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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

September 28, 2012

Activision are having a free weekend of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and in all honesty, I have never tried MW3 so I thought I’d give it a shot after having played Battlefield 3 as my primary FPS for a long time.

My first reaction was a tiny bit of nausea already at the menus as I really hate that color scheme of grayish dark green. Well, I decided to find a match and it went live pretty quickly. Much better than Battlelog, that’s for certain. In-game I was struck by what I feared – graphics from 2007. I mean this game is just so ridiculously ugly and lack details everywhere. Compared to Battlefield 3 this game just doesn’t stand a chance.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, it felt very primitive. There was hardly any bullet recoil and no coriolis effect on the bullets depending on wind/distance etc which made me get kills very easily and despite being underleveled in terms of guns and perks, I managed to finish second and pull off very easy kills. But it didn’t feel epic. It felt very confined and small compared to the epicness that I experienced in BF3.

I definitely won’t pick-up Black Ops II as I am certain it will feel outdated and old just like MW3 did to me. BF3 and CS:GO are both significantly prettier games with more depth and deliver an overall more enjoyable experience.

Not an impressive game experience by any means in 2012.


It was better before

November 22, 2011

No, I’m not referring to the 50:s or 60:s. Nor am I referring to the older times such as the Renaissance or even farther back. Even though certain things were better back then, that’s a completely different discussion for a different time. No, I am talking about when I was around 15-years-old. Those days.

I remember when I used to be a little a teenager. When school didn’t really matter as long as you got accepted to the high school you wanted to based on your already finished grades. When missing a few classes was of no consequence. When you had over three months of summer vacation. When you had a week and a half long vacation every other month. When you didn’t work. Yeah, those simpler times.

Back then, spending ten hours per day on videogames wasn’t hard. It was easy. There was nothing else to do when you were around 14-15. Videogames were your religion. All your friends were playing them. You were. Yes, indeed. Especially in Sweden, when you only have like two months to be outside in the sun playing soccer or basketball, videogames take a lot of time. Especially from like October – April. The cold and dark period.

How I would love to rewind the time and just go back to those days. When your parents did everything for you. Basically, it was like being an infant. Now there are expectations and responsibilities you must follow. You have a tight schedule that must be followed, important exams and assignments that must be handed in and work that needs to be done because you have to pay rent or other expenses. Yeah, life is more complicated as an adult.

What about you, would you like going back to being somewhere around 13-15 for a while? Or do you prefer adult life with responsibility and work? I don’t know myself. It’d be fun to try it for a while, but completely resetting time and restart at 13? Oh, tough question.

A young gamer.

Gamex Pictures

November 6, 2011

Gamex 2011

November 5, 2011

Gamex is now over (for me) and I had a great time there with my girl and my friend. We spent roughly five hours there and it was just about enough to get to do everything we wanted to do. Read below for me hands-on impressions for many unreleased titles such as Mass Effect 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 felt and looked just like Mass Effect 2 with minor differences in level design and features. Some things have changed and the major change is the addition is co-operative gameplay and online support. Since I played the previous two games, I might pick up Mass Effect 3 just to conclude Shepard’s adventure and save mankind, again. But I’m not 100 on that yet. Overall, this game didn’t impress me as it felt way too similar.

Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

I don’t know why they call it Goldeneye as it didn’t look anything like the classic. Not even as an HD remake, because they’ve added sprint, ironsight, and much more. It’s like a brand new game almost but I guess the multiplayer maps are somewhat taken from the classic or something, but I didn’t see the resemblance based on the gameplay I saw and experienced. Will Bond lovers like this? I have no clue. Bond is, as you know, dead to me because of Craig.

Soulcalibur V

Though my friend thought the game looked much better than the fourth installment, I felt it looked almost exactly the same. I always considered Soulcalibur IV to be ahead of its time, especially for a Japanese game, and this game though it was better than I thought, it looked a lot like the other one although I seem to be the only one feeling that way. It was fast, fun, and definitely the best 3D-fighter around. If I still had my Xbox 360 I’d pick this baby up when it releases early next year. It has a lot new additions to the universe and seems to be a proper game, just like the fourth one was.

Super Mario 3D Land

I don’t know what it is with me and Mario, but I find this fellas games to be difficult. Maybe I’m in a hurry or something? Either way, I expected Super Mario 3D Land to have poor 3D effects and shitty graphics like most Nintendo. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the 3D effects and how smooth the game felt and how much I actually enjoyed running around. This was of course, imagining me playing on a train, plane, or somewhere where there are no consoles or computers. I never thought I’d be saying this.

