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Apple stock drops on iPhone 5C announcement

September 12, 2013

Apple has announced their budget phone, iPhone 5C for $99 on a two-year contract. Also their new premium phone called iPhone 5S, for $199 on a two-year deal.

This means no iPhone 6 until next year. This means Apple are continuing to milk out their same phone for two years concept. And I am not happy at all, and apparently others aren’t as well.

The iPhone 5C is a flat-out disgrace for Apple, who up until now where premium phone makers. Now, they cater to the lower class levels with their plastic phones instead of aluminum. I can’t and won’t support that.

The iPhone 5S is what you expect: a faster iPhone 5 in new colors and one stand-out feature, the finger print reader. Other than that, don’t expect to be that impressed as that 64-bit processor won’t shine much with 1 GB of RAM.

Apple are indeed dropping in my books. And I will, once again, skip their product. I still use my iPhone 4S but unless the iPhone 6 innovates and impresses me severely, I will give my money to either Google, Samsung or LG. Or perhaps even Sony or HTC, depending on whichever phone impresses me the most.

What are your thoughts on the 5C and 5S?

The C is for Color, or Cheap, I forget.

Budget “iPhone 5C” case spotted

July 31, 2013

It appears as if the rumored cheaper version of iPhone will become a reality. I bet Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave and crying.

Apple guilty in price-fixing + iPhone 5S delayed

July 17, 2013

Things aren’t going too well after Steve Jobs died. The quality of their products is declining, their stock value has literally been cut in half, delays now they are found gulity in fixing prices with their iBooks store.

Oh my, Steve Jobs, why did you have to die? You made Apple what they were. Now, I am looking into their rivals more and more Samsung, Sony and HTC all are catching up and looking more promising as Apple keeps declining.

Oh yeah, also iPhone 5S production has been delayed by over a month and results in shipments won’t happen in Q3 this year but Q4 instead. Great job!

So many colors… I am not too fond of the upcoming design choices with iOS 7.

My thoughts on iOS 7

June 14, 2013

Apple revealed their new iOS with an all-new design for the first time in seven years and… I am not fond of it.

It’s much flatter than the previous ones and many of the icons look flat out ugly now. I’m looking at you Photos and Game Center. Disgusting.

I have an iPhone 4S, and the most appealing feature for iOS 7 won’t be available on my phone. The AirDrop. Nor will iRadio in my country. Sucks, right?

I’m sure that I will get used to the new design and eventually forget it even has changed. And I’m sure I will even like it. It does come with a lot of improvements that I will be using such as the new improved Safari, Quick Control, Email, Camera etc etc.

But it really grinds my gears about that AirDrop and iRadio. I hate restrictions and I see no reason to upgrade to an iPhone 5 to get AirDrop. I’m still waiting for the iPhone 6 before I consider upgrading my phone.


Tech rumors galore

January 22, 2013

I love rumors, as you probably noticed. Let’s start dissecting some juicy rumors all kinds of gadgets.

First up is the iPhone 5S rumors. Yes, Apple will go the lazy and easy route to make cash with a only slightly upgraded iPhone 5S that will have better camera and horsepowers and not much more. If this is the case, I will not buy it for another year. You might remember me skipping on the iPhone 5 due to reasons such as no NFC, wireless charging, 4G (in my country) and more essential features being absent. Well, considering what the Android phones are coming out with, Apple has to step up in my books to keep getting my money. They are no longer guaranteed it. The new Sony Xperia phone seems very promising and hot. And the rumors for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone are out of this world. Like I mentioned before, amongst them is 441ppi and unbreakable screen. Sup with that Apple?

Next up are the console rumors. More specifically, that PS4 will be more powerful than the new Xbox. Of course, these rumors lack credibility of any kind and the consoles won’t come out until late 2013 (December, probably) and it only takes a few days for the changes to happen. I am yet undecided on which console I will buy. To me the Xbox 360 was a clear winner in every sense and I will expect only awesomeness from my upcoming choice in a lot of areas. I don’t even know what the deciding factor will be for me when I make the ultimate and long-lasting choice between the “new Xbox” and “PS4”.

The new gorgeous Xperia Z. Built to compete with iPhone 5.



January 11, 2013

I just wanted to take a moment and thank technology for making life so much better. I mean, I couldn’t imagine life without my iPhone and how much it has helped me in life. Whether or not it is to find locations I had never seen in Vegas, or just to check my e-mail for something important or even sending in assignments while in middle of nowhere for class. Technology is truly wonderful.

I can’t wait to see how my phone, TV and computer look like in ten years. Will we get flying hover boards any time soon?

Concept phone from Nokia. Solar powered, bendable, waterproof, wireless, simply put: godlike. I want it.

What I want from the next iPhone

December 19, 2012

I didn’t get the iPhone 5 because it missed out on several of my essential requirements. Now, I am forced to wait for the next model. So what are the things I want it to have in order to pick it up?

  • 4G support in my country. As of right now, the 5 still doesn’t have it. Unacceptable.
  • 10-hour battery via constant 4G usage and even longer through WiFi. Come on, we have smartphones but no decent batteries? Feels counterintuitive.
  • NFC payment capabilities and storage system. Passbook is decent in the U.S. perhaps, but everywhere else it sucks and has no support. Bring us NFC.
  • New camera that stabilizes much faster in terms of focus and better nighttime quality.
  • Stronger screen protection against scratches and marks.
  • Wireless charging in some variation would be nice.

That’s pretty much it in terms of hardware improvements. For the iOS 7 I’d like to see:

  • Calender in lock screen constantly displayed. (Jailbreakers did this several years ago, why can’t Apple make it? It’s insanely useful.)
  • Instagram integration sharing.
  • Significantly improved Siri + her AI, especially in my country. I want her to be able to provide facts and answers more so than just googling them.
  • Fix Apple Maps issues/problems faster.

Other than that I consider iOS to be vastly superior to any competitor and doesn’t need that much changing really.

Samsung claim that their next S4 phone will have an unbreakable screen. If that’s true, I’d expect nothing less from the next iPhone.