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What Nintendo must do to get me to buy a Wii U

October 22, 2013

I often get asked as to why I hate Nintendo so much and whatnot, and that’s a fair question. I come out as rather anti-Nintendo, and sure, I get that. But in all honesty – I am gamer. I love products that push boundaries and innovate. Nintendo, are unfortunately, stuck in the 90:s. But should they change around a few things and release some really, really solid software I might pick up a Wii U in like 3-4 years.

Why do I say 3-4 years? Because I am about to list my requirements for me to buy a Wii U and they are not likely to be matched until at least 3-4 years. What are they? Glad you asked.

Wii U console for $199.
The Wii U hardware is already six years old. It’s ridiculously overpriced due to the tablet controller. I won’t pay a single dime over $199 for this console and when I do pay $199 for it, I want it to come bundled with at least one amazing game as well. And for it to be some sort of special edition like they did with the Wind Waker bundle.

Wii U controller for $79.99
The fact that you can’t buy additional controllers one-year after release is pathetic. And the fact that they cost over $200 is even more sad. Drop that price by miles and release the product.

Wave Race Wii U
This needs to be a fully new game with 1080p graphics in all its glory. It needs to have 8-12 people online multiplayer with leaderboards, rankings, free roaming, split-screen racing for 4 players, fantastic tropical race tracks, but also some innovative and new ones, perhaps winter themed? It also needs to be getting additional levels and content through at least one DLC package for $9.99 with like 3 new maps and a new mode. This is by far the most important piece of software Nintendo can put out in order for me to be excited.

Zelda HD
A really mind-blowing Zelda HD game with some form of online features whether it’d be leaderboards, races, sharing items, something. It needs connectivity. And fucking gorgeous design choices. Like I need to sit there and say  Very nice, this is a must have. Something like that. Not just “Meh, it’s Zelda in HD with the same shit over and over again.”

Super Smash Bros. Wii U
I know this one’s already announced and a trailer has been shown. But this needs to be pitch perfect. I mean, the online needs to have leaderboards, rankings, divisions, proper replay features, bonus content with DLC in the future in form of characters and levels, it needs to be fast, polished, and insanely addictive. Simply put it needs to be the best goddamn online game Nintendo has ever done with amazing esport potential.  Cross-play between 3DS and Wii U would be slick. That would make it impressive.

Mario Kart 8
This game has also been announced and shown. For Spring 2014, so it’s not that far off. But I must say I am not that impressed. Maybe in 3-4 years we’ll get Mario Kart 9, but I expect some very deep online features, addictive social gameplay for 4 local players, replay features, perhaps a level creator?  It needs to be the deepest, longest and most content filled Mario Kart by miles.

If Nintendo manages to achieve all my requirements, I suppose you could see a Wii U next to my PS4 in like 2016-17.


Nintendo on their way to irrelevance

September 8, 2013

Atari’s founder has done an interview with BBC where he said that Nintendo are on their way to irrelevance.

This is something I’ve been saying for numerous years now, seeing as Nintendo’s hardware is always more than one generation behind their competitors in terms of power and performance. Wii saw the effect of that. It lost hundreds of AAA-titles such as Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Skyrim, BioShock, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, you see my point right? These were titles Nintendo owners missed out on. Not to mention Xbox and PlayStation exclusives such as Halo, Gears of War and The Last Of Us. Sure, they got Mario and Zelda, again instead.

Nintendo’s a joke in my eyes. They have zero understanding of what the western core gamer desires. They prove this with their ancient and vastly inferior online service and weak hardware. The Wii U is barely selling at all and that’s justified I feel. It has no games and it’s insanely old compared to the coming consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo are aware of this, of course. Several developers have already stated their lack of intention to develop for their platform and it will most likely only increase as people won’t buy the Wii U once they see a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One that are more than 10 times powerful with AAA-games for not so much more money.

So what are Nintendo doing about this? Well, they are cutting the price by $50. The Wii U will be priced at $299 which is $100 less than Sony’s PS4, and that’s a start, but it’s still not enough I believe. The lack of games is another key factor and it’s being addressed but I feel it’s too late. The console has soon been on the market one year and didn’t managed to attract interest. I believe it will feel “old” and much like a “failure” in consumers eyes to care when they see that new shiny Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Had the Wii U been as powerful as the PS4 and had much better online capabilities, I think it’d been much more successful. Also, the name is flat-out horrible.

