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Budget “iPhone 5C” case spotted

July 31, 2013

It appears as if the rumored cheaper version of iPhone will become a reality. I bet Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave and crying.


My thoughts on iOS 7

June 14, 2013

Apple revealed their new iOS with an all-new design for the first time in seven years and… I am not fond of it.

It’s much flatter than the previous ones and many of the icons look flat out ugly now. I’m looking at you Photos and Game Center. Disgusting.

I have an iPhone 4S, and the most appealing feature for iOS 7 won’t be available on my phone. The AirDrop. Nor will iRadio in my country. Sucks, right?

I’m sure that I will get used to the new design and eventually forget it even has changed. And I’m sure I will even like it. It does come with a lot of improvements that I will be using such as the new improved Safari, Quick Control, Email, Camera etc etc.

But it really grinds my gears about that AirDrop and iRadio. I hate restrictions and I see no reason to upgrade to an iPhone 5 to get AirDrop. I’m still waiting for the iPhone 6 before I consider upgrading my phone.


Apple’s iOS

June 6, 2013

Apple used to be the unrivaled kings of smartphones in my eyes. Especially their iOS. It’s stunning, stable, fast and loaded with great content. But things don’t stay like that forever.

Other developers are catching up. In fact, some have already surpassed iOS in some features. I just saw some nice features from HTC and Sony. iOS needs to be more live streamed. It needs to be more open. It needs a desperate change of design.

iOS 7 is confirmed to have an all-new look. A more simple one. Elegant. But what does that mean? Unfortunately we do not know. Apple are dead silent until the reveal this year.

I still use iOS due to iMessage. It’s a godlike feature. Plus there are many other reasons as well. But like I said, they’re slipping. They are no longer unrivaled. And if they don’t step it up, I will for the first time in my life have a different smartphone other than iPhone.

iWatch this year?

March 4, 2013

It is heavily rumored that Apple will be launching a product called iWatch this year.

What’s iWatch? Well Timmy, I am glad you asked. It’s something called a smartwatch. Some of the features are said to be:

  • Running fully on iOS just like the iPhone and iPad.
  • Ability to make calls.
  • Connectivity with your iPhone/iPad.
  • Check map cordinates.
  • Heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc etc and likely a heavy focus on “health” such as jogging, powerwalking etc.

What are your thoughts on potentially having an iWatch? Will you buy it? I myself am not that convinced but it might be a cool thing to have if you jog. And since spring is coming up I usually tend to start jogging and it’d be nice to get a pedometer, heart rate monitor and whatnot all-in-one synched to my iOS life.

Mock-up of what a possible iWatch might look like. Not bad.


January 11, 2013

I just wanted to take a moment and thank technology for making life so much better. I mean, I couldn’t imagine life without my iPhone and how much it has helped me in life. Whether or not it is to find locations I had never seen in Vegas, or just to check my e-mail for something important or even sending in assignments while in middle of nowhere for class. Technology is truly wonderful.

I can’t wait to see how my phone, TV and computer look like in ten years. Will we get flying hover boards any time soon?

Concept phone from Nokia. Solar powered, bendable, waterproof, wireless, simply put: godlike. I want it.

Best on iOS

October 28, 2012

My favorite app right now for my iOS devices is without a doubt the newly released Carmageddon.

I play this fantastic and entertaining game both on the the train on my iPhone and and in bed or the bathroom on my iPad as well. It’s that good. In fact, the only thing I am missing from it is multiplayer support. I sure hope there will be an update for including that or a sequel.

Carmageddon was a childhood title that I missed and always wanted to try and now that the remake was released for iOS devices, I did not hesitate. In fact, it is one the absolutely most superior car games that I have played along with Twisted Metal. Screw that traditional racing crap.

Be sure to pick it up at the App Store for only 1.99.

The most fun app I have ever tried on mobile devices.

You know what really grinds my gears?

