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EBGames poster reveals Battlefield 4 info

April 25, 2013

A poster from EBGames has revealed some yet unannounced information regarding Battlefield 4, amongst them is the release date.

  • October 31, 2013 release.
  • Battlelog 2.0: every bullet and every action you, your friends and your enemies make will be logged with unprecented details.
  • Premium Membership: Exclusive weapons, content and even expansions for premium members. Guess it’s time to throw cash at EA if you want the complete experience.

All seems very reasonable and nice. Or does it? What are your thoughts on having to pay an additional $59.99 for the premium membership to be able to get all of the expansions? Plus the “normal” ones ahead of time? With Battlefield 4 it seems that premium membership will be a necessity if you want to have the best possible game experience, not a luxury. I knew this day would come. So be ready to put down $120 for BF4 to get the same experience you’d gotten for $59.99 just a few years ago.

It will be an expensive experience if you want access to the whole cake.


Epic week incoming

August 19, 2012

This coming week will be one to remember for me and some gamers that have the same pre-orders slated as me.

What am I talking about? The release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Guild Wars 2 of course. These two babies will be coming out next week and will completely devour millions of gamers social lives including my own. I’ve already spent time with both these games in forms of betas and know that I will be having a great time once they launch throughout the year and a long time to come.

And not to forget Dota 2, my undisputed champion. Sometimes Dota 2 takes too much energy and focus out of me and that’s where Guild Wars 2 will step in. To relax me and make me have a good time without having to rely on teammates and teamplay.  As for CS:GO, I will try to give it a legit go and see whether or not the esport community embraces it as it brings back lovely nostalgia from the CS 1.6 days and my days as pro gamer.

Are you excited for this coming week?

Are there no other games out there?

August 12, 2012

I’ve been ranting on and on about how I only will buy two games this year. Guild Wars 2 was the first one, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been my second one which I got for “free” thanks to an affiliation program. And since Dota 2 is a free game, that pretty much closes my wallet for video games for 2012. But does that mean that there are no other interesting titles coming out? Of course not.

Borderlands 2

This could be a great game to play with three friends during the Christmas season while it’s snowing outside and you are inside blasting the wastelands in style with your friends. If you are into shooters with a little extra depth and replay-ability this is something you might want to check out.

Sleeping Dogs

GTA in China or also known as Yakuza copy or something there in between is what you could call this game. I tried it out briefly at the UFC fan expo as Georges St-Pierre did the motion cap for the fighting moves for this game. It was like I said earlier, it felt like GTA in China and that’s a good thing. I’ve long wanted something like this and since I was an Xbox exclusive console gamer I never got to experience Yakuza and this is the shot for those people. The PC version is the superior one it seems with DX11 support and much more detail and horsepower. If you like GTA or Yakuza, check this out.

Hitman: Absolution

They promised that only a small percentage of the players will be able to beat this game on hardcore. It will go back to its roots and extend the classical beloved Hitman gameplay. Just PR talk or will they deliver? I don’t know, honestly. But if they do deliver, this game is one to look out for. I still remember when I played Hitman 2 and it was amazing. Can Absolution bring back that joy?

Assassin’s Creed III

Be an assassin in America when history was at its busiest with war and more war. Sea battles. War. Revolutions. Awesomeness. I don’t need to say anything else. This looks like it will be the best AC game by far.

Other worthy mentions: Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Halo 4, & Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

So there are games out there that are promising. I just won’t be picking them up as I am too busy with Dota 2 and soon to be busy with Guild Wars 2 as well. And on top of that I’ll have Battlefield 3 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to keep me entertained. And I don’t foresee that becoming boring in at least two to three years at earliest. I’ve always been a PC gamer, because of the value you get for the games. Comparing most consoles that last around 10-20 hours with a PC game that lasts for years and you see why I prefer the PC. Guild Wars 2 for $59.99 will give me hundreds of hundreds hours of entertainment. And I am nearing 600 hours with Dota 2 and have no desire to stop playing it. PC ❤

Which games are you buying this fall?