160,000 Wii U sold in the past three months

July 31, 2013

I have doomed the Wii U over and over in this blog. Completely bashed it. And it looks like I knew what I was talking about. Nintendo just announced that they sold an “amazing” 160,000 units of Wii U world wide in the last quarter. Tragic numbers.

If this continues for a few more months when they true next generation consoles launch, it will 100% be the end of the Wii U as we know it. No third-party will support it.

With such poor hardware and online features, this console deserves to fail and cause massive losses for Nintendo.

Bethesda won’t be making Wii U games

July 16, 2013

The truth is, it’s not something that we are currently developing for. I don’t know whether that changes down the road or not. It depends on the games that we are making and how we think it aligns with that console, and how the hardware aligns with the other stuff we are making. We will see.

Legendary game studio, Bethesda has officially come out and said that they will not be making games for the Wii U. The quoted statement above is from Bethesda. In other words, exclusive Nintendo gamers will once again miss out on several AAA-titles such as The Elders Scrolls and Fallout and upcoming Prey 2.

I understand their decision as Bethesda often likes to push gaming and Nintendo’s console is simply too weak and sells too little for them to make back the huge amounts of money they have to invest into every single title. I hope Nintendo’s next console will be pushing same hardware as Playstation 5 and Xbox 3 so that they won’t be in a bad seat for three generations in a row.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo losing several AAA-developers due to pisspoor hardware on the Wii U?

The very promising and beautiful Prey 2 is one of the titles Nintendo owners will miss out on.

Nintendo’s dilemma

July 11, 2013

Nintendo have been bragging about how the Wii U’s second screen on the controller is “revolutionary” and will take gaming to other levels. How did the competition respond? They added Smart Glass support, as in allowing smartphones and tablets to connect to the console and work as a second screen – without boosting the cost dramatically like Nintendo did with the Wii U.

Iwata has said so himself – the screen is expensive. In fact, they even considered removing it due to the high cost. But now it’s there and Nintendo have once again proven that they are lagging behind in terms of modernization with technology from the western world. They still have pisspoor hardware performance and ancient online. They have a controller with 3.5 hours battery life due to the built-in screen. Simply put, they are poor at adapting.

Microsoft and Sony have done the right thing – let people use their smartphones and tablets to add to the gaming experience just like the Wii U tablet controller, but without a single cent extra. This is genius and I don’t see Nintendo being able to boost Wii U with “hardcore” titles such as Mario Kart and Zelda. I mean, what would you buy? $349 Wii U or $399 PS4 that is roughly 8 times more powerful and superior in every single way and gives you a true next-gen experience? The only thing Wii U has is Zelda and Mario. That’s all. You will be missing out on all third-party software like the Wii did.

It’s really astounding that a multi-billion dollar corporation like Nintendo still haven’t learned their lesson, but at least it’ll be a costly one this time as developers are seeing poor sales for their titles on Nintendo platforms (even more so than usual). I think within 2 years there won’t be many appealing AAA-titles on Wii U. Only cheap, fast and casual party games from 3rd parties as anything else doesn’t make money. Ubisofts big effort launch title, ZombiU, made a huge loss they said on the Wii U. No surprise. People only buy Nintendo products on Nintendo consoles.

My take on the Nintendo situation

June 17, 2013

Wondering why I haven’t mentioned Nintendo even once during all this next generation console talk? It’s simple. Nintendo does not have a next generation console.

The Wii U is weaker than the now seven-year-old PlayStation 3. But less than a year old. How pathetic is that I ask you. A lot? I concur. It’s flat-out embarrassing.

I support companies that strive to take technology forward. Companies that deliver richer experiences to me, not only artistically but also technologically. And Nintendo doesn’t do that. I noticed that with the Wii, it was utter garbage. Low resolution crap that was out-dated immediately upon release. I tried several of the blockbuster hits for the console and I didn’t enjoy a single one of them the tiniest bit.

