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And the UFC Lightweight Champion is…

September 2, 2013

… Anthony “Showtime” Pettis! Once again he defeats Benson Henderson to take away his title and if that doesn’t make him worthy, I do not know what does.

I honestly had Henderson for this fight. He has evolved dramatically at the UFC and proven that he is elite level. But Pettis, who wasn’t even originally slated for this fight, took it on short notice and proved to be Benson’s cryptonite once more.

A rematch in about a year is something I’d like to see very much. A conclusion to the trilogy, which Pettis now leads 2-0.

The new Lightweight Champion of the world.


Wanderlei Silva responds to Chael Sonnen

August 25, 2013

I could type something here, but I won’t. Just check it out yourself.

EA Sports UFC

August 22, 2013

EA has finally shown us some pre-alpha gameplay and talked about the vision of the game. I like it. I like it a lot. This is one of the reasons as to why I will be getting a console.

Silva got knocked out

July 14, 2013

Anderson Silva’s reign came to an end. Undefeated in the UFC. Seven years of winning. It’s all over. And it’s his fault.

Silva was acting like a clown inside the octagon. Putting his guard down at all times, taunting Weidman and motioning him to hit his face. So he did. And he managed to knock out Silva because of this, basically free of charge.

Afterwards Silva said he doesn’t want contender fights anymore but wants family time. Dana White had other plans though and has slated the re-match for December 2013. I think Silva will destroy Weidman or lose again and if he does, I think he is tired of fighting at high level and simply wants to collect paychecks from easy fights.

The new UFC champion. But for long?

UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman

June 30, 2013

No, I haven’t forgotten about UFC. MMA remains my favorite sport still, it’s just that I have been busy and focused on the next generation news and not that much “pow wow” stuff has happened in the UFC. But we are finally getting a great card with the middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Silva vs Weidman is the main event. I expect Silva to destroy Weidman already in the first round. Second, at latest. I don’t think Weidman deserved a title shot in all honesty, and he is way too cocky for his own good. Also coming off and injury will completely trash his style.

Edgar vs Oliveira will be another interesting fight and I expect Edgar to edge out an decision as he never gives up and has relentless pace.

Dennis Siver is finally back on the main card taking on Swanson and I have always felt Siver is severely underrated. I hope he destroys Swanson early and impressive and starts his rise again.

Thoughts on UFC 162?

MMA Madness

April 13, 2013

Every week now is fight week and not only that, but a great fight week every week. Madness? No, THIS! IS! UFC!

Coming up tonight is Ultimate Fighter 17 finale with Urijah Faber taking on Scott Jorgensen as the main event and also, of course, the finale of the Ultimate Fighter. Very exciting.

The week after that we have Henderson vs Melendez which is an insanely promising match-up that I have been wanting to see for a long time. Cannot wait for it.

And to wrap up the month, we have the main event of the main events: Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen. I expect Sonnen to get killed here, or close to it, but I think it will be an entertaining fight from a fan perspective. Needless to say, April looks like the best month to be an MMA fan in a long time.

In all honesty, these two fights are more appealing to me than the others, but I know all of them will deliver entertainment for sure!

The Ultimate Fighter entices again

March 18, 2013

For over three years now I have been whining on TUF and in this last season they managed to get my attention again with Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones. But it wasn’t enough to truly entice me completely. So I stopped watching it after a few episodes once again, but at least it got me to watch a few episodes compared to the previous season where I only saw 1-2 episodes.

And I didn’t plan on watching TUF 18 either. But then the shock announcement came. It will feature Rondy Rousey as the coach. With both male and female fighters in the house. Sick. And now I have to give it yet another shot. It seems UFC are learning on how to keep it interesting after all these years.

This beauty will be one of the next coaches for TUF. And I’m officially looking forward to it.


UFC 158: Weigh-in

March 15, 2013

The press conference was the funniest one I’ve seen and the weigh in delivered an awesome comment by GSP and an attempt by Diaz. Enjoyable for sure!

UFC cutting fighters like there’s no tomorrow

March 12, 2013

UFC have cut several fighters, mostly up and comers AKA no namers, but also some bigger names such as Jon Fitch, a top ten ranked fighter. Is it good or bad?

There’s a lot of talk about UFC cutting fighters from their contracts (firing them) and it’s causing a lot of critics to raise their voices. However, I don’t see what the fuzz is all about. I think this will be great for the sport.

Now, I haven’t seen these contracts, but I assume it says that unless UFC feels you perform satisfactory they can cut you. Otherwise they’d have tons of lawsuits and no fighter seems to be going that way so they must be aware of it. Secondly, UFC is a business and needs to grow and expand. And they cannot do that with boring and amateur fighters who don’t appreciate the opportunity they have been given. It’s a spectator sport – simple as that.

Cutting boring fighters and fighters on losing streaks is only natural and will make the UFC more entertaining in my eyes. Cutting an extremely dull fighter, even though top ten ranked, yes Jon Fitch, was the right choice. Fighters that do not deliver entertaining fights sell less PPV and generate less revenue and might even scare potential customers away. And UFC cannot allow that to happen freely, so this is their answer. And I feel it’s a damned fine one. Because already I hear fighters talking about pushing for that finish more and mention “I don’t want to get cut” and whatnot, so it’s clearly working.

Another great step the UFC is taking to increase its entertainment value is not giving boring fighters title shots immediately. A great example was Alexander Gustafsson who was promised a title fight if he beat Shogun, which he did, but it was an incredibly boring and amateur-like match and instead he got another fight. And this is the right decision in my opinion. These fighters are incredibly fortunate to be in the UFC and for a lot of them, it doesn’t show. They should be killing each other out there going for finishes at all times. Not grinding each other for 15 minutes or countering occasionally and playing it safe. That shit can go back to boxing or wherever it came from. MMA needs to grow and the only way it can do that is to attract those people who do not enjoy it at the moment and these are definitely the logical steps to do just that.

What other steps could they take? I want the old rules back. Basically anything was allowed. Knees to the head on grounded opponents, downwards elbows and thus on. But that will be very difficult to fix as that requires laws to be passed and athletic commissions to approve, so like I said, UFC are doing the right thing currently. 100 fighters will be cut, so if I were in the UFC, I’d fight my every fight like I’d get fired if I lost.

What are your thoughts on UFC cutting this many fighters and enforcing these new unofficial rules about entertaining, fighting with heart and going for finishes more?

I’m behind UFC and their decision to start cutting fighters that are labeled ‘boring’.

Ronda Rousey was beyond successful

March 2, 2013

Reports have come in from UFC 157, the first ever women’s UFC fight, and it was beyond successful. It out-sold the previous event by roughly 40% which was an male championship fight. Rousey’s exposure was higher than that of any fighter in UFC’s history being featured in several magazines, talk shows and doing interviews constantly.

I’m very proud to say that the first ever PPV I bought through UFC.TV was this one. I truly wanted to support women’s MMA (WMMA). Because I want it to become successful and huge. Rousey’s a beautiful woman and her victory, popularity and exposure will change how women perceive themselves and sports in general. They will re-evaluate the fact that a woman athlete can not only be stunning and gorgeous, she can be insanely successful and surpass top tier male fighters in exposure and popularity.

It was a big deal. And like I said, I am proud I contributed to it. I hope to see Rousey’s success continue and grow even. She has become the face of WMMA and it will be interesting to see how she handles all this. She has said herself she can hardly believe it’s real sometimes, that’s how popular she’s become. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted her success to rise this high.

The gorgeous Rousey has changed the way women’s sports will be perceived forever and how women look at themselves.