Mario Kart 7

Finally a Mario Kart game for the handheld consoles that doesn’t look and feel like shit. A deeper Mario Kart with passable graphics and improved online play along with 3D effects and new vehicles? Yup, this is the biggest update of Mario Kart in its history. I had surprisingly fun with it and I can only imagine how fun it must be to play with seven other friends and just flipping out on the lame ass player who keeps getting the blue shells. Nintendo surprised me again.

Kid Icarus 3Ds

The new Kid Icarus for the 3D was amazing on all levels. I mean, sure, the graphics weren’t pow-wow, but the design, feel, and gameplay felt really good and impressive. It was the most entertaining Nintendo game for the 3DS for sure at the moment and there’s no doubt that it will be a great end product for all Nintendo fans. Varied gameplay along with incredibly beautiful scenery. This is a game to lookout for.

Resident Evil 3D: Revelations

If you thought I liked the previous 3DS games, wait till you read this. Revelations is the most impressive, best-looking, and 3D-effective 3DS game that I have seen to date. This game felt like a real solid classic Resident Evil title with excellent graphics and excellent 3D effects. I was stunned. I really was. This game was just way beyond what I expected.  There’s no doubt that this game was the king of all the impressive 3Ds titles available at Gamex. If you own at 3DS, you need this game.


I’ve been longing for a new snowboard game for a long time. Ever since 1080 franchise for Gamecube and Nintendo 64 there has not been a game that has caught my eye. Although the build that we got to play at Gamex felt very early it was fun and even my girl enjoyed it a lot. And that’s when you know you have a good title. If EA keep all their promises for this game, I am certain it’ll be something worthy of your time.

Diablo III

We spent a little under an hour in line for this game. And the line just got bigger and bigger. It was the second biggest line, after Modern Warfare 3. Our 20 minutes with the game passed like 20 seconds and I managed to get time to try both the Wizard and Demon Hunter. The Demon Hunter felt slow, boring, and dull and I felt the urge that I had to switch in order to go out sane. I picked Wizard since Sorceress was my main class in Diablo 2 and my choice was the right one. Wizard gameplay was completely different. It was fun, fast, and fluent. I loved it. This was Diablo again. Wizard or Barbarian will now be my mains while Demon Hunter most likely will be amongst the very last classes I pick. But yes, I’ve finally gotten to play Diablo 3 after waiting for over 10 years for it.

Ninja Gaiden III

I’ll be honest. Ninja Gaiden II didn’t impress me a lot. I’d give it a weak, real weak 7/10 and this game looked better. In every area. Graphically, pace, and depth. I think Itagaki leaving was a great thing and they can finally experiment more and make it more accessible and varied. I think that if I give Ninja Gaiden 3 a shot, I’ll end up liking it more than the second one.

Uncharted 3

I’ve tried to like PlayStation 3. I really have. But the controller (both physically and in-game) is just worthless for me. It aches to hold for longer period of times and it just feels off. We got to play some co-op and I wasn’t impressed at all by the “best looking console game of all times” at all even though I am fully aware that they nerf the graphics for co-op mode. Maybe Battlefield 3 on the PC on max setting is too gorgeous? Yeah, I’ma go with that.

Modern Warfare 3

What’s there to say? It’s Modern Warfare 2 with new weapons and levels. And modes, and perks. Simple as that. Over 25 million people will buy it either way.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Zelda stopped being fun for me after Majoras Mask. And this one is no exception. Poor graphics, gameplay, and the same shit we’ve seen over and over again with slightly new things. Nintendo’s big failure that is Wii (for hardcore gamers, not financially) continues to unimpress me and I really hope that Wii U will be significantly better so I can maybe experience some nice HD Nintendo titles in the future. Because I am open, as long as the quality is there, which for Wii, is physically impossible.


Never did I expect Nintendo 3DS to be so impressive. If I had a 3DS, I’d buy all the games that I tried at Gamex. They were that good. Diablo 3 was also what I expected, but felt a tad slow. Gamex as a whole was very impressive to be a small Swedish event with around 40,000 people I hear. There were great games and great deals in the stores at the convention, I bought a new CPU cooler as the deal was too good to pass up. I also managed to see some Saint’s Row 3 gameplay but I didn’t feel like standing in line to get to play that as Diablo 3 took all my standing in line energy, at least a got a free key chain from it!

To me Gamex 2011 was a sucess and fun event. I will upload more pictures in a separate news post once I transfer all the pictures from my camera to my computer. But for this post, I’ll give you a few samples!

