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Next generation will be longest ever

October 21, 2013

If you thought that this generation which now has spanned for roughly eight years depending on your console choice was long, I got some dire news for you. The next one will be even longer.

Developing a new console is very, very expensive. In fact, usually console just lose money the first years and start making money at the end. That’s why we saw a 7-8 year console cycle with this current generation and I predict that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be around for 10 years before PlayStation 5 and Xbox 3 comes out. If they come out. We could very well have switched to full streaming by then.

I myself am not that big of a fan of too long console cycles. I have noticed a pattern in my interests. Usually consoles for me remain relevant and interesting for about 4 years. After 4 years, my interest starts to rapidly decline. It was the case with Gamecube and Xbox and with Xbox 360 as well. Therefore having a 10 year cycle? Wow. I don’t know. Maybe the new hardware and games will age better. Maybe Sony will support the PS4 better than Nintendo and Microsoft did in the long run? It certainly seems so with the PS3.

What are your thoughts on potentially having a 10 year console cycle with PS4 and Xbox One?

Get used to these consoles, because it’s likely they’ll be around for a decade.


Changing some routines for next generation

October 10, 2013

For the upcoming generation I will shift around my gaming habits and routines dramatically. Why? Because I want to. I feel it’s time to do some adjustments and prioritizing and that’s always fun.

The first change, which perhaps is the biggest one, has multiple purposes, both environmental and convenience. I’ll be switching from disc based games to digital games. This has, like I said earlier, numerous reasons behind it. Though I do like to have a physical disc and box from time to time, I also don’t like it. Going fully digital is better for the environment. It saves me time and energy of going to the store or waiting for the mail to arrive. It removes disc swapping when I want to change games. It’s a natural evolution as I have been enjoying digital media such as movies and TV shows for over a decade now exclusively.

Second is that 99% of games that are out on the PC and next generation platforms will likely be purchased for the PC. PC gaming isn’t only cheaper, it’s more beautiful and smoother in performance. Some games I’ll still get for the console as they feel like console games, such as The Evil Within, that game is meant for the 46″ big screen instead of the 21″ computer screen. Of course there will be more of those types of games. But in general, I’ll prioritize games such as Destiny for my next generation machine to maximize the efficiency of it. It just feels more logical since I have a beast computer. Games like Thief look significantly better on the PC and that’s something I want to take advantage of, whilst Destiny won’t even be out on the PC, so this to me, makes complete sense.

Third and final is that I won’t be buying games that look “Okay” or “just good” anymore. I have had too many experiences that were mediocre or okay on my Xbox 360 that I don’t ever want again. Games like Ninja Gaiden 2, Crackdown 2, Ninja Blade, Tekken 6 and several others. These games scored around 7 or low 8 on average and I think they are even lower than that. During my play-trough of Ninja Gaiden 2 I just rushed the last three levels entirely without killing anyone because I was falling asleep of the repetitive grinding mechanics and shit story. I bought it because of the dismemberment and gore, but ultimately, it wasn’t worth it. If a game isn’t looking to fantastic with depth and an immersible enviornment, I am no longer interested. Take Destiny as an example, that game looks like a clear 10/10 with a world that I want to live in. These are the types of games that will be in my focus. Not 6-7:s. I don’t care if I miss out on a few “good” or “decent” games in the run, because I know I will get all the masterpieces and those are the ones that count.

The gore was the only good part about Ninja Gaiden 2. No more mediocre games for me.

Difference between PC and Console

September 27, 2013

Nvidia has said cockly stated that their $1000 GPU is more powerful than $399-499 consoles. Shocking news, to say the least. Also breaking news is Ferrari cars are apparently faster than Prius cars. Oh wait.

Either way, it seems as if consoles have finally risen really high and will indeed be delivering 1080p glory and higher than ever before textures. It will be very nice owning a next generation console for sure as both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be vastly more powerful than any other console.

This is the biggest leap in a decade for console graphics. Niiice.

PlayStation 4 will be my next generation choice

September 9, 2013

Microsoft have been changing their policies left and right on frequent basis for better and for worse, whilst Sony have been adding new promising features to the PlayStation 4, only making  it more appealing. I decided to get a console early on due to the benefits of having Netflix on the TV and also being able to watch Dota 2 matches through Twitch on the TV, so I benefit a lot from those functions and having a console for social split-screen multiplayer is amazing fun. Also, 46″ is better than 21″, it’s simple as that. Plus not to mention the console exclusive games I’d be missing out on if I only had a PC.

