, there is little reward for that monotonous grind. People are already tired of grinding like Koreans. And still over a month after release it is a single player game with DRM requirements.

So what did Blizzard do? Well, Inferno was too hard for a lot of players so they made it easier in order to “make the game last longer” as that has been a big complaint for many players. But that doesn’t really cut it, does it? It just gives you more grind. And trust me, in 2012 grinding is not cutting it. Especially not when consumers feel entitled and are coming from titles such as World of Warcraft and Star Wars and never played Diablo II before.

Reading hundreds of these threads daily on how Diablo III is progressively becoming a worst game than it was upon launch despite its massive error 37 problems and unstable servers, and reading how players are already bored and quitting the game faster than The Old Republic players did, makes me smile. I am happy that I am an educated consumer who could see this coming miles away based on interviews and playing the beta. It was obvious. Will Blizzard learn? I don’t know. But one thing is certain, Blizzard aren’t Blizzard no more. They are now developers that have to wow me and prove to me that their games are even worth considering. Will I pick up Heart of the Swarm? No chance. I’ll have little spare time because of Dota 2 and Guild Wars 2 as it is, and Blizzard are on my endangered developers list now, only Project Titan can save them now.

What are your thoughts on Diablo III? Do you still play it or do you think it has become too boring with the RMAH problems, errors, and countless hours of monotonous grinding? Comment below!

Based on how many players are quitting the game, I am sure this is how lonely Diablo is beginning to feel.

Guild Wars 2 vs. Diablo III

March 24, 2012

We’re nearing the release of Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 can’t be too far behind. Are you wondering which one of these behemoth titles to support? Well, let me analyze some aspects and see what you think. Or you could just get both like I will, but if not, let’s break them down.


Diablo III: The graphics are a bit cartoonish with the use of bloom to hide the lack of details. They feel outdated immediately and not at all polished, at least when I played the game. Could AA fix it? I don’t know. The design however is great and I really like it. It’s either love or hate. But even though they’re not technically impressive, they’re still beyond satisfaction in my eyes. It’s just something with Blizzard, they know exactly what I want from graphics.

Guild Wars 2: Significantly more detailed world than what Diablo offers, and it’s an massive multiplayer world as well designed for thousands of players at once and not just eight like Diablo. However, some animations are horrible. The design is flatout ugly in my opinion but on the other hand the world has details and feels like a unique world. It’s really up to you to decide whether Guild Wars 2’s graphics are impressive or not, because to me they’re not.

Player versus Player

Diablo III: Zero attention and focus on PvP. In fact, PvP won’t even be included on launch. After that, all balancing will be done with PvE in mind primarily, no rankings, leaderboards or any statistics. Blizzard are purposefully working on making esport and impossibility for this game. Talk about having a complete shit attitude, Jay Wilkinson. It’s like they’re giving PvP:ers a big fuck you but have a nice day. A real tragedy that removed Diablo III from my most anticipated list rankings and canceled my Collector’s Edition pre-order. I will get the regular edition now.

Guild Wars 2: The focus is on electronic sport (esport) and ArenaNet are working several major leagues to assure that Guild Wars 2 become a major esport title and all the balancing will be done with esport in primary mind and focus. Paid tournaments, rankings, statistics, matchups, PvP a primary focus of the game, amazing World vs. World vs. World PvP events, well, you can pretty much call it perfection in terms of attitude towards PvP from ArenaNet. This is what ever single game should have for a mindset. There’s no doubt in my mind that Guild Wars 2 will completely trash Diablo III and Star Wars when it comes to PvP.

Game depth/PvE

Diablo III: It won’t take too long before you hit max level. Once you do, what will be left for you is to grind better gear for PvP. And explore the new promising difficulty of Inferno. I really hope this difficulty is as difficult as Blizzard say, because otherwise this game will be very short. In terms of depth, it’s been simplified significantly. It remains to be seen whether or not it can be exciting and scary playing on Hardcore Mode in Inferno Difficulty and then maybe some PvP arena with Hardcore characters. Blizzard can still save Diablo III, it is not entirely doomed yet, but the damage is severe and will require a lot of work. The “PvE” experience can still prove to be out of satisfaction.

Guild Wars 2: If you think PvP is all you can do in Guild Wars 2, you’re mistaken. There will be thousands upon thousands of hours of content in PvE to explore. From dungeons to massive server raids. With Guild Wars 2 not having a monthly cost to enjoy as well, you can expect a lot of quick expansion packs coming and tons of new content on monthly basis. Some of it might not be free, but still, there will be an unprecedented amount of content to explore upon launch in Guild Wars 2. Can they finally get rid of killing 10 rats? It remains to be seen.


Diablo III: Though it appears to have failed to live up to my initial expectations in terms of PvP and overall depth, Diablo III can still emerge as a great product upon release. The mere thought of venturing into the Sanctuary with my friends online on Inferno difficulty and barely making it out alive is a nostalgic feeling that Diablo II boosts so much that there’s nothing any title can to do take that away from me. Do I expect to play Diablo III for as long as I played Diablo II, or even to have the same amount of great memories? No. And that’s why I believe the game has failed my expectations. I really wanted it to be an esport title. I wanted massive focus on PvP and the availability of player killing in the open world. I will give Diablo III an honest chance because I truly want to face Diablo once more. If we look at The Old Republic, that game has improved every single patch and I don’t see why Diablo III can’t do it. But I remain a realist.

Guild Wars 2: Everything about Guild Wars 2 sounds too good too be true. It’s a rare occasion. The esport focus, the PvP focus, the leveling curve, the PvE content, the micro-transaction philosophy, the balancing, the depth, well yes, this game does indeed sound perfect on paper. I just hope ArenaNet can deliver on about half of all the promises they made and I see Guild Wars 2 going down in history as possibly the best game ever made. But that remains to be seen. It all depends on all those promises being implemented in a perfect way that truly works. I hope I get into the beta so that I can try this game out myself and see whether it is something that delivers or not.

Which game are you buying? Diablo III or Guild Wars 2? Or are you buying both like me?

It could possibly the best MMO ever made.