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May 9, 2013

Without a doubt my most wanted thing right now are the highly promising Google Glass. I mean, have you seen the video for them? How wicked are they? I am willing to pay up to $999 for them once they are released if they deliver on all the awesomeness that they show in the video.

Technology sure is beautiful and I am eagerly awaiting the next big leap within it. Could it be Google Glass, or something even more legendary?



January 11, 2013

I just wanted to take a moment and thank technology for making life so much better. I mean, I couldn’t imagine life without my iPhone and how much it has helped me in life. Whether or not it is to find locations I had never seen in Vegas, or just to check my e-mail for something important or even sending in assignments while in middle of nowhere for class. Technology is truly wonderful.

I can’t wait to see how my phone, TV and computer look like in ten years. Will we get flying hover boards any time soon?

Concept phone from Nokia. Solar powered, bendable, waterproof, wireless, simply put: godlike. I want it.

Google gaining on Apple in my world

January 3, 2013

Apple versus Google. That’s how it works in the smartphone business although it’s mostly referred to as Apple versus Samsung. But we cannot forget that it’s Google who own the Android OS system that all Android smartphones run. And they also own a lot of other things that Apple products used to come built-in with such as YouTube and Maps.

I noticed this while I checked my first screen on my iPhone today. There it was. Google Maps, and Apple Maps was hidden away on the very last screen in a folder I never ever use or see. Google Maps is vastly superior in every sense and I have absolute zero intentions of switching. Then YouTube was there, sure, Apple doesn’t have a counterpart but still, it’s a third-party App there in the very first screen and it’s by Google.

For my mail I still use Apple’s official mail application. Sure, it’s linked to my Gmail, but nevertheless, I really prefer the Apple app over the Gmail one currently.

What about Apple’s iCloud? Well, I don’t use it all. I use Google’s equivalent. Frequently. So once again Google starts to becoming more and more pressing in my life. Add to this that I also use Google’s Calender. OK, it’s synched with my iPhone calender, but still.

I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about how Samsung’s next S4 phone will be like – never before had I even considered caring about another smartphone. So It will be interesting to see how Apple keep improving with the iOS 7 and iPhone 6 to keep me as a customer.

Will Android OS 5.0 finally be interesting? Or will Apple continue to dominate in my life?

You know what really grinds my gears?

September 25, 2012

Android hipsters and overall Android users. They think that every iPhone user bought it blindly and would “buy anything Apple released even though it was crap” etc. That shit pisses me off beyond belief. They are sitting on a vastly inferior OS with vastly inferior hardware and act as if they are more consumer aware than everyone else. I have an iPhone simply because it’s the best smartphone out there. And those are facts. If we go to benchmark tests the iPhone 5 is the fastest smartphone available. If we go to screen quality tests – you guessed right: iPhone claims that prize again. And not only that – it has the broadest selection of quality apps such as games and utility apps.

So if you are one of those mongoloids from the deep mountains in Mongolia with your Android phone and love to bash Apple products because you can’t afford them or want to be a hipster, fuck you. That’s right.

Once again, the fastest and best smartphone on the market according to professional reviews.

Nexus Prime

October 19, 2011

I have to admit, the Iphone 4S didn’t impress me that much. But then again, it had one more thing than I expected: Siri. And Siri’s really, really cool. I mean, real cool. But the new Nexus Prime smartphone running on the new and vastly improved Android 4.0 impresses me even more.

With twice the RAM of the Iphone 4S, and faster speeds, along with the new Android 4.0 packed in with 4G and NFC technology, it offers way more things than the Iphone 4S does. And this has got me thinking: should I get an Iphone 4S or the new Nexus Prime? I’ve been loyal to Apple ever since I first saw the Iphone. My first and only smartphone thus far has been an Iphone. Android never really impressed me until now. NFC is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

I will do some research about the new and hot Nexus Prime. And wait for the reviews, of course. After that, we’ll see. But the battle has begun and for the first time ever I think that Iphone has a real challenger.

Is this my next phone?

Firefox vs. Chrome

March 24, 2011

Firefox 4.0 is out and it has been called “the fastest browser” in the world. Of course this caught my interest, and as a previous veteran user of Firefox (used it for roughly eight years before I switched to Chrome for the past 1.5 years) I had to try the fox once again.

What caused my switch from Firefox to Chrome? Speed and design. Chrome’s design was superior until Firefox 4.0 came out and I simply couldn’t use Firefox anymore when Chrome looked so much better and was faster as well. Logically speaking, it was a no-brainer to switch browsers for the first time in eight years.

Now with Firefox looking good again and being incredibly fast, I will give my old favorite another go for a 14-day period and then decide whether I’m sticking with it or not. Thus far I am missing the built-in translate feature from Chrome and some minor things such as the multiple websites opening at the start and the Gmail checker plugin.

The Firefox is back on my computer monitor. But will he stay for another record-long eight years?