50/50, a movie I thought would be a comedy based on the poster. I hadn’t seen the trailer nor read the plot. Boy, was I surprised.

With Seth Rogan and Mr. Joseph-Gordon Levitt as starring actors and “that teenage chick from Twilight” I had some decent expectations for laughter. And they proved to be right.

Though 50/50 might not have contained nearly as much comedy as I’d like, I still laughed pretty hard several times. However, I’d call it a drama with a few very humorous scenes.

Based on a real story and with a topic as cancer, I’m sure this movie will be highly relatable. It’s not a great movie by any standards, but it’s not a bad one either. If you want to laugh a few times and then maybe even cry and feel sad, 50/50 is your 50/50 bet for that.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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One Response to “50/50”

  1. movieswithjdizzle Says:

    I agree. The actors in this movie makes you think that it is a comedy, but it really isn’t. Loved the acting that they did in it though.

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