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Titanfall: Collector’s Edition

October 22, 2013

EA and Respawn Entertainment have finally announced a release date for Titanfall. March 13, 2014 is when this insanely promising game is coming out. My most anticipated shooter ever.  I cannot wait.

Also, a $249.99 Collector’s Edition bundle has been announced. It comes with juicy content such as an 18″ Titan and 190 pages art book.

I will buy this insanely overpriced edition because I believe this game will give me roughly 1000 hours of fun.

More information is available on the official website.

I’ll be spending $249.99 on this beauty.


Changing some routines for next generation

October 10, 2013

For the upcoming generation I will shift around my gaming habits and routines dramatically. Why? Because I want to. I feel it’s time to do some adjustments and prioritizing and that’s always fun.

The first change, which perhaps is the biggest one, has multiple purposes, both environmental and convenience. I’ll be switching from disc based games to digital games. This has, like I said earlier, numerous reasons behind it. Though I do like to have a physical disc and box from time to time, I also don’t like it. Going fully digital is better for the environment. It saves me time and energy of going to the store or waiting for the mail to arrive. It removes disc swapping when I want to change games. It’s a natural evolution as I have been enjoying digital media such as movies and TV shows for over a decade now exclusively.

Second is that 99% of games that are out on the PC and next generation platforms will likely be purchased for the PC. PC gaming isn’t only cheaper, it’s more beautiful and smoother in performance. Some games I’ll still get for the console as they feel like console games, such as The Evil Within, that game is meant for the 46″ big screen instead of the 21″ computer screen. Of course there will be more of those types of games. But in general, I’ll prioritize games such as Destiny for my next generation machine to maximize the efficiency of it. It just feels more logical since I have a beast computer. Games like Thief look significantly better on the PC and that’s something I want to take advantage of, whilst Destiny won’t even be out on the PC, so this to me, makes complete sense.

Third and final is that I won’t be buying games that look “Okay” or “just good” anymore. I have had too many experiences that were mediocre or okay on my Xbox 360 that I don’t ever want again. Games like Ninja Gaiden 2, Crackdown 2, Ninja Blade, Tekken 6 and several others. These games scored around 7 or low 8 on average and I think they are even lower than that. During my play-trough of Ninja Gaiden 2 I just rushed the last three levels entirely without killing anyone because I was falling asleep of the repetitive grinding mechanics and shit story. I bought it because of the dismemberment and gore, but ultimately, it wasn’t worth it. If a game isn’t looking to fantastic with depth and an immersible enviornment, I am no longer interested. Take Destiny as an example, that game looks like a clear 10/10 with a world that I want to live in. These are the types of games that will be in my focus. Not 6-7:s. I don’t care if I miss out on a few “good” or “decent” games in the run, because I know I will get all the masterpieces and those are the ones that count.

The gore was the only good part about Ninja Gaiden 2. No more mediocre games for me.

Origin > Steam

September 22, 2013

I know I will be frowned upon after this statement, but I don’t care. I actually prefer Origin over Steam, any day.

Origin has a fresher and cleaner design in my opinion. It offers 24-hours refund policy for EA titles. Steam does not offer this. They have a vastly superior customer service with 24/7 chat service available, for Steam it takes me on average 2-3 business days to get a reply.

No, the only thing that’s better with Steam right now is their library, it’s much broader. Also, their seasonal sales are very, very enticing but Origin has begun doing this as well.

I just bought FIFA 14 and pre-loaded it on Origin and realized that Origin will be my primary DRM for the coming years. FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge 2 and are just a few of the Origin exclusive titles I will be playing between 2013-2015. What does Steam have that exclusive? At the moment, nothing really.

Origin, just like Steam, will need time to improve, but it’s doing so at an insanely impressive pace.

Digital Future

July 18, 2012

I was doing some shopping and realized suddenly how digital I’ve become. Digital books. Digital movies. Digital comics. Digital songs. Digital tv shows.

Yes, the only non-digital entertainment product I’m missing there are video games. And that’s because physical copies are currently cheaper than digital where I live. Not counting Steam’s wonderful summer sale of course, but I’m not interested in any of those games as I’ve already bought GW2 and Dota 2 is free. But I might make my first ever digital game purchase with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive next month, but that’s a story for a different time.

Digital media is the future. There’s no denying it. Just look at how digital I am. And I’m sure you have friends that are similar. Music I have been digital since Internet came into play, even before broadband, true story. Since 2000 I think I haven’t bought a physical CD. Movies are perhaps all digital (for me) since like 2004. Books since the first iPad came out. TV shows the same as movies. In fact, I’ve only once purchased a physical box of a tv series.

