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29 million GTA V sold

October 30, 2013

GTA V has broken all records and shattered all expectations. It is the most financially successful entertainment product and it’ll be very, very interesting to see what kind of product it will take to dethrone these achievements.

I myself cannot believe these sale numbers. They are out of this world. Rockstar must be laughing all the way to the bank as they have the next five GTA productions costs covered already thanks to GTA V. Plus some nice bonuses to their personal wallets, of course. And Christmas isn’t even here yet. And the PC version isn’t out yet. Will they break 35 million? I think so.

Congratulations to Rockstar as this success is well deserved for not going with the safe and easy route and making another GTA in Liberty City. The amount of polish and detail in GTA V is unrivaled and they have earned all their records. Once again, congratulations.

Money’s raining all over GTA V.


PS3 outsells Xbox 360 for the first time in 32 months

October 18, 2013

PS3 has dethroned the Xbox 360 from its insane streak of 32 months as the best-selling console in the United States.

It’s likely that the GTA V / PS3 bundle is one of the primary reasons behind this and maybe even the fact that PS4 is getting such positive feedback.

Battlefield 4 beta impressions

October 5, 2013

I have now spent several hours with the open beta of Battlefield 4 and after going through some horrible errors to play it thanks to DICE’s choice of ancient anti-cheat technology, I can finally deliver some impressions.

If you want to play Battlefield 4, expect DICE to enforce three things you might not necessarily want on your computer:

  1. Battlelog
  2. Punkbuster
  3. Origin

Without these three things you can’t play BF4. Whilst I like Origin, I hate the other two. Punkbuster is an ancient anti-cheat software from the 90:s that doesn’t do shit other than make your unable to join servers and give you no indication that it’s the problem. It complicates things and requires you to update it and it’s full of hassle. I thought they would get rid of it after Battlefield 3, but I was wrong. Insanely disappointed. Battlelog also sucks as you can’t change your settings outside the game and you have to do that in-game and the menus are slow, imperfect and the design isn’t as smooth as it should be to navigate. Just like Battlefield 3.

The graphics are gorgeous, they really are. Although I expected a bigger leap from Battlefield 3, but there’s no contest here. Call of Duty: Ghost can go hide itself back in 2007 where it belongs from a visual perspective. DICE are showing that they know graphics and sound effects, but unfortunately, that’s where my praise will end for Battlefield 4.

I understand the heart of Battlefield. It’s meant to be a war. It’s meant to be huge and immerse you. And it does that. It totally feels as if I am in a war and fighting for my life as a soldier. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. It takes a long time to find enemies sometimes. It’s insanely frustrating when two tanks roll up to you and you aren’t the Engineer class because you can’t do shit against that. It’s annoying that the respawn time is between 7-10 seconds after death. It’s annoying that you run for five minutes without action sometimes only to get shot from the other side of the world by a sniper or gunned down by a chopper. I guess Battlefield’s style of gameplay simply isn’t for me, simple as that.

Not everything is bad though. They finally improved the party joining system and squad system. It feels more polished, although it should’ve been like that in BF3 already, so this is more than two years delayed stuff. Nothing impressive, nothing worthy of praise as every other shooter did this years ago.  It just seems that DICE are not knowledgeable at several basic core things that I have come to expect from a shooter and that’s sad to see as I want to support the Swedish gaming industry but it’s simply not to my satisfaction.

The thing that impressed me the most with Battlefield 4 was without a doubt the jet-ski and water physics. They were incredible. It feel authentic just as if I was on a jet-ski. But should that really be the most impressive feature in a shooter? I don’t think so.

I am thankful for the open beta because it allowed me to save money and cancel my pre-order. I wouldn’t enjoy this game at all. The hours I played it weren’t that fun. I mean, it had its moments that were exciting with my friends and what not, but not nearly enough. I prefer a faster pace that’s more tight and intesive. and I think that Titanfall will simply crush BF4 and CoD: Ghost. So that’s where I am putting my money and time. Bottom line is that Battlefield 4 is looking to be what Battlefield 3 should have been, but it’s two years late and it’s still sub-par on many things even though it’s the industry leader in many other areas such as the graphics, physics, sound and unlimited sprinting. Such a shame. Maybe Battlefield 5 will be more to my liking. But until then, I am waiting for Titanfall.

Gorgeous graphics and great physics cannot save the game from cancer like Battlelog/Punkbuster.

Visit the moon in Destiny

October 1, 2013

Destiny is by far my most anticipated game for the next generation consoles and Bungie recently confirmed that if you pre-order you will get beta access early 2014. The game is slated for a Spring 2014 release.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Collector’s Edition

September 27, 2013

Ubisoft have announced a December 12 release date for South Park: The Stick of Truth and a Collector’s Edition with a juicy Cartman figurine to collect.

I like it. I will definitely pick it up as I love South Park more than any other show and I want to give them as much money as possible.

GTA V is… masterful

September 18, 2013

I’ve now spent several hours with Grand Theft Auto 5 at my friends house and I must say, I am in love.

