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We have a situation

October 10, 2011

Hehe. I’m back in the gym again. Feels good. After my “summer vacation” or whatever. Plus combined with school and work, there was little time. And a social life. But that’s all changing now and it’s back to last years routine with 4-5 times per week. Feels good already and my body has been waiting for this.

That’s the situation. 😉 And what’s this all for? Well, I’d like to believe it’s for beach 2014, but in reality, that doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s more for personal achievement and well-being instead.


Reebok Zig Tech Disappoint

May 6, 2011

I have always liked Reebok. They fit my feet really well and are comfortable. That’s really all I ask from shoes. I bought the Reebok Zig Tech that are designed for running and similar activities and they were both sexy, comfortable, and practical since I run a lot. One year later they break and are now unwearable. Disappointed to say the least.

Exactly 13 months later my right shoes top tore completely and already after six months I noticed small tearing on the side.  So now I need new running shoes, again. Quite annoying and I am not yet sure what I’ll buy next. Will I give Reebok another shot or go with my Nike Luna that I have as a spare? Time will tell. Most likely I will give the Nike Luna a go and see if they last for over a year.

They were great – but 13 months? Really?