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BestBuy sells out of Xbox One pre-orders

July 10, 2013

Well, well, well, well. It appears as if not only Sony’s PS4 console is in high-demand. Despite it having a $100 higher price point, Best Buy has already sold all their Xbox One pre-orders and that certainly looks good on paper as Best Buy is the largest electronics chain in the United States.

This of course is response to the news from yesterday when GameStop announced that it had sold out their PS4 stock.

I guess despite the higher price point things aren’t as bad as predicted for Microsoft, fan boys will continue to troll online but numbers don’t lie.


Star Wars: Battlefront Wish-list

July 2, 2013

There’s finally a really promising Star Wars title coming now that Electronic Arts have the license. The first and announced title is Star Wars: Battlefront which is created by none other than DICE themselves, the creators of Battlefield series. And that, of course, means I have insanely high expectations since Battlefield 3 was great and Battlefield 4 looks phenomenal.

Here are some things that I want to see from the Battlefront:

  • First-person perspective
  • Epic singleplayer co-op campaign
  • Minimum of 32 player multiplayer component with different game modes (CTF, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & more)
  • Vehicle warfare with X-Wings and other trademark Star Wars vehicles
  • Some sort of “wave defense” mode as well with minimum four friends
  • Better graphics than BF4

What’s on your wish-list for Star Wars: Battlefront?

I can’t wait to shoot down enemies on Hoth. Or to become a true Stormtrooper on the battlefront.

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

June 26, 2013

I thought that I’d write down what aspects that appeal to me the most of each console and demonstrate why I decided to ultimately go with the Xbox One. I know that I already briefly covered it, but putting it out in-comparison-form feels like a more fun choice.

  • Best exclusive games: Xbox One (Titanfall, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, etc)
  • Best online features: Xbox One (300,000 servers, Azure Cloud gaming enhancements, television shows, movies, perfected matchmaking and latency reduction like no one else)
  • Best controller: Xbox One (According to my hands, of course. The PS2 and PS3 controllers were not comfortable, and I predict the PS4 to be less comfy as well. Loved the 360-controller)
  • Best hardware: PlayStation 4 (Although debatable due to Microsofts impressive Azure Cloud)
  • Best accessory: Xbox One (Kinect 2 looks absolutely beyond real)
  • Best features: Xbox One (Twitch streaming, Skype 1080p video/voice calling, built-in DVR, seemlessly integrated with the cable box [USA, at least], amazing voice commands)
  • Best hardware durability/quality: PlayStation 4 (Obviously guessing here, but comparing PS3 to Xbox 360, there is no doubt that Sony had the more durable and better quality plastic)
  • Best smartglass functions: Both equally good

Needless to say, to me, the Xbox One is certainly the winner when you break it down. When it comes down to my friends picking a console the edge is slightly towards the PS4 as in Europe it’s the dominant console. But for my US friends the Xbox One is the winner. I kind of expect the PS4 to get a head start in sales due to the 100€ cheaper price tag but ultimately it’ll be a close race. Microsoft will lower the price quickly I think.

What are your thoughts on the next generation consoles? Which one will you be picking?

Microsoft changes their policies for Xbox One

June 20, 2013

Microsoft has removed their region lock. Removed their DRM requirement. Removed their check-in requirement. Removed their used-games policies and restriction. The Xbox One is now a console of liberty.

With these changes, I must say that I am once again buying Microsoft. My next console will be Xbox One!

Why I’m revoking my PlayStation 4 choice and going with Microsoft for another generation:

  • No region lock
  • Better controller
  • Better online features
  • Better exclusive games
  • I like Kinect 2
  • In all honesty, the region free announcement was what sealed the deal with me. It’s that trivial for me as I travel a lot. And everything else just speaks for itself.

    I loved my Xbox 360 and sticking with Microsoft feels right. They’ve always treated me good.

    Hello, sexy. This beauty will be mine.