The amount of details, jokes, dialogues, quality, polish, variety and well, about everything in this game is without competition. Rockstar are operating on a different level and I have never been as impressed by dialogue in games as much as this. They really feel authentic.

Also, the side things you can do such as watch cartoons is amazing. I spent like 20 minutes watching a cartoon hero called Impotent Rage and it was hilarious. The satire of the modern American lifestyle is perfected through and through.

GTA 5 is a special gem of a game. If you haven’t bought this game, do it. It looks to be the best console game I’ve ever played.

I spend way too much time and money at strip clubs.

I play Black Ops II

September 14, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer is free-to-play for two days and I decided to give it a shot, considering I haven’t played it yet and it’s the most popular shooter out there. I can say I was pleasantly surprised.

My last Call of Duty experience was in Modern Warfare 2 and on the Xbox 360, and I loved it. But I did play the single player campaign of the other CoD games, though plus some online on the PC during “try it for free campaign”. But Battlefield 3 has been my main shooter the past two years, although I hardly touch it anymore so it’s not really a fair statement, more like  2011-2012 and then this entire year I haven’t gamed shooters.

I didn’t expect much from Black Ops II, but I was surprised. I remember Modern Warfare 2 being fast and fun, and this is exactly what I got from Black Ops II. It’s so incredible fast, easy, fun, intensive, and quick. Instant respawn, small maps for maximum intensity, no vehicles and fun customization. Now I remember why this franchise is so successful. Compared to Battlefield 3 this game is years more polished in terms of basic features such as joining as a party etc.

However, not everything is gold and roses. The graphics feel insanely outdated compared to Battlefield 3, this game looks like shit. It truly feels like Modern Warfare from 2007 and they need to fucking delete that engine and make a completely new one, not an enhanced one like they are doing for Call of Duty: Ghost.

With being so positively surprised by this, I might actually pick up Call of Duty: Ghost. But the graphics really bother me. Battlefield 4 will be so much more beautiful with stunning effects that I don’t know if I want to support a company that doesn’t innovate in graphics.

Grand Theft Auto V

September 12, 2013

GTA V is coming out next week and I feel I need to promote it somewhat. Why? Because it has earned it.

GTA V is the most expensive video game ever made and in comparison to movies, it’d be the second most expensive movie in the world. The reason I am doing free advertising for Rockstar Games, is simply because that money was well-spent.

Rockstar went to prison in Los Angeles and did interviews with authentic gang members. Hired them for voice acting, hired former FBI agents and lived in LA for several months to be able to deliver an authentic experience. And that’s nothing short of epic.

I applaud the level of commitment Rockstar put into GTA V and I hope they make millions upon millions in profit as they deserve it. GTA V can’t come out fast enough. I am absolutely certain it will be a masterpiece through and through.

Nvidia claims smartphones will be as powerful as PS3 next year

July 25, 2013

Nvidia has gone out and said that smartphones will evolve past the capacity of current generation hardware that is Xbox 360 and PS3. They have already long ago surpassed the Wii and by end of next year we’ll be able to get PS3-looking games on our Android and IOS smartphones. Pretty neat, huh?

What I want from Battlefield 4

April 19, 2013

Battlefield 4 is the next major shooter that caught my interest. Running on the stunning Frostbite 3 engine it was given that I’d give it a peak. I mean, Battlefield 3 was beyond gorgeous and delivered some very fun gaming nights for me and my friends, albeit it was frustrating due to lack of basic features and poor balancing. But with Battlefield 4 I expect DICE to have matured and realized their mistakes. I expect it to be far more polished.

Needless to say, the expectations are high despite Battlefield 3 failed to live up to its potential. None of my friends are still playing it, although it’s been over two years since it was released so by today’s standards that’s quite common. But that could’ve changed if they balanced it and didn’t release an somewhat unfinished product.

Check out the 17-minute gameplay footage of the single player campaign of BF4.

Here are some of the things I’d like to see from day one in Battlefield 4:

  • Sea warfare: I want to be able to take fights to the water or perhaps under water. Something related to water either way. There’s too little water in shooters.
  • More freedom in the maps: There should be no “invisible walls” or “if you go here you die within 5 seconds unless you turn back” areas in BF4.
  • Dramatically improved group joining features and social features: Battlelog was shit. It needs to get better. And I should automatically join the same squad and team when I join as a group. This is ESSENTIAL.
  • Dramatically improved balance: Operation Métro Conquest Mode. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.
  • New weapons, vehicles, ranking systems, and classes.
  • Co-op campaign.
  • Better vehicle controls for keyboard users.
  • More gorgeous graphics than in the previous game.

Well, that’s all I could think of right now as basics. As always, I expect innovation and something that truly wows me in order for me to buy it. It needs to be better than what the competition offers, as in Call of Duty.

I foresee a great deal of fun with Battlefield 4, just as I had with Battlefield 3, but it was far, far from ideal.