And today I bought my first digital comic book, in HD for my iPad retina display and it was gorgeous and just like ebooks, it outclasses the physical version in every possible way. Both in convenience and environmentally. And ebooks are not only cheaper and greener, but clearer and easier to define words with built-in dictionaries. And I have over 40 books with me on my iPad. Can’t bring those in physical copies now, can you?

Yes, digital is the way to go. For all the listed reasons. It is the future and I am excited to see when everything will be digital – completely. Meaning physical versions won’t even exist. How many years? Perhaps 15 I think. Oh yeah, also magazines I get digitally.

How about you? How digital are you?

Should this game be available only through the Steam store, it’ll be my first digital purchase of a video game.

Battlefield 4 Leaked

July 17, 2012

EA aren’t the most flawless company in the world, we all know that. Just recently they managed to leak Battlefield 4 through a pre-order deal on their Origin service.

As it looks now, Battlefield 4 is slated for Q4 2013 and that news has gotten a lot of people saying “RIP DICE” and that EA has killed off yet another studio.

I disagree. Battlefield 3 was released in 2011, and will by 2013 be out for two whole years. Yes, Battlefield 3 is only recently becoming balanced and full with content and felt very rushed at launch. What’s my point? That several years of development doesn’t make a game perfect. This two-year cycle EA have for Battlefield now might very well work great and only time will tell.

Battlefield 3 has content promised to early 2013 and then they’re done with adding map packs and content for it, obviously to focus on BF4 coming out later that year. I think some Premium members might be upset, but looking at how Call of Duty is releasing their games annually and with happy customers, I don’t see why EA cannot do the same.

By alternating Medal of Honor and Battlefield series bi-annually, I think EA might have something good going. I mean, who the fuck plays Medal of Honor anyway, right? That means you’ll have two years of game value per Battlefield release and that’s a good deal in my books. So maybe I didn’t play BF3 as much as I thought, which makes the BF4 announcement a positive one for me.

I’m willing to give DICE another shot with BF4 before becoming really skeptical of EA forever. And what’s up with the $69.99 price? Are EA trying to increase the standard game pricing? Judging from fan reaction, it’s the wrong move.


How dead is SWTOR?

May 17, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic came out in December and became a massive success. 2.4 million copies sold and servers were full for several months. I remember the initial month when there was a queue on my server for over 20-30 minutes every day unless you managed to sign in early and play throughout the entire day. Sadly, those days are long gone and SWTOR is just a shallow ghost of its former self.

The Old Republic had a lot of promise, with it being the first truly fully voiced MMORPG with insane focus on story, and it did deliver on that part for sure. I was immersed and experienced among the best quests I ever have in an MMORPG. But there were major flaws, I’m not going to lie. The endgame PvP was very poor. The endgame content was too easy to clear and obtain. And after that there wasn’t much to do other than “wait for better days” and let’s face it, that’s not going to cut it in this business.

Patch 1.2 came out with massive content already adding up on smaller updates with little content. We got a new warzone, tons of tweaks and customization options and whatnot. It was good. But, it was too late. Patch 1.2 should have been released in late February. When there were people playing the game. Not now, when I run around with roughly eight people on the Republic Fleet during the day and the instant queue to warzone is long gone. The game has felt deserted a long, long time. All planets feel dead with maybe 4-5 other players there if you’re lucky as a Republic player. The forums are swarmed “Please merge servers!” threads all over.

In fact, the game is doing so poorly so fast that BioWare gave away 30 days of free gametime to active subscribers. Can you believe that? One month of free game time with no obligations. I can personally vouch for this as my game time should have been up in May, but I now have 34 days remaining. This is unprecedented and a cry of desperation to the shareholders. By using this method they extended the “active users” by several hundreds of thousands at least to calm everyone down. But I think come this summer the game will face a horrid drought and servers will be the definition of ghosts towns and nowhere near an “MMO”.

Is the game doomed? I’m afraid it looks that way. Unless they managed to release an expansion pack with an wicked amount of content that tons of players would love and attract new ones. Plus merge several servers together, because let’s face it, playing on anything but a Heavy/Full server is pure zzzzzzzzzzzz. But it isn’t that easy. With competition from Diablo III, Tera and the coming Guild Wars 2, Star Wars is on thin ice. I predict it going F2P early 2013 if not by Christmas. People are getting fed up and that’s a shame.

I still play the game occasionally with my friend for its great story and how I love the atmosphere that is Star Wars. But after seeing Tera and Guild Wars 2, it has become clear that Star Wars just falls short on too many levels in terms of interaction and the vivid worlds. But I am not renewing my subscription now when it runs out after the free 30 days I got. Why? Because the world is dead. The servers are 99% Light population and even with the mergers they will not rise to Full unless they merge like 3-4 servers together and I seriously doubt they will based on the moves they’ve done so far. But we’ll see. Also, the really fucked up my talent specc for my Vanguard and that is a giant kill for me to enjoy the game with PvP and I can’t support something with cross-server PvP. It’s just not me.