Therefore, not buying Wii U was as clear as drinking water to me. I knew it’d be trash. 3.5 hour battery life on the controller? That’s just sad. Lack of features, and previous generation hardware wasn’t my cup of tea. I knew to wait for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 reveals instead.

There are no Wii U games that I want. Mario? Zelda? Mario Kart? I grew out of them by age 12. I can’t stand that ridiculous color pattern and the poor and annoying sound effects that come out them. They give me a headache.

So I won’t support Nintendo for two generations in a row now. They need to step up their hardware game A LOT, and create new IPs. Because I’m a very demanding customer. And delivering old things and expecting new money isn’t my game. I honestly can’t understand how Wii U has even sold three million copies. Fanboy enthusiasts, probably.

It’s quite big. That’s what she said.

Is it game over for Nintendo?

February 23, 2013

Now that the real next generation has been announced due to the PS4 unveiling, I thought I’d analyze what this means for Nintendo who once again will be “competing” with Sony and Microsoft with last generation hardware.

When the Wii came out, it was on-par with the first Xbox in terms of power. This resulted in it missing out on all multi-platform titles that were in HD such as Assassin’s Creed franchise, Call of Duty franchise, BioShock, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, well, you get the point. Basically only Nintendo provided AAA-titles for the Wii. And now with the Wii U being only as powerful as the PS3/Xbox 360, history will repeat itself.

However, this time, it will be different. This time consumers seem to have learned that Nintendo’s hardware is ancient. Sales are slow, sales forecast has been lowered, and it’s generally looking dark for Nintendo. They will miss out on massive AAA-titles once more. Their hardware is inferior 2 GB, where only 1 GB is available for gaming, compared to PS4’s massive 8 GB. That’s 1/8 the RAM for gaming in comparison. 1/8. Think about that.

Wii U’s strength was their tablet controller with the secondary screen. Something that was very expensive and upped the price for the Wii U a lot. How did Sony solve this dilemma? They will make a free app for smartphones and you can use them as your secondary screen or your PS Vita. Genius. This will allow them to compete with Nintendo’s ancient Wii U immediately at launch with superior online features, hardware and games. If I were Nintendo, I’d be very, very scared of what the future holds. Already Sony are looking to be vastly superior and I can’t wait to see what Microsoft will do, surely, it will also be vastly superior to the Wii U in every possible area. Especially online, perhaps the most important area.

Even though I don’t like that the Wii U will be included in the next generation’s console sales, PS4 and the new Xbox, it will be very interesting to see how it sells because really, what arguments can they use? Oh yeah, another Mario and Zelda game. How original and interesting. Not. I am sick and tired of them and have zero interest in them, although I know millions of people still do, so it will be interesting if they crave another Zelda/Mario game for the cost of an inferior gaming experience in every other sense of the way. Is Mario worth it? To sacrifice much more beautiful graphics in all other games, better online features, better social features, and missing out on massive AAA franchises from third-party studios? To me, it certainly is not.

I predict a very dark future for Nintendo and gamers that will stick to the Wii U exclusively. Naturally, people who buy all of the consoles have no issues as they can play all the games and enjoy all luxuries across. But there are still loyal fans that stick to only one console per generation – millions of them.  And I would love to hear the logics behind those who pick the Wii U over the true next generation consoles as the PS4. I predict the lifetime sales of the Wii U to be no more than 35-40 million at best. Unless they pull a pricing miracle and cut the price to $199, then, that could change a lot if the PS4 and the new Xbox are priced at $399 or more.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo and their chances of becoming “winners” of the next generation? Did you consider the Wii to be a winner last generation even though it lacked so many games but “won through sales”?

What’s the sales pitch for the Wii U? Six year old hardware? Inferior graphics, online, and old ports from PS3/Xbox 360 as majority of the games? It will be insanely interesting to see how it has sold by 2016 in comparison to PS4/Xbox 720.

Xbox 360 5:1 Wii U

February 16, 2013

So the numbers are in for January in terms of hardware sales and it’s looking real good for Microsoft.

Xbox 360 remains the best selling console in the U.S for over a year now. But what’s more interesting are the numbers for Nintendo’s new console Wii U.