Battlefield 3 impressions

October 30, 2011

I’ve now spent quite a few hours on Battlefield 3, and countless more are coming. I’ve experienced the battlefield first-hand (hae hae) with many of my friends and we already have had some nice classic moments together.

Thus far I’m really enjoying the game. Hands-down the best game of the year at the moment, and the only competitor I see is Star Wars: The Old Republic. The console era has ended for sure and I won’t be needing my Xbox 360 any longer. Battlefield 3 is here to stay for many years.

The game isn’t perfect, and no game is. There are some minor flaws like no ping indication, no queue options if the servers are full, etc. But other than that, it’s fantastic. It’s the best looking game I’ve ever seen. No doubt. Is it real or is it Battlefield 3? Tough call.

My review should be up next week around the weekend. Got quite the hectic school schedule next week.

The first and only game that has made me feel like I’m participating in a war on a battlefield.

Activision responds to EA

October 20, 2011

EA are behind Battlefield 3. Activision are behind Modern Warfare 3. You know, the two giant behemoths that will battle for your money and time this fall. In a Battlefield 3 trailer we could see that the game goes “above and beyond the call”, obviously delivering a blow to Activision and MW3.

Has Activision responded? You bet. In style, too. In the United Kingdom, the largest market in Europe, you can buy Modern Warfare 3 for only 99 pence (cents) which is roughly about $1.50 (~$58.50 cheaper than BF3) if you trade in your copy of Battlefield 3. Haha! Freakin’ nice move Activision, didn’t expect it to be this classy. Surely this will boost sales tremendously.

What do you think? How can EA counter this amazingly fun offer meant solely to piss EA off? Can they start selling Battlefield 3 for $0.99 or £0.99 for a few limited hours or so on launch? We’ll see. The ball’s in EA’s court.

One week.

October 20, 2011

One week. That’s all.

Where’s my Gotham City Imposters impression?

October 8, 2011

As you may know, I received an invitation to the closed beta of Gotham City Imposters and have yet not said anything? Well, there’s more than meets the eye.

Naturally the reason for me staying silent is the NDA. Which means, I can’t say anything about the game except the fact that I’ve tried it. Simple as that.

The game is fairly fun and offers some interesting mechanics. But I won’t buy it regardless of polish and review scores because it’ll be what I consider a “dead game” meaning, of course, that the community for it will be minimal and that’s nothing I have energy wasting my time on. All true gamers will be on Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare  3 and not in Gotham City.

Updated Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions

October 2, 2011

Okay. Now I’ve spent roughly eight more hours with the Battlefield 3 beta since last time and it’s progressively getting better and better in terms of not crashing and actually working. And I’ll admit, my first post was somewhat fast after only two hours with several problems and frustrations from both Battlelog and the game itself.

Some new information has surfaced that has brought some light over my previous dark post. The build that we are all playing is apparently over 3 months old. Which means that DICE has had more than three months to work and polish the experience that is the Battlefield 3 beta. They have already released a list of numerous fixes and improvements to the game based on beta feedback and are working overtime and weekend to implement fixes and perfect the game.  Sounds very good and makes me happy. They also said that every single bug in the beta is fixed for the final version of the game.

Battlelog is still the most retarded server browsing system ever  in my eyes.  They want you to check your friends progress, status, and awards through your smartphone or computer without launching the game and think it will be better this way than to do it in-game. On the train. On the plane, etc. Yesterday it actually worked 75% of the time and that’s significantly better than the previous 0%. Besides, Battlelog is still in beta as well and will get fixes and improvements as well. But if Battlelog starts working better than it did yesterday in the beta, I can overlook the the Battlelog and buy my first game in over 13 months.

Like I said, after my initial bashing, and to some extent, praising post of the Battlefield 3 beta, I played for eight hours with three of my friends and we had a blast. The game feels more serious and realistic than Call of Duty and it offers a wider challenge which makes this so much more enjoyable than just the brain dead rush forward like you see in Call of Duty.

Taking into account that the beta is three months old and all bugs within it are fixed, plus a list of improvements and fixes are already patched based on beta-feedback after only three days,  I think that in the next coming week and a half, DICE will have time to make this a polished experience that will destroy all competitors and end the console era once and for all.

In other words, expect to see me on the battlefield on launch day. 

The console era is about to come to an end. Thank you, DICE.

Battlefield 3: PC vs. PS3/Xbox360

September 27, 2011

Battlefield 3 beta is now live for those who pre-ordered Medal of Honor. And we now have footage of the game side-by-side with PC versus console. This debate has to die once and for all: which is better? I personally think PC looks slightly sharper, but see for yourself and tell me what you think: