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Microsoft begins production of Xbox One

September 4, 2013

Microsoft has proudly announced that they boosted the CPU power of the Xbox One and also begun their production for it.

This means that a release date cannot be far way. Officially it’s slated for “November” but no more than that. Let’s hope early November.


Don Mattrick leaves Microsoft for Zynga

July 2, 2013

President of the Xbox division, Don Mattrick has left Microsoft in order to take the head position at Zynga.

The question I immediately asked myself was: is this because of the “Xbox 180” situation? That caused so much hatred towards Microsoft and they later had to change their policies?

It’s highly likely and Mattrick didn’t play his cards too well considering how the PR came out for the Xbox One. I hope they replace him with a younger and more current gamer boss who knows what the fans want.

Microsoft changes their policies for Xbox One

June 20, 2013

Microsoft has removed their region lock. Removed their DRM requirement. Removed their check-in requirement. Removed their used-games policies and restriction. The Xbox One is now a console of liberty.

With these changes, I must say that I am once again buying Microsoft. My next console will be Xbox One!

Why I’m revoking my PlayStation 4 choice and going with Microsoft for another generation:

  • No region lock
  • Better controller
  • Better online features
  • Better exclusive games
  • I like Kinect 2
  • In all honesty, the region free announcement was what sealed the deal with me. It’s that trivial for me as I travel a lot. And everything else just speaks for itself.

    I loved my Xbox 360 and sticking with Microsoft feels right. They’ve always treated me good.

    Hello, sexy. This beauty will be mine.

    Xbox One: A Double-Edged Sword

    May 28, 2013

    Microsoft was the last out of the three console makers to reveal their next generation console. It was only week ago and a lot of hate and debate has come up regarding the Xbox One varying from “media machine”, “no games”, “no used games” and much more. It’s fun because of two reasons: the first one is that I am not hearing a peep about Playstation 4 and the second is; can Microsoft turn all this free media and debate into sales or are they driving customers to Sony?

    As I said, I am not seeing any news regarding the PlayStation 4 at all. All I see are rumors circulating the Xbox One’s used-games functionality and mocking images calling it a media player instead of a console, even though Microsoft have numerous times confirmed that games are their primary focus and that all the games will be shown at E3. But this is like I said, a good thing. Xbox One is all over the place. The PlayStation 4 is currently in the shadows, in fact, sometimes it feels like I’ve already forgotten about its existence because of all this Xbox One talk. In fact, Blockbuster recently said the Xbox One has broken pre-order records at their stores. So I say: Xbox One is currently a double-edged sword.

    Microsoft are keeping dead silent on the used game functionality. It will play used games, but as they said “with a twist” and that twist is what thousands of people are trying to find. Rumors have you will be able to sell your digital licenses and then retailers and developers get a fee from it so it’s win-win-win. Should this be true it’s revolutionary in terms of digital media and purchases and Microsoft will be known as innovators of digital purchases. No doubt. And I actually believe this is true. Microsoft have always had that philosophy to focus on digital media and a digital future. So why not make it revolutionary with the new Xbox One?  It all makes sense and is very exciting. E3 can’t come soon enough this year. It will be a spectacle for sure. Changing the way used video games are sold will be huge.

    It will be highly interesting to see if Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot by using this media focus first and are at risk of losing several hardcore gamers customers. But E3 will reveal more and focus on games, and I think Microsoft have the upper-hand here against Sony. Especially if my prediction that the PS4 will be more expensive than the Xbox One comes true.

    I have yet to make my decision regarding which console to buy and it all comes down to the E3 conference. What launch games will be availble for the consoles and what exclusive games will come out during the first year?

    Xbox Reveal Tonight

    May 21, 2013

    The next Xbox will be revealed tonight at 19:00 CET or 1 PM EST.

    You can watch it on Xbox’s website.

    We’ve come a long way from this. How will the third box look like?

    Next Xbox release on November 13

    April 26, 2013

    The same rumor source that correctly leaked the delayed announcement date has now said to know the release date of the next Xbox console. November 13, 2013 release is the date to mark down apparently.

    Next Xbox unveiled on May 21

    April 25, 2013

    Microsoft have officially announced and confirmed that the next Xbox console will be unveiled and shown on May 21, 2013 at 19:00 CET or 1 PM EST.

    I am very excited for this as I am always the type of person who picks one console and then sticks with it throughout an entire generation. At least that’s what I did the last generation.

    The PS4 deemed to be impressive and surprised me a lot. Sony seem to be doing everything exactly right with the PS4 and Microsoft have a lot to prove to me if they want my money for a second generation in a row.

    Frightening rumors regarding next Xbox

    February 27, 2013

    There are some shocking rumors regarding the next Xbox floating around as April and the rumored announcement approaches. Should these rumors prove to be true, I must say that I’ll find it extremely difficult to pick Xbox over PlayStation 4.

    Here are some of the frightening rumors:

    • Up to 30% slower performance in certain features.
    • Kinect 2.0 focus, meaning that focus will be on casual social gaming through motion detection.
    • DDR3 RAM instead of the DDR5 of PS4

    Those are some pretty serious things. Performance means a lot to me. And I want to play beautiful games in best performance possible and it will be interesting to see how true these rumors are. One also has to take into account that the Xbox most likely will have exclusive social features such as the UFC app on the Xbox LIVE marketplace and whatnot.

    New Xbox announcement on April 26

    February 25, 2013

    As predicted, Microsoft will be revealing their next Xbox gaming console in April.

    After the PlayStation 4 announcement, the pressure is now on Microsoft and every day that goes by is another potentially lost pre-order.

    It was originally estimated that try would wait until E3 in June to reveal it, but after sony’s fast announcement things have changed.

    I have insanely high expectations and the console needs to have very impressive online features and hardware in order to keep me as a customer for a third generation in a row.

    A mock-up of the next Xbox.

    Is it game over for Nintendo?

    February 23, 2013

    Now that the real next generation has been announced due to the PS4 unveiling, I thought I’d analyze what this means for Nintendo who once again will be “competing” with Sony and Microsoft with last generation hardware.

    When the Wii came out, it was on-par with the first Xbox in terms of power. This resulted in it missing out on all multi-platform titles that were in HD such as Assassin’s Creed franchise, Call of Duty franchise, BioShock, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, well, you get the point. Basically only Nintendo provided AAA-titles for the Wii. And now with the Wii U being only as powerful as the PS3/Xbox 360, history will repeat itself.

    However, this time, it will be different. This time consumers seem to have learned that Nintendo’s hardware is ancient. Sales are slow, sales forecast has been lowered, and it’s generally looking dark for Nintendo. They will miss out on massive AAA-titles once more. Their hardware is inferior 2 GB, where only 1 GB is available for gaming, compared to PS4’s massive 8 GB. That’s 1/8 the RAM for gaming in comparison. 1/8. Think about that.

    Wii U’s strength was their tablet controller with the secondary screen. Something that was very expensive and upped the price for the Wii U a lot. How did Sony solve this dilemma? They will make a free app for smartphones and you can use them as your secondary screen or your PS Vita. Genius. This will allow them to compete with Nintendo’s ancient Wii U immediately at launch with superior online features, hardware and games. If I were Nintendo, I’d be very, very scared of what the future holds. Already Sony are looking to be vastly superior and I can’t wait to see what Microsoft will do, surely, it will also be vastly superior to the Wii U in every possible area. Especially online, perhaps the most important area.

    Even though I don’t like that the Wii U will be included in the next generation’s console sales, PS4 and the new Xbox, it will be very interesting to see how it sells because really, what arguments can they use? Oh yeah, another Mario and Zelda game. How original and interesting. Not. I am sick and tired of them and have zero interest in them, although I know millions of people still do, so it will be interesting if they crave another Zelda/Mario game for the cost of an inferior gaming experience in every other sense of the way. Is Mario worth it? To sacrifice much more beautiful graphics in all other games, better online features, better social features, and missing out on massive AAA franchises from third-party studios? To me, it certainly is not.

    I predict a very dark future for Nintendo and gamers that will stick to the Wii U exclusively. Naturally, people who buy all of the consoles have no issues as they can play all the games and enjoy all luxuries across. But there are still loyal fans that stick to only one console per generation – millions of them.  And I would love to hear the logics behind those who pick the Wii U over the true next generation consoles as the PS4. I predict the lifetime sales of the Wii U to be no more than 35-40 million at best. Unless they pull a pricing miracle and cut the price to $199, then, that could change a lot if the PS4 and the new Xbox are priced at $399 or more.

    What are your thoughts on Nintendo and their chances of becoming “winners” of the next generation? Did you consider the Wii to be a winner last generation even though it lacked so many games but “won through sales”?

    What’s the sales pitch for the Wii U? Six year old hardware? Inferior graphics, online, and old ports from PS3/Xbox 360 as majority of the games? It will be insanely interesting to see how it has sold by 2016 in comparison to PS4/Xbox 720.