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Apple stock drops on iPhone 5C announcement

September 12, 2013

Apple has announced their budget phone, iPhone 5C for $99 on a two-year contract. Also their new premium phone called iPhone 5S, for $199 on a two-year deal.

This means no iPhone 6 until next year. This means Apple are continuing to milk out their same phone for two years concept. And I am not happy at all, and apparently others aren’t as well.

The iPhone 5C is a flat-out disgrace for Apple, who up until now where premium phone makers. Now, they cater to the lower class levels with their plastic phones instead of aluminum. I can’t and won’t support that.

The iPhone 5S is what you expect: a faster iPhone 5 in new colors and one stand-out feature, the finger print reader. Other than that, don’t expect to be that impressed as that 64-bit processor won’t shine much with 1 GB of RAM.

Apple are indeed dropping in my books. And I will, once again, skip their product. I still use my iPhone 4S but unless the iPhone 6 innovates and impresses me severely, I will give my money to either Google, Samsung or LG. Or perhaps even Sony or HTC, depending on whichever phone impresses me the most.

What are your thoughts on the 5C and 5S?

The C is for Color, or Cheap, I forget.


Nvidia claims smartphones will be as powerful as PS3 next year

July 25, 2013

Nvidia has gone out and said that smartphones will evolve past the capacity of current generation hardware that is Xbox 360 and PS3. They have already long ago surpassed the Wii and by end of next year we’ll be able to get PS3-looking games on our Android and IOS smartphones. Pretty neat, huh?

Apple guilty in price-fixing + iPhone 5S delayed

July 17, 2013

Things aren’t going too well after Steve Jobs died. The quality of their products is declining, their stock value has literally been cut in half, delays now they are found gulity in fixing prices with their iBooks store.

Oh my, Steve Jobs, why did you have to die? You made Apple what they were. Now, I am looking into their rivals more and more Samsung, Sony and HTC all are catching up and looking more promising as Apple keeps declining.

Oh yeah, also iPhone 5S production has been delayed by over a month and results in shipments won’t happen in Q3 this year but Q4 instead. Great job!

So many colors… I am not too fond of the upcoming design choices with iOS 7.


January 11, 2013

I just wanted to take a moment and thank technology for making life so much better. I mean, I couldn’t imagine life without my iPhone and how much it has helped me in life. Whether or not it is to find locations I had never seen in Vegas, or just to check my e-mail for something important or even sending in assignments while in middle of nowhere for class. Technology is truly wonderful.

I can’t wait to see how my phone, TV and computer look like in ten years. Will we get flying hover boards any time soon?

Concept phone from Nokia. Solar powered, bendable, waterproof, wireless, simply put: godlike. I want it.

Wishlist for iPhone “5”

July 29, 2012

The new iPhone is expected to land around October this year and we’ve seen tons of leaks and unofficial confirmations from hardware partners of Apple that it will indeed be released around that time in a bigger and thinner version. Will I buy it? It depends. It has to meet all my criterias or I’m simply not interested. What are those criterias? Check ’em out:

  • 4G: If I can’t surf at over 70 mbit/s (Swedish 4G speed) I am not interested. Android has had numerous 4G phones for over a year now and Apple needs to join in.
  • NFC: This technology is the future of mobile payments and as well as sharing content over the phones. The Samsung Galaxy SIII does it brilliantly and I demand Apple to do it even better than Samsung.
  • Longer Battery: I want the new phone to have at least 2-3 hours longer battery life than the current 4S.
  • Multiple-core processor: self-explanatory.
  • Over 1 GB RAM.
  • Bigger screen
  • Thinner case

Those are my requirements/wishlist for the new iPhone this year. Should it not have them, well then, sorry Charlie, no sale.

I would not buy that phone.

Nexus Prime

October 19, 2011

I have to admit, the Iphone 4S didn’t impress me that much. But then again, it had one more thing than I expected: Siri. And Siri’s really, really cool. I mean, real cool. But the new Nexus Prime smartphone running on the new and vastly improved Android 4.0 impresses me even more.

With twice the RAM of the Iphone 4S, and faster speeds, along with the new Android 4.0 packed in with 4G and NFC technology, it offers way more things than the Iphone 4S does. And this has got me thinking: should I get an Iphone 4S or the new Nexus Prime? I’ve been loyal to Apple ever since I first saw the Iphone. My first and only smartphone thus far has been an Iphone. Android never really impressed me until now. NFC is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

I will do some research about the new and hot Nexus Prime. And wait for the reviews, of course. After that, we’ll see. But the battle has begun and for the first time ever I think that Iphone has a real challenger.

Is this my next phone?

Iphone 4S becomes fastest selling smartphone

October 17, 2011

Apple has sold over 4 million Iphone 4S in just over three days, making it the fastest selling smartphone in history. No wonder Samsung is trying to stop that thing. They don’t hit those numbers until months.

Which one do you prefer?

Unlocked Iphone 4S available now?

October 16, 2011

Apparently a select few retailers are selling unlocked Iphone 4S already. That means that you can fly over the to United States and purchase your phone and bring it back to wherever your live. The availability of unlocked 4S phones was roughly a year earlier than the one of the regular Iphone 4. Progress? Indeed.

Available unlocked already.

Nintendo screwed up

July 29, 2011

Yesterday Nintendo announced a massive 40% price cut on their newest handheld gaming console Nintendo 3DS. Just a few months after its release. Nintendo, the company that held the launch price on their other console, the Wii, longer than any other console. A company that is alone with selling their consoles and make profit from day one.  Yes, Nintendo, and they have screwed up.

The sales of the 3DS are poor and not impressive at all. As I predicted in my blog post previously. I cited poor naming, smartphones, and a very high price as the likeliness as to why the 3DS would fail and today Nintendo has confirmed my theory. They have cut the price of the 3DS by over 40% and are now selling it and losing money per sold unit for the first time.

The sales are so poor that it is outsold by the PSP. They are so poor that Nintendo has just after a few months of a brand new product, almost slashed the price in half and are losing money per sold unit. And in my opinion, they deserve this outcome. It was very easy to predict and with the games at over $40 each, the console is just a bank robber. It was priced at more than a PS3 and Xbox 360 with games costing almost as much.

It remains to be seen whether this huge price cut will help to revive the 3DS during Christmas season when sales are supposed to be higher than ever. Playstation Vita is coming out then to compete with it and with smartphones around, the handheld market is tougher than ever. A market that Nintendo has dominated without close competition since it started. But now, they’re struggling to keep that lead and they’re losing their grip quicker than ever.

A failure for Nintendo in every sense of the way.

Ios 5 and Mac OSX Lion

June 8, 2011

Apple has revealed their new Iphone OS, Ios 5 and their new OS for Mac OSX, Lion.

Lion makes the Mac more like an Ipad and that is nothing that impresses me with that. Other than that, it mostly looks the same with a few tweaks here and there. I will not be upgrading to it anytime soon as I only use my Macbook Pro at work anyway and an upgrade is not necessary at all right now. Besides, Windows 8 looks a lot better.

Ios 5 on the other hand looks great. It has borrowed/stolen, whichever you prefer, ideas from Android and Windows Phone 7 to make it much better. Improved notifications, email, Imessage system, improved Game Center, Newsstand, improved Safari browsing, Reminders, new camera functions (Iphone 4 only) and much more. Very nice, and Apple once again seem to be right there in that cozy #1 spot in the smartphone market.

Mac OS X Lion? No thanks, I will go with Windows 8 instead.