It seems as if the Wii U is selling worse than expected. In fact, sale expectations have been lowered for the quarter by a million and it’s being outsold by the Xbox 360 from 2005 by five to one.

This of course gladdens me a lot. Why? Because people have realized that Nintendo are holding back innovation. Just like they did with the original Wii. It’s a last generation console with five year old hardware on launch day. It’s subpar even the old consoles on certain points.

I’m very happy people don’t trust them anymore. I have zero intentions of picking up the Wii U as I feel the Xbox 360 is old enough already as it is. I’m waiting for the new Xbox and Playstation 4 this year – the real next generation consoles that will bring technology forward – not backward.

It might be from 2005, but it’s outselling Nintendo’s “next generation” console from 2012.

Nintendo joins last-generation

September 17, 2012

With Wii U Nintendo fanboys, those that only bought the Wii, finally get to experience the last generation. What Xbox 360 and PS3 players got to do 2005 and 2006 respectively with HD graphics and proper online capabilities. Now 6-7 years later, it’s time for Nintendo gamers to experience old technology yet another generation.

Nintendo are once again, in my eyes, raping their hardcore fans. Last generation Nintendo missed out on countless AAA-titles because of its weak hardware. Don’t believe me being objective here? Where’s Skyrim, Modern Warfare, Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, GTA 4, The Orange Box, Dark Souls, Street Fighter 4, Resident Evil 5, Portal 2, Red Dead Redemption, Batman, Mass Effect and many more for the Wii? I don’t think I need to go on. I think it’s safe to say from a neutral point of view that the Wii was the shittiest console out of the three in terms of software and hardware perspective. It missed out on almost every massive gaming experience as I listed above. And that’s not even half of them. Nintendo fanboys defended this with the classical “We get Zelda and Mario” blah blah, but that’s just delusional. A few Nintendo exclusives doesn’t make up for all these third-party multiplatforms that Nintendo Wii missed out on. I didn’t mention first-party exclusives such as Halo 3, Gears of War, Forza Motorsport, Uncharted, and so on for the other consoles.

“HD isn’t necessary” and “I don’t care about graphics” and even “Graphic’s are about design not resolution” were common denial phrases for Nintendo fanboys justifying them paying $249 for a Gamecube with motion controller. They said that “motion controller is the future” and that “regular gaming controllers are dead”. I wonder what they will say now when the Wii U has a freakin’ tablet for a controller that’s HUGE and HD graphics, but it will still fall behind to the upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox 720? How can they justify Nintendo buttraping them once again? Look at the Wii U titles. A vast majority are ports from current generation consoles.

What does this mean? It means that Wii U will once again be left out of massive third-party games in the future. Games that will be designed for 720/PS4 will be unplayable in the Wii U due to weak hardware just as was the case with the Wii. This means that people that buy the Wii U will have an outdated console immediately when the PS4/720 launches next year. Sad? Indeed, but Nintendo doesn’t seem to care. They still aim for that day one profit generating console and the way that’s done is simple: sell old hardware for the price of new hardware.

I sold my Wii and it was the best decision I ever made in my life. I rarely used it and got most of my money back that I wasted on it. It was vastly inferior in every sense of the way. And I have absolutely zero intentions of buying the Wii U as I know exactly how it will end up. I will miss out on major titles such as Call of Duty for 2015. Sure, it will be released on the Wii U, but in an inferior version with worse graphics, AI, and features. Wii U will go up against two much stronger competitors in every sense of the way and I don’t see them winning in anyway possible – from hardcore gamers perspective, of course. That means software quality and gaming quality. Sales are completely irrelevant here. The Wii sold more consoles than PS3 and 360 combined, but the experience the customers got was still the worst out of them all.

Thoughts on the Wii U? Are you buying it or not?

Expensive accessories are Nintendo trademarks. How about an additional controller for $170? That’s almost the price of an Xbox 360 console.

Best boxart

August 20, 2012

Now I don’t know whether or not this is the officially confirmed boxart for DmC, but if it is, it’s one of the most epic ones I’ve seen out there together with Borderlands 2.

What do you think?