So here are the core reasons as to why I’m picking the PlayStation 4:

  1. Better and more powerful hardware
  2. Better exclusive DLC for important triple A titles such as Destiny
  3. Better looking interface
  4. Better quality on the hardware (based on Xbox 360 RROD and controller breakage)
  5. Built-in power brick
  6. It will be the best selling console,  hence making third-party titles superior
  7. A vast majority of my friends will be exclusive to PS4
  8. Microsoft pissed on my country and delayed the launch until Spring 2014
  9. Developers are praising the openness and power of PS4
  10. More features such as Netflix and Twitch that don’t require premium paid membership to use

So there you have it. Since I live in Europe, the PS4 will be the better choice for me. Like I said, 99% of my friends will be getting the PS4 exclusively, and I want to game with them. With all the improvements from Sony and all the changes from Microsoft, it just wasn’t meant to be. The social aspects of a console are essential and being able to game with all my friends takes a top priority.

The PS4 interface is vastly more impressive and better-looking than Xbox One’s. 

Also, being on the best-selling platform is important in terms of gaming quality as developers always focus on that platform with either DLC or performance. And right now PS4 is slaughtering the Xbox One in almost all the pre-order charts and the demos are shown on the PS4  units along with constant praise pouring over the PS4 and not much about the Xbox One. And taking the previous generation into account with the Red Ring of Death situation for the Xbox 360 and the fact that I had to buy four additional Xbox 360 controllers due to them breaking down over time, while my PS3 friends didn’t have to buy new ones a single time time for their PS3, it’s a nice bonus that saves a lot of money in the long run. Microsoft never did hardware that well.

I thought that the PlayStation 3 design was horrible. It was ugly. It’s still ugly. Disgusting. Even the Slim and Three model are ugly. But the PlayStation 4? Oh my, it’s a joy to watch. I want to touch it. It want to drag my hands all over that smooth surface. It’s a beauty. It’s small and has a futuristic design. I love it. It’s way better looking than the Xbox One and will look so much better in my living room than Microsoft’s console would. Also, it has the power brick built in so you won’t have to deal with that thick brick among your cords, as you will with the Xbox One, good luck fitting all that into your media center nicely. Sony are simply outclassing Microsoft when it comes to hardware as if it was Microsoft’s first console and that’s a huge deal.

Plus, I feel I cannot support Microsoft when they basically gave me the middle finger and told me I’m not as important to them as Mexico or New Zealand. Sony will launch their console in my country, why can’t Microsoft? Obviously I’m not on their VIP-list. Sony on the other hand, they prioritize my country and that’s a huge winner in my books. Microsoft on the other hand doesn’t seem to care as much, so I guess I will take my money elsewhere then, huh Microsoft? You just lost a customer of ten years who consistently purchased gold membership and downloadable content for games. Sony prioritizes Europe over Japan and that’s huge. Respect to them for that, and that’s what I like to see. They cater to me and show me they want me as a customer whilst Microsoft are doing the complete opposite.

I’m quite excited to purchase my first Sony product in over 15 years as I loved my first PlayStation more than any other console. I’m even getting a bit of nostalgia when I think about the controller. It just feels more right to choose Sony now that they are doing everything right with the PS4 and are prioritizing me whilst Microsoft are doing so much wrong with Xbox One and ignoring me.

This gorgeous piece of hardware will be in my living for the coming six years, or more. Exclusively, of course.

Xbox One

May 22, 2013

Microsofts new gaming, or should I say multi-media console was revealed yesterday as the Xbox One and will launch globally this year.

They chose to focus 99% on the console and its features rather than games. The games will be shown at E3 instead and this has caused some major debate and hate from the gamer community, which is understandable yet not, as this was what Microsoft said they would do several days ago. Don’t you people read the news?

The Xbox One goes by the name “One” because of it’s philosophy. It’s meant to be an all-in-one box that is your ultimate device in the living room. You will be able to (in the US) to switch seemlessly between television, movies and your gaming with voice commands almost instantly.

  • 8-core CPU
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Blu-ray
  • DX 11.1 
  • USB 3.0
  • HDMI 1.4
  • Skype integration
  • Snap Mode

And perhaps the most interesting addition is that it will come with Kinect 2.0 which is required in order for the Xbox One to work at all. Kinect 2.0 will feature:

  • 1080p video
  • 30 FPS
  • 250 000 IR sensors

It will recognize up to six people at once. It’s almost 1:1 in terms of speed and completely blows the old Kinect out of the park. It has voice features like never before and it also works completely in the dark.

And as usual the Xbox One will have Netflix, twitter, facebook etc. The newest addition being Skype in which we will be able to voice chat with in 1080p glory while playing games or watching movies/tv shows and whatnot which is a nice touch. Will this replace the former “Party Mode” that Microsoft had on Xbox Live?

In terms of games, which should be the most important part, Microsoft has saved 99% of it for E3. What they did say though, is that Xbox One will receive 15 exclusive games the first year and of which eight games will be entirely new franchises. I must say that this is an very impressive number.

