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Microsoft working on smart watch

April 17, 2013

Not only Samung and Apple are working on a smart watch, but now Microsoft are too. It seems without a doubt that this very well could be the next big gadget category and it’s only natural that the three giants want to gather as a large market share as possible as quickly as possible.

Are you interested in a smart watch? With GPS, heart rate monitor, mp3, etc? Basically a “smartphone light” that syncs with your smartphone and whatnot. I think it has limited potential, but it’ll be interesting to see. I’d use it with fitness in mind.

Some interesting concepts for what Microsoft could do with their smart watch.


PlayStation 4 controller leak real

February 17, 2013

The leak that showed a rumored Playstation 4 controller has been confirmed by reliable sources to be authentic. However, the source also said that the controller at hand was a prototype version, meaning that the final version will differ slightly in terms of polish and whatnot.

Also rumored for the PS4 is the capability to stream games directly, this has lead to theories such as renting games or buying a subscription membership and getting access to tons of titles etc.

See for yourselves!

How the PS4 controller will look like.

Most anticipated stuff

October 1, 2012

Now that pretty much most of the epic movies and games are out for the year, what lies on the horizon in terms of anticipation? I mean, we all know that we constantly must have a craving.

It’s so hard (that’s what she said) to narrow down exact “winners” and top ranked movies/games that are coming in the future. For movies, it’s almost impossible unless there is that one magical one that there currently is not. Same for video games.

In terms of gaming, even though Blizzard are dead to me, I can’t help myself but to be curious about Project Titan and see how that ends up. I mean, Blizzard’s brand alone will guarantee millions of active players on launch and with an unlimited budget it will be well supported. Plus the Blizzdrones exist in such large numbers that it will take years before it dies – even if it sucks. Thus I sit here and wonder, what is Project Titan? Will I play it? I don’t know. It’s highly possible. But right now we know so little about it.

Another game that is lurking and that I highly anticipate is Half-Life 3. That makes it two games with no release date or any remote clues in what decade the games will come out. So it’s tough to call the top spots like I said. On a closer note I can mention games such as Blade & Soul and possibly Crysis 3 that look interesting and might be worthy a shot. But those are nowhere near the “top”.

In the world of cinema we have massive blockbusters such as The Hobbit and smaller movies that I think might be good such as Django and Silent Hill: Revelation. But I can’t pick any clear “winner” that I am just waiting for. Dredd 3D is a movie I very much look forward that comes out in just a few days. But in all honesty, with Dark Knight Rises, Lawless and Looper we have already received our fair share of AAA-flicks already.

More Next-Gen Talk

August 8, 2012

No, I am not talking about the Wii U. The Wii U is a current generation console from 2006 being released in 2012. I am talking about the upcoming true next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720.

None of these consoles are announced yet, but that doesn’t stop leaks and rumors and developers talking too much. We already know Microsoft has sent out their kit for Xbox 720 and it has been leaked and developers have accidentally spilled the beans on some details that “they are working on a next generation project” and whatnot. So we know there’ll be another generation shortly.

The latest news is that Thief 4 will not be released this generation, instead Official Xbox Magazine reports that it will become a title for PS4/Xbox 720, further fueling the rumors that we will be hitting a new generation for Christmas 2013. How nice would that be?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming consoles? Do you think they are “several years off” or do you think we’ll have them in our living rooms by the end of next year?

A fake picture of the Playstation 4 console.