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PlayStation App for smartphones coming…

October 26, 2013

… in November! November 13 for United States and November 22 for Europe.

This app will sync with your PS4 and allow you the use of smartglass which has tons of benefits and fun features.


Nintendo’s dilemma

July 11, 2013

Nintendo have been bragging about how the Wii U’s second screen on the controller is “revolutionary” and will take gaming to other levels. How did the competition respond? They added Smart Glass support, as in allowing smartphones and tablets to connect to the console and work as a second screen – without boosting the cost dramatically like Nintendo did with the Wii U.

Iwata has said so himself – the screen is expensive. In fact, they even considered removing it due to the high cost. But now it’s there and Nintendo have once again proven that they are lagging behind in terms of modernization with technology from the western world. They still have pisspoor hardware performance and ancient online. They have a controller with 3.5 hours battery life due to the built-in screen. Simply put, they are poor at adapting.

Microsoft and Sony have done the right thing – let people use their smartphones and tablets to add to the gaming experience just like the Wii U tablet controller, but without a single cent extra. This is genius and I don’t see Nintendo being able to boost Wii U with “hardcore” titles such as Mario Kart and Zelda. I mean, what would you buy? $349 Wii U or $399 PS4 that is roughly 8 times more powerful and superior in every single way and gives you a true next-gen experience? The only thing Wii U has is Zelda and Mario. That’s all. You will be missing out on all third-party software like the Wii did.

It’s really astounding that a multi-billion dollar corporation like Nintendo still haven’t learned their lesson, but at least it’ll be a costly one this time as developers are seeing poor sales for their titles on Nintendo platforms (even more so than usual). I think within 2 years there won’t be many appealing AAA-titles on Wii U. Only cheap, fast and casual party games from 3rd parties as anything else doesn’t make money. Ubisofts big effort launch title, ZombiU, made a huge loss they said on the Wii U. No surprise. People only buy Nintendo products on Nintendo consoles.