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True Blood

May 2, 2013

I just finished the first season of True Blood and I am liking it a lot lot. Vampire season is indeed in and I am getting my fixes now through both True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. Right now I feel that I prefer TVD slightly more due to the fact of the hotness of Damon. 😉 But True Blood is very hot with its kinky and bloody sex. So it’s a nice contrast between them.

Very much looking forward to beginning season 2, in fact, I will go with True Blood over TVD as it’s shorter and easier to finish up and catch up.

Blood, nudity and sex. Just my cup of joe.


The Vampire Diaries

April 17, 2013

One of my “new” favorite television shows now is without a doubt, The Vampire Diaries. I just finished the first season and I can’t get enough.

I recently begun my marathons of series as I they have begun to pile up and I don’t really want to have that much to watch during summer, and VD was on top of my list and I am happy it was. I mean, how hot isn’t Damon, am I right? Also Caroline isn’t too shabby either. 😉

Vampires are hot, dangerous and very in right now so I wanted to join the phenomenon and next up for me is True Blood and then back to VD again. I need to at least have seen one season of each show to determine which one I want to see through first. But there are just too many shows in my queue. How will I have a life with so much greatness coming out of Hollywood?

Vampire sex is always hot. And bloody. 😉

Game of Thrones

November 19, 2012

And so comes season two of Games of Thrones to an end. It was a magical journey and even though I felt that it went in the wrong directions in some areas – it still was a phenomenal show and two seasons. I can’t wait for season three to begin and continue to follow the story of the throne.

I expect season three to be one of the more exciting ones as each season has built on the suspense for the upcoming season. I had the fortune to see the two seasons back-to-back but now with the third one I have to wait.

Do you follow Game of Thrones?

The stunning Khaleesi of Game of Thrones.

TV Shows are coming back

September 20, 2012

It’s almost Fall. Well, here it already is based on the temperature. But what does that mean? It means that TV shows are coming back!

Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and countless more and starting which means that I won’t have any free time left. I mean, the word “boring” simply doesn’t exist in my vocabulary during the Fall season. Loves it.

What shows are you looking forward to the most? For me it’s hands-down Dexter. But I am also looking forward to new ones such as Arrow. My expectations are high for it, hope it delivers.

My most anticipated show this Fall. 

The Clone Wars Season 4

March 23, 2012

Just saw the first three episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 4 and it’s off to a fabulous start unlike season 3. Very exciting and given the preview hints of what’s to come, it’ll only get much better.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I’m looking forward to the books coming out this year and I’m on my way to finishing my eight book already. Do you follow Star Wars?

A wonderful universe.

Full Metal Jousting

March 18, 2012

I always say I was born too late. By several hundreds of years. And I think my fascination with the old days proves that. History Channel HD has recently started airing a new TV series called Full Metal Jousting and it’s about… jousting.

Going back in time, well, kind of, they use more modern armor and it’s not quite as grand as it was in the golden days, it’s still an interesting show and competition. Similar to other reality series with competition, they have have two teams against each other and then winners progress until there’s one grand final.

I fell for this show immediately. I will be following every single episode from now. Have you seen Full Metal Jousting? If so, what are your thoughts?

A great new TV series. I’ll definitely follow it.

Pan Am

October 14, 2011

There’s no avoiding it. Pan Am is the next big show. I called it. It’s my undoubtedly most anticipated premiere and I can’t wait to get to fly off with old fashioned women and explore new worlds.

I’ll be there for the premiere and expect me to give my opinions about the very first episode.

Let’s fly away!


Dexter By Design

August 19, 2010

DĂ„ har man Ă€ntligen/tyvĂ€rr lĂ€st klart den sista Dexterboken, Dexter By Design. Det tog lite lĂ€ngre tid Ă€n jag hade vĂ€ntat mig, men faktum Ă€r ju att jag “sparade” pĂ„ den för att inte vara Dexterlös allt för lĂ€nge. Var boken bra? Helt klart. Den nĂ€stbĂ€sta boken i serien enligt mig, utan tvekan.

Första Dexter-boken var ruskigt bra. Serien följde den till nÀstan punkt och pricka, och sedan efter det började serien fÄ ett helt annat liv och böckerna blev mer och mer skilda mellan serien. Andra Dexter-boken var nÄgot av en besvikelse men fortfarande en otroligt bra bok generellt. Tredje boken var bÀttre och pÄ vÀg i rÀtt riktning men lyckades aldrig nÄ samma höga standard som den första. Den fjÀrde Ä andra sidan gör det. Den hÄller vÀldigt hög standard och definitivt den andra bÀsta i böckernas serie. Och nu Àr det slut med böcker för mig att lÀsa. Ingen mer Dexter, tyvÀrr.

Eller, jag kanske överdriver nÀr jag sÀger ingen mer Dexter. För det Àr ju inte sant som nÄgra av er kanske vet. Redan nÀsta mÄnad börjar den femte sÀsongen av tv-serien Dexter och det Àr utan tvekan serien jag ser fram mest emot efter det otroliga slutet av fjÀrde sÀsongen. Jag har Ànnu inte bestÀmt mig för om jag kommer att se ett avsnitt per vecka för att fÄ min dos sÄ snabbt som möjligt eller om jag vÀntar 12 veckor för att se hela sÀsongen pÄ en-tvÄ dagar. SvÄrt val. Det ÄterstÄr att se som sagt.

Dexter och hans Dark Passenger Àr trevligt sÀllskap.