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PS3 outsells Xbox 360 for the first time in 32 months

October 18, 2013

PS3 has dethroned the Xbox 360 from its insane streak of 32 months as the best-selling console in the United States.

It’s likely that the GTA V / PS3 bundle is one of the primary reasons behind this and maybe even the fact that PS4 is getting such positive feedback.


160,000 Wii U sold in the past three months

July 31, 2013

I have doomed the Wii U over and over in this blog. Completely bashed it. And it looks like I knew what I was talking about. Nintendo just announced that they sold an “amazing” 160,000 units of Wii U world wide in the last quarter. Tragic numbers.

If this continues for a few more months when they true next generation consoles launch, it will 100% be the end of the Wii U as we know it. No third-party will support it.

With such poor hardware and online features, this console deserves to fail and cause massive losses for Nintendo.

Software sales lowest since 2000

June 18, 2013

Reports are in from the gaming world and they are indeed lackluster. Sales are the lowest they have been since 2000. But that’s good. I think it’s because people are tired of PS3/Xbox 360 and want a new generation.

It’s no surprise that the new consoles are coming out during this record low year. Normally a console cycle runs five years, this one has passed over seven years. They really milked it as much as possible and it’s good consumers declining interest has finally led to the release of the next generation to be this Christmas season.

I was already calling for a new generation to be launched in 2011, even in 2010 I had begun to lose my interest completely. And when my Xbox 360 died in 2011 of natural causes after years of servitude, I had zero interest to replace it. My PC has adequately covered my needs.

There’s something special every time a new gen begins, and I can’t wait to be a part of the new one.

The winner of the previous generation by a mile. But it looks as if I won’t be supporting the next one.