    Software sales lowest since 2000

    June 18, 2013

    Reports are in from the gaming world and they are indeed lackluster. Sales are the lowest they have been since 2000. But that’s good. I think it’s because people are tired of PS3/Xbox 360 and want a new generation.

    It’s no surprise that the new consoles are coming out during this record low year. Normally a console cycle runs five years, this one has passed over seven years. They really milked it as much as possible and it’s good consumers declining interest has finally led to the release of the next generation to be this Christmas season.

    I was already calling for a new generation to be launched in 2011, even in 2010 I had begun to lose my interest completely. And when my Xbox 360 died in 2011 of natural causes after years of servitude, I had zero interest to replace it. My PC has adequately covered my needs.

    There’s something special every time a new gen begins, and I can’t wait to be a part of the new one.

    The winner of the previous generation by a mile. But it looks as if I won’t be supporting the next one.

    My take on the Nintendo situation

    June 17, 2013

    Wondering why I haven’t mentioned Nintendo even once during all this next generation console talk? It’s simple. Nintendo does not have a next generation console.

    The Wii U is weaker than the now seven-year-old PlayStation 3. But less than a year old. How pathetic is that I ask you. A lot? I concur. It’s flat-out embarrassing.

    I support companies that strive to take technology forward. Companies that deliver richer experiences to me, not only artistically but also technologically. And Nintendo doesn’t do that. I noticed that with the Wii, it was utter garbage. Low resolution crap that was out-dated immediately upon release. I tried several of the blockbuster hits for the console and I didn’t enjoy a single one of them the tiniest bit.

    Therefore, not buying Wii U was as clear as drinking water to me. I knew it’d be trash. 3.5 hour battery life on the controller? That’s just sad. Lack of features, and previous generation hardware wasn’t my cup of tea. I knew to wait for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 reveals instead.

    There are no Wii U games that I want. Mario? Zelda? Mario Kart? I grew out of them by age 12. I can’t stand that ridiculous color pattern and the poor and annoying sound effects that come out them. They give me a headache.

    So I won’t support Nintendo for two generations in a row now. They need to step up their hardware game A LOT, and create new IPs. Because I’m a very demanding customer. And delivering old things and expecting new money isn’t my game. I honestly can’t understand how Wii U has even sold three million copies. Fanboy enthusiasts, probably.

    It’s quite big. That’s what she said.

    My launch game

    June 15, 2013

    I’m getting asked which game or games I’ll be picking up on launch day, so I thought I’d share that with y’all.

    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a given choice for me due to its online features and unquestionable value for $59.99. Also, to have it for the local multiplayer when friends come over. Can’t beat that, a fun guys evening that can’t go wrong.

    My second choice is a bit harder as all of the games are yet to be confirmed. But it’s heavily leaning towards Watch Dogs because I also want a game just for myself in which I can relax in a open world and explore and immerse myself.

    And I think that’ll do for launch. Later I’ll be getting Assasin’s Creed IV and probably FIFA 14 at some point.

    How about my readers? What games are you picking up on day one?

    Can Watch Dogs live up to the hype?

    PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

    June 11, 2013

    E3 is more or less over and boy was it good. We got release dates, price tags, games and everything we wanted. Both consoles will hit US and EU this year. More specifically, November for Xbox One and “Holiday” for PlayStation 4.

    Xbox One will retail for $499/499€. PlayStation 4 will retail for $399/399€. Both consoles will require a premium paid membership to play online games from now on. The PlayStation 4 will be region free, no online required and supports used games. The Xbox One will not do any of that. Wow, right? What the fuck are Microsoft thinking with?

    My choice is yet not made. Xbox One’s exclusive games are, in my eyes, better than those of the PlayStation 4. But PlayStation 4 has region free gaming. Used game support. Gamer freedom focus. Stronger hardware. But Xbox One has the games and better social functions. Twitch streaming instead of Ustream. It’s one hell of a tough choice.