September 25, 2012

Android hipsters and overall Android users. They think that every iPhone user bought it blindly and would “buy anything Apple released even though it was crap” etc. That shit pisses me off beyond belief. They are sitting on a vastly inferior OS with vastly inferior hardware and act as if they are more consumer aware than everyone else. I have an iPhone simply because it’s the best smartphone out there. And those are facts. If we go to benchmark tests the iPhone 5 is the fastest smartphone available. If we go to screen quality tests – you guessed right: iPhone claims that prize again. And not only that – it has the broadest selection of quality apps such as games and utility apps.

So if you are one of those mongoloids from the deep mountains in Mongolia with your Android phone and love to bash Apple products because you can’t afford them or want to be a hipster, fuck you. That’s right.

Once again, the fastest and best smartphone on the market according to professional reviews.

iOS 6 impressions

September 20, 2012

I’ve now spent a day with Apple’s new iOS 6 and it feels really nice. I am always amazed at how the iPhone is getting better and better despite being the most superior phone on the market already.

My favorite features include the new maps with free turn-by-turn navigation. Previously that cost me over 50€ as apps and now it’s all free. Secondly it’s the new Siri updates, especially the sport knowledge. My favorite team AC Milan’s results and whatnot are now just a question away and so are the league standings. Pretty neat to have on the train or car when you don’t have a computer nearby.

Also the Facebook and Twitter integration from the notification center are genius additions. Now I can tweet insanely fast without opening the apps or even ask Siri to write and send the tweet/facebook post for me. Loves it.

The best smartphone OS just got a lot better.

Wishlist for iPhone “5”

July 29, 2012

The new iPhone is expected to land around October this year and we’ve seen tons of leaks and unofficial confirmations from hardware partners of Apple that it will indeed be released around that time in a bigger and thinner version. Will I buy it? It depends. It has to meet all my criterias or I’m simply not interested. What are those criterias? Check ’em out:

  • 4G: If I can’t surf at over 70 mbit/s (Swedish 4G speed) I am not interested. Android has had numerous 4G phones for over a year now and Apple needs to join in.
  • NFC: This technology is the future of mobile payments and as well as sharing content over the phones. The Samsung Galaxy SIII does it brilliantly and I demand Apple to do it even better than Samsung.
  • Longer Battery: I want the new phone to have at least 2-3 hours longer battery life than the current 4S.
  • Multiple-core processor: self-explanatory.
  • Over 1 GB RAM.
  • Bigger screen
  • Thinner case

Those are my requirements/wishlist for the new iPhone this year. Should it not have them, well then, sorry Charlie, no sale.

I would not buy that phone.

Handheld consoles? No thanks.

April 15, 2012

I used to enjoy handheld gaming consoles. I had a blast with my Gameboy and Pokémon and I also had a blast with my DS Lite and the Ace Attorney series. I say enjoy, because I’ve always preferred the computer over handhelds, but with the Ace Attorney series I had some godlike fun. However, those days are long gone.

I have zero interest in the new PS Vita. Zero interest in the new 3DS. I mean, sure, they look cooler than any other handheld console before, but that meaning has changed a lot. With my iPhone I get all the fix I need for my on-road gaming. Sure, the games might not be as “deep” as the Sony/Nintendo counterparts, but they’re getting there. I think GTA 3 and Max Payne and the coming Infinity Blade: Dungeons shows just that.

So why the hate? Well, let’s be honest. It’s a hassle to bring them. They’re big. They’re ugly. It’s simply too unpractical for me to bring them anywhere but for a long flight. My iPhone on the other hand, I bring with me everywhere and all the time. It has a great camera and great power. It looks sexy and it’s a natural fit. Can’t say the same thing about the 3DS and Vita. They are awkward and I wouldn’t use it outside my house or except on a plane. Simple as that.

I think many more people feel this way. I think smartphones will eventually replace all handheld gaming devices very soon. In fact, I believe it might even happen next generation. The poor PS Vita sales could mean that this is Sony’s last console. And what could be the reason for the poor sales? I believe smartphones. The 3DS had a similar scenario until they dropped the price by a massive 33%. And it’s it not selling as well as the DS Lite did.

What are your thoughts on the future of handheld gaming?

I’m sure it could offer some great hours of gaming, but I’m simply not interested and it’s too much of a hassle any way.