Xbox Live is also growing from 15,000 servers to 300,000 servers. Microsoft want to remain kings of the hill in terms of superior online service and it looks like they will sit there for yet another generation with this power. Also, they have said they are focusing more than ever on developing first-party games in terms of exclusivity and integration between the players and the community.

The Xbox One event wasn’t too impressive, I’ll admit that. But I also knew that the gaming part was saved for E3 so I wasn’t disappointed. I feel the new Xbox One looks very nice and I am certain that a lot of the features will most likely only be available in the US at launch but with “hopes for globalization in the future”.

My decision will therefore be made after E3 when we know the launch games for both consoles and what exclusives titles they are getting. It will be a very, very interesting generation coming up and I am very excited for it.


April 30, 2013

I can go on and talk about how freakin’ awesome the IllumiRoom feature will be for the next Xbox, but that’d be stupid. Instead, just be amazed by yourselves:

Playstation 4 announced on Feb. 20th

February 1, 2013

Just like I predicted, Sony will announce their new gaming console “Playstation 4” or whatever it’ll be called, late February. The 20th to be exact.

This means that Sony will beat Microsoft to the punch and score several hundreds of thousands of pre-orders free by using this strategy. Very clever. Will I buy the new Xbox or PS4? I don’t know. I need to know exact hardware specifications and launch titles as well.

Hopefully it will be awesome.

Lackluster hardware in Wii U

April 12, 2012

The Nintendo Wii was a huge failure in my eyes. It had last generation hardware and lacked basic HD support. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 were superior in every way. Only blind Nintendo fanboys will lie to themselves and say otherwise. Look at the third-party support in terms of blockbuster titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, FIFA, NHL, Madden, BioShock, and countless more. Unfortunately it looks as if Wii U will continue this trend and once again focus on the casual market.

The Wii U is reported by several official developers to be inferior to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in performance. Just slightly, but still, it’s not even as strong in terms of graphical performance and rendering. It is rumored to be priced at $299 when it launches later this year with components that were standard over six years ago. I will not make the mistake of buying Wii U like I did with the Wii. Fortunately for me, I managed to quickly sell my Wii and minimize my loss. But with the wrong attitude once again, Nintendo will not get my money for sure.

In 2013 the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 (unofficial names) will be launching with current generation graphics from the PC. In other words, they’ll be several times more powerful than the current generation consoles and significantly more powerful than the Wii U, which means once again that the Wii U will be missing out on a lot of insane third-party HD titles and only get crappy ports and inferior versions on everything but first-party Nintendo titles.

The sad thing is that Nintendo fans will be satisfied with only Nintendo titles. They will still defend the Wii U and claim that the outdated 1080p format in Zelda and Mario is much more enjoyable with the tablet controller than anything the PS4 and 720 will offer. They will say that Nintendo’s first-party line-up is so strong that they don’t care about Halo 5 and Gears of War 4. It won’t be necessary. How these people reason is beyond me, I remember when I was arguing with Wii fans and they claimed that HD was “useless” and that graphics were all about “design” and not textures and polygons. They claimed that motion controlling was the future and much more enjoyable than the dull controller. What will they say now when they are holding a tablet as a controller? Will suddenly a controller become the best thing now? Will HD suddenly become “hip” and “good” when PS3/360 users have been enjoying it as a standard for the past six years? I don’t know, all I know is that they’ll contradict their former selves from 2006.

After it was confirmed by Nintendo that the Wii U won’t be more powerful than current generation consoles, it immediately went off my interest list. Why would I pay for an overpriced last-generation console when I have the new Sony and Microsoft consoles coming out 2013 with much more hardware? And besides, there are just too many PC games to even care about the console market this year with Star Wars, Guild Wars 2, Dota 2, and Diablo III.

When the Wii came Nintendo fans bashed the traditional controller. What will they say now when they’re holding a brick?

Confirmed: Next Wii in 2012

April 25, 2011

Nintendo has recently announced that the new generation of consoles will debut in 2012 with the launch of the successor to Wii. The name has not yet been revealed nor anything official regarding the rumored touch screen, blu-ray, etc. Instead Nintendo went on to say, also like the rumors I posted earlier, it will be announced during this E3. Epic. Mindblowing. Phenomenal. Don’t miss E3 as it just became the greatest E3 since 2005.


Apparently it goes by code name Project Cafe and is rumored to launch as Nintendo Stream. Nintendo does not want it affiliated with Wii in any way as not to scare of the hardcore gamers that they lost previous generation with Wii. The name “Stream” also matches the rumors about the controller with the 6″ LCD-display that streams content to it. It certainly looks like this will put Xbox 360 and the PS3 to shame. But only if it dumps the idiotic friend codes.

Could this be “Project Cafe” AKA Stream?