    Games that I want to buy now:

  • Ryse (Xbox)
  • TitanFall (Xbox)
  • Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox)
  • Dead Rising 3 (Xbox)
  • Watch Dogs
  • Assasins Creed 4
  • Star Wars
  • Mirrors Edge 2
  • Destiny
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Dragon Age 3
  • Call of Duty: Ghost
  • Evil Within
  • The Division
  • And I probably forgot a few. A vast majority of these games are coming out within the first year of launch, and quite a few will be launch titles. Notice anything special? Correct, all the exclusive games are Xbox One exclusives. Not a single PlayStation 4 exclusive is appealing to me. I think that more or less sums up my stance, no?

    What did you think of E3? Which console will you support? Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Or both?

    Finally we know how the PS4 looks like. I like it a lot. It’s gorgeous.

    Xbox One: A Double-Edged Sword

    May 28, 2013

    Microsoft was the last out of the three console makers to reveal their next generation console. It was only week ago and a lot of hate and debate has come up regarding the Xbox One varying from “media machine”, “no games”, “no used games” and much more. It’s fun because of two reasons: the first one is that I am not hearing a peep about Playstation 4 and the second is; can Microsoft turn all this free media and debate into sales or are they driving customers to Sony?

    As I said, I am not seeing any news regarding the PlayStation 4 at all. All I see are rumors circulating the Xbox One’s used-games functionality and mocking images calling it a media player instead of a console, even though Microsoft have numerous times confirmed that games are their primary focus and that all the games will be shown at E3. But this is like I said, a good thing. Xbox One is all over the place. The PlayStation 4 is currently in the shadows, in fact, sometimes it feels like I’ve already forgotten about its existence because of all this Xbox One talk. In fact, Blockbuster recently said the Xbox One has broken pre-order records at their stores. So I say: Xbox One is currently a double-edged sword.

    Microsoft are keeping dead silent on the used game functionality. It will play used games, but as they said “with a twist” and that twist is what thousands of people are trying to find. Rumors have you will be able to sell your digital licenses and then retailers and developers get a fee from it so it’s win-win-win. Should this be true it’s revolutionary in terms of digital media and purchases and Microsoft will be known as innovators of digital purchases. No doubt. And I actually believe this is true. Microsoft have always had that philosophy to focus on digital media and a digital future. So why not make it revolutionary with the new Xbox One?  It all makes sense and is very exciting. E3 can’t come soon enough this year. It will be a spectacle for sure. Changing the way used video games are sold will be huge.

    It will be highly interesting to see if Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot by using this media focus first and are at risk of losing several hardcore gamers customers. But E3 will reveal more and focus on games, and I think Microsoft have the upper-hand here against Sony. Especially if my prediction that the PS4 will be more expensive than the Xbox One comes true.

    I have yet to make my decision regarding which console to buy and it all comes down to the E3 conference. What launch games will be availble for the consoles and what exclusive games will come out during the first year?

    New Xbox “Durango” rumors

    April 11, 2013

    New rumors are coming in for the next generation Xbox console like there’s no tomorrow and that can only mean one thing: an official announcement isn’t too far away. End of April or mid-May is what people are saying.

    But let’s focus on the information, the most recent one, that has been coming out.

    • Durango will be priced at $499
    • Will not require a constant online connection
    • Will not block used games
    • Will have a special HDMI-slot for TVRs, DVRs, and cable boxes to replace them with all-new Xbox UI for TV surfing. (It aims to become the ultimate multi-media tool)
    • 500 GB hard drive
    • Will be cheaper with “Xbox LIVE Gold subscription” feature
    • Kinect will feature support for multiple people, improved readings etc

    This all sounds pretty good in my eyes. The only thing I am afraid of is that it might be noticably weaker than the PS4. And that bothers me, otherwise I must say it sounds like Microsoft know what they are doing. But as usual, all we can do is wait until the official announcement comes out.