If Dota 2 does come out of its beta state this year, I don’t foresee any other game beating it for the Game of the Year crown.

World vs. World vs. World

June 10, 2012

Some of you may know that this weekend is the second beta weekend for the upcoming MMO, Guild Wars 2. Some of you may even be playing it. The expectations are high on this title as Star Wars has failed and died off completely except for a few servers. MMORPG:s are indeed a special genre and what I consider the be the most entertaining genre out there and my expectations for GW2 have been mixed, but now after the second weekend event I have some more thorough and clear opinions.

My initial reaction to GW2 was “good but nothing impressive” in all honesty. The combat was by far the only impressive feature along with a detailed world. Other than that, it was missing that special thing. And now, I’ve found that special thing. It’s spelled World vs. World vs. World. It’s a unique feature only in GW2 where three different servers fight for map control and resources over two weeks to be claimed victors. Now when I say massive battles, I do mean massive battles. There are literally hundreds of players on my screen when I charge the castle to take it over for my server along with dozens of other players from my servers only to have a massive army of French players trying to defend it. Millions of fire balls, arrows, and attacks are flying in a constant stream and it goes on for a many minutes until we manage to take over the castle and claim it for our own server. Now we have to either keep pushing them back or defend it. Epic. It was massive.

I was sitting there having the time of my life and time just flew by. I wanted more. I wanted to claim the entire map for my server and keep defending and fighting. It was that good. It was the truly first thing about GW2 that pow-wowed me in a big way and what sealed the deal. I will definitely be playing tons of WvWvW when GW2 comes out and I don’t foresee myself quitting that anytime soon as that was the most epic scenario I have seen in an MMO and it will only get better upon launch when playing with more friends and finalized professions.

GW2 is far from perfect, though. There are several key features missing such as a good way to queue up for PvP through one or two clicks like in Star Wars and World of Warcraft. Also, there is no duel option of any sort which is an unbelievably major miss from ArenaNet in my opinion. I mean, seriously, it’s 2012.  Other than that it’s the obvious performance issues, disconnects, and whatnot. The game as it is right now feels far from ready and it needs a lot of basic features that are standard before it releases. I would be happy to see it come out for Christmas this year, not sooner.

Guild Wars 2 Beta

April 25, 2012

This Friday the Guild Wars 2 beta begins and I will be in it. It feels as if beta tests have become somewhat of a part-time job, but I don’t mind.

Expect full updated impressions from ALL classes and my general impressions about the game and whether it’s better than Diablo III and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

On Friday, I’ll become a powerful warrior.


March 25, 2012

For those wondering, no, I will not be picking up the upcoming MMORPG, TERA.

There are several reasons to this, some of them I already mentioned in my hands-on impression post during the beta. Firstly because I have Star Wars and Dota 2 that take all my gaming time and they’re both still highly enjoyable.

Secondly, there was too much grinding in TERA and it wasn’t fully voiced, hence rendering the story completely uninteresting, and let’s face it, without an interesting story, there’s not much in an RPG.

Maybe one summer when there’s absolutely nothing to do and TERA costs $10 and is free-to-play I might pick it up to have some random fun nights with a friend, but I don’t foresee it ever happening. My focus will be with Diablo III instead, which comes out the same exact month. Bad move for TERA in my eyes.

The world of TERA is a beautiful one. Especially the female aspect of it.

No more Xbox

March 21, 2012

My Xbox 360 passed away a few months ago (don’t have the exact date in my memory) and I haven’t touched it since. I’d say it’s been more than six months, for sure. Probably since Battlefield 3 came out, or close to it. For some odd reason, probably because of Street Fighter x Tekken and Mass Effect 3 I decided to find out how much it’d cost to fix it, around 900 SEK they said and that was it.I decided not to do it.

I thought to myself, how much have I played the console since the return of the PC era? Zero minutes. How much would I be playing it now when I have games like Dota 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic? Yup, zero minutes. I simply couldn’t picture myself in any scenario that would justify my spending 900 SEK on repairing it. And I have even less intentions of buying a new one. I won’t use it. The PC has been back since October 2011. Why would I spend time on consoles? I have absolutely zero interesting in that market. I don’t even know what games are out and which ones are not, whilst before I knew every single game’s release date. (the one’s that mattered, of course)

Though my Xbox 360 has been dead for a long time, I thought it deserved a goodbye post after the final confirmation that I won’t use it again.  It’s going in the trash. I had somewhere around four good years with it while the PC was building its new archive and those four years were great substitutes, but for me, the PC will always remain supreme in terms of value for your money and performance and smoothness.

No more.

EU Gaming Has Expanded

March 20, 2012

I remember when I was a little boy playing on EU servers in the Diablo II and Counter-Strike days. Back then, the only people that I encountered were Swedes,  Brits, Finns, Norwegians, Germans, and occasionally French/Spaniards from time to time. But there was a clear pattern of Scandinavian dominance along with the Germans and Brits. Now however, it’s totally different story.

Now during my adventures in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dota 2, I rarely see the English language being used any more on EU servers. Before it was almost always used 24:7, except for the occasional German invasion from time to time, but that was rare. Never in General Chats did the Germans use German though, they had manners and tried their best in English.

It has become clear that the developing nations such as Russia and Ukraine have “finally” gotten computers that can run games and connections to the Internet. They’re everywhere now. With zero respect to English speaking players everywhere I look. In Star Wars, they spam general chats and party chats in Russian. In Dota 2 they spam the EU general chat in Russian with Russian symbols. And in-game as well. They don’t even bother to attempt to try English in there. They just do their own thing and don’t give a fuck about the fact that they’re on English servers.

It has gotten so bad, that I am playing US servers in Dota 2 to avoid Russians. The first thing I do is leave the EU general chat and only search for games in the US to avoid as many Russians as possible. But even that isn’t enough, they appear there to as nobody wants to game with them. And Scandinavia has gotten the bad fortune to be teamed up in “lanes” with Eastern European + Russia in the EU sector of Dota 2, while the west of EU has gotten their own. Needless to say, Scandinavians will be seeing shit loads of Russian lettering and “xaxaxaxa )”.

What are your thoughts about using native language on public servers?

Welcome to the “European” chat. This is how most “EU” servers are now. Russians completely raping them.

Saving The Old Republic

February 22, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic will eventually die out. I mean, I can see this clearly from my guild members activity and other guilds as well. Some guilds have already disappeared completely and server population is also a clear indication. From full to standard-heavy at its best. Next month a new major patch is due, but will it be enough? Here are my requests for BioWare:

Two new warzones with the possibility of playing inter-faction combat like Huttball. And while at it, make Huttball’s air vents shoot you in one fixed location and not random.

Ilum needs to be re-done as it still isn’t ideal. I believe phasing on Ilum is mistake and it’s often that you get stuck on Ilum (3) and can’t really find anyone. Ilum needs to be balanced out and thought out in a better smoother way in terms of capturing points and rewards, and finding enemies. This is out of outmost importance.

New superhard and superlong operation needs to be added. I’m talking around eight major bosses with insane difficulty and several phases. The instance should take no less than six hours to complete on normal and then it should be insane harder on Hard and Nightmare.

New epic set items are required. We need something better than Rakata and something that is much harder to obtain. Something that’ll easily take 1-2 months at minimum.

New co-op space missions are pretty much self-explanatory, and I actually listed this before as well.

Day / Night cycle self-explanatory.

What are your ideas to save The Old Republic? Or do you think it’s perfectly fine?

Are dark days ahead for The Old Republic?

A few hours with Tera

February 17, 2012

After two months of MMO goodness with Star Wars: The Old Republic, a new challenger rises up to try and devour my life in the MMO scene.

This time it’s the Korean game Tera with focus on true action combat and beautiful graphics that make Star Wars: The Old Republic look like a ten year old game. My expectations for Tera were relatively high while low at the same time. I know I won’t be as immersed in Tera’s story as I am in Star Wars, but I also know that Tera will have far superior gameplay mechanics and depth, but then it will be adapted heavily for Korean gamers.

I’ve now spent several hours questing, leveling and PvP:ing to give you my initial impressions below.

Stunning, artistic, and magical world. The world that is Tera is magical. It’s full of life, color, rainbows, and cheerful bird chatter. The graphics are beyond any other MMO that I’ve seen and it’s just amazing to disappear into it. The character detail is also very impressive. The only thing I am extremely mad about is the European censorship on the female sexes.That’s a deal-breaker for sure for me. I do not support inferior versions at all.

Advanced, fast, technical, and skillful combat depth. If you think Star Wars or World of Warcraft requires lots of skill and technique. You’re either 12 years-old or a retard. Tera requires you to think ahead and come in with a gameplay for PvP and to have decent aim as well. This is indeed true action combat and there is no homing missiles for ranged characters or melee. If you swing and the other player moves out of the way quick enough, you miss. It’s an amazing change to the genre and it adds so much incredible depth and realism that I just cannot help myself from getting immersed. How will end level PvP be with this amazing mechanics? Only godlike, I think.

Primitive, stupid, unintuitive menus. It’s a Korean product for sure. This you see immediately. The menus and the UI are horrible. Examples? Your inventory closes if you accidentally move your character. The UI scale is random (even though you can scale it back as you see fit) and the targeting system for NPC:s and other friendly players is unnecessarily complicated. I do realize it’s this way to make it more like “true action combat” for there is no reason for it to be like that outside PvP and PvE.

Zero immersion in quests, insane grind. This was easily predicted. Any MMO without FULLY voiced quests is now sub-par. It’s really simple as that. The Old Republic has made that a standard. I couldn’t give a shit about any of the quests I did and most of the them I was running around lost because of it. “Am I suppose to kill these guys?” “Why? Oh yeah, it doesn’t matter.” The only good thing about the quests are that the enemies you are supposed to kill are marked with a yellow “!”. Other than that the map is confusing and poorly constructed and does not work well with the mini map which is usually off by several meters. The quest are also ridiculous in terms of grinding. Kill this enemy four times. Now kill him again six times. Now eight. Rinse and repeat 99.99% of the time.

Sexy and sensual all the way. It’s obvious Tera’s target audience are male gamers. Pretty much all humanoid all females are insanely sexy and do everything sensually to appease the male eye. Even guys who get off on very young girls will get their fix here, although it’s significantly more censored than the version in Korea where they can strip down to bare brah and panties and they show more ass and breasts. Despite the censorship, you can still get a decent glimpse with your imagination. However, censorship in all forms is a pure cancer and I will never support it.


Tera will deliver on the hot fantasy girl fantasy. Tera will deliver on challenging raid bosses and advanced gameplay mechanics. Tera will fail on immersion on quest and leveling (unless you love mindless zombie grinding like Koreans) and it will most likely never reach above one million active subscribers ever (unless my calculations for elf fetishes is completely off). Tera will deliver on return on investment. I mean this game has one year polish and content added after the Korean release. And that’s A LOT. This game will no doubt devour all of your spare time if you let it. Only the select few hardcore players will play this game once it hits release and the casual gamers will immediately quit in frustration. This game is under no circumstance for the average western gamer. The question to ask yourself is: does the pros outweigh the cons for you? I spent the entire game with my friend and we had a good time. Real good. Even though the game did have many frustrating mechanics that we normally wouldn’t enjoy, but since we had co-op, it was nice.

My Warrior character in Tera. She’s hot. Super hot. Super duper hot. Yeah.