Updated Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions

October 2, 2011

Okay. Now I’ve spent roughly eight more hours with the Battlefield 3 beta since last time and it’s progressively getting better and better in terms of not crashing and actually working. And I’ll admit, my first post was somewhat fast after only two hours with several problems and frustrations from both Battlelog and the game itself.

Some new information has surfaced that has brought some light over my previous dark post. The build that we are all playing is apparently over 3 months old. Which means that DICE has had more than three months to work and polish the experience that is the Battlefield 3 beta. They have already released a list of numerous fixes and improvements to the game based on beta feedback and are working overtime and weekend to implement fixes and perfect the game.  Sounds very good and makes me happy. They also said that every single bug in the beta is fixed for the final version of the game.

Battlelog is still the most retarded server browsing system ever  in my eyes.  They want you to check your friends progress, status, and awards through your smartphone or computer without launching the game and think it will be better this way than to do it in-game. On the train. On the plane, etc. Yesterday it actually worked 75% of the time and that’s significantly better than the previous 0%. Besides, Battlelog is still in beta as well and will get fixes and improvements as well. But if Battlelog starts working better than it did yesterday in the beta, I can overlook the the Battlelog and buy my first game in over 13 months.

Like I said, after my initial bashing, and to some extent, praising post of the Battlefield 3 beta, I played for eight hours with three of my friends and we had a blast. The game feels more serious and realistic than Call of Duty and it offers a wider challenge which makes this so much more enjoyable than just the brain dead rush forward like you see in Call of Duty.

Taking into account that the beta is three months old and all bugs within it are fixed, plus a list of improvements and fixes are already patched based on beta-feedback after only three days,  I think that in the next coming week and a half, DICE will have time to make this a polished experience that will destroy all competitors and end the console era once and for all.

In other words, expect to see me on the battlefield on launch day. 

The console era is about to come to an end. Thank you, DICE.

Impressions: Battlefield 3 beta

October 1, 2011

My hype was enormous. And I must say, I am disappointed. Very, very disappointed. In fact, Battlefield 3 may not even by my first video game purchase in over a year any more. Why? Stay a while and listen.

Origin Client Requirement

You are required to use EA’s Origin client, which is their digital store and game client. Everything runs through it. Now, if this software was smooth and bug free, I wouldn’t have many issues with it. But this client is so flawed in many ways. Its friend system is separate from the one in Battlefield 3, so there isn’t really a point in adding friends through it as you can’t join their games through Origin. I hope this is fixed as soon as possible and a more stable release of Origin comes out.

The worst server-finding system in history of video games

Now this is the biggest flaw that Battlefield 3 has. In order for you to find a server, you open the game through Origin and launch it. Now, every other developer in the world would make the game appear, but DICE has chosen not to do so. Instead, your web browser. Yes, web browser opens, in my case Chrome, and you have to install a third plugin, and find games from there. In the beta only the quick match multiplayer is available, which barely works, but there’s also an option for the Campaign and Co-op. So that means that this will be it, more or less. You will have to run your game through your browser on the BattleLog website of Battlefield 3. The most retarded thing that I have ever seen and it’s a huge hassle. I personally guarantee that if this is how it will be in the final retail box, I am not buying the game. I will not accept something as shitty and worthless as that.

Many bugs, many problems, and no time

For some reason DICE release a beta that feels almost like an Alpha at the end of September. Precisely one month before the actual release of the game. That means that they have at a maximum maybe 2 weeks to implement the data in the game and perfect it. Highly unlikely considering that they have to print up physical copies of the game before October 27 and ship them all over the world and millions of them. Fixing the bugs and perfecting the game will take time, and so will the printing copies do as well. Why even bother have a beta this late? DICE, you disappoint me once more.

No wallbangs

Still, you can’t shoot through some glass advertisements as you would in reality. Really, it’s 2011. What’s up with that morons?

Most impressive rage-quit system

You can only quit once you’ve respawned and the round is on its way. You cannot quit immediately and should allow some cool-down for raging people to stay. Maybe.

Most idiotic option system

You can only change your options and settings when alive. Seriously: What. The. Fuck.

Best sprinting system in the world

Finally, someone realized that professional marines can sprint for more than 5 seconds. Thank you, DICE. They have unlimited sprint. About time someone got their head out of their ass.

With so many flaws, and annoying factors, I begin to see why I always picked Counter-Strike over Battlefield. I hope that DICE will fix some of these, in reality, the only one stopping me from buying the game is the server browsing system through my Internet browser. It’s pathetic and idiotic and I would really want to smack the person who came up with it, with a rotten fish.

One of the worst betas ever. Can the final